Wade Phillips says Jostens wants his “Coach Peters” ring back

Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips initially received from Jostens a Super Bowl 50 ring that spelled his last name P-E-T-E-R-S. Jostens has quickly sent Phillips a ring with his name properly spelled on it.

As of Thursday night, it appeared that Phillips would get to keep both rings. As of Friday morning, that wasn’t the case.

“Of course, Jostens wants me to send back Coach Peters Ring,” Coach Phillips said on Twitter. “He needs it.”

Phillips later revisited the blunder, in poetic fashion: “It was the really wrong ring, but it’s no big thing. Now I have the really right ring, with no strings.”

It’s unclear whether this means Jostens has told him to keep the “Coach Peters” ring. The best outcome at this point would be for the Broncos or Jostens to auction the “Coach Peters” ring publicly, with the proceeds going to the charity of Coach Phillips’ choice. We’d even promote the auction here, free of charge and without expectation of any rings bearing name Floria, Furio, Fiorio, or Glorious. (Actually, the last one would be preferred.)