Jake Long is still unemployed but “finally healthy”

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A mere eight years ago, tackle Jake Long became the first overall pick in the draft, chosen by the Dolphins and former V.P. of player personnel Bill Parcells despite the presence of quarterback Matt Ryan in the pool of talent. Today, Long is out of the NFL.

But he’s looking to get back in, and Long insists that the injury problems that plagued him are now gone.

I’m finally healthy,” Long said Saturday, via Michael Rothstein of ESPN.com. “This is the healthiest and best I’ve felt in probably about five, six years. My knee’s back. I’ve just been working out, feeling good and ready for the opportunity when it comes along.”

The opportunity has yet to come along. The Bears gave Long a workout earlier this month, but that may have been a leverage play during their negotiations with Nate Chandler, who signed later that same day.

Long spent five years with the Dolphins, cashing every check of a pre-wage scale $57.5 million deal. He then signed a two-year contract with the Rams, but was released after tearing an ACL in back-to-back years. Last year, Long joined the Falcons. He appeared in only four games, starting none.

That has resulted in an opportunity to fully recuperate from the various ailments that come from playing football for so many seasons.

“When I wake up and my knee doesn’t hurt, you know what I mean,” Long said. “I feel the strength back. You can see it. You can feel it. My body feels good the way I’m moving, working out and how good I feel moving on it.”

That has yet to result in anyone signing Long, but with injuries inevitable as training camp and the preseason approaches, Long could end up getting a call before Week One.

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  1. In Pittsburgh, we have Gilbert, Villanueva and Harris as our OTs – since Beach signed with the Jags. Long could help, if the price is right.

  2. If I’m the Giants, I kick the tires to see if he’s better than Marshall Newhouse. Especially if Eugene Monroe won’t sign because he only wants to play LT. Nothing to lose because that right side of the offensive line is definitely a question mark that could use any upgrade that might be out there.

  3. Wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard a football player say that. $57 Mil for 5 years… Happy trails Jake. You did good.

  4. He was awesome before he blew his knee out. If the Vikings didn’t sign Andre Smith I’d say go for it.

  5. Maybe he feels good BECAUSE he hasn’t been playing?

    Seems like a huge risk, but with the dearth of OL talent in the league…….

  6. This guy is a prime example of how important it is to be really, really smart with your money from that rookie contract. It may be the biggest (if not the only) one you’ll ever get and you’re only an injury or two away from going from a franchise player to unmarketable.

  7. He’ll be on a roster soon enough if he really wants it. Many teams will give him a shot if he is willing to agree to a deal that is low-risk for the team

  8. 2016StockMarketCrash says:
    Jun 18, 2016 2:08 PM
    Another Parcells, Jeff Ireland first round special.

    In one off season Parcells remade a 1-15 Miami roster into an 11-5 team. The only legit 10 game turn around in NFL history. The other was the ’99 Colts but they did it after their 1st tank to draft a QB bag job.

  9. The guy was breaking down 4 years ago. Lucky for him he was drafted prior to rookie contracts being slotted. He was able to score a huge rookie deal with the fins and he also collected on a large chunk of the contract that he signed with the Rams. Time to move on Jake you are just a turnstyle at this point.

  10. Not worth paying this guy a single dime. But I guess someone will be stupid enough to think he actually loves playing the game versus just chasing as much money as he thinks he’s worth. Ask Miami, ask St Louis…

  11. If he can still block, won’t get beat, and can work as part of a team on the line, who cares how much money he made in the past. An OL who is a top 10 first round draft pick should last 10-15 plus years in league. If he can still block, the Raiders should sign him.

    Or talk Login Mankins out of retirement.

  12. Hawks don’t want injury riddled players. They went down that road with okung and didn’t offer him a contract and let him walk.

    The most important intangible a player can have in the Hawks system is availability. Long doesn’t offer that.

  13. Jake Long should get a minimum contract plus incentives for every game he plays. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a 3 million dollar contract if he only plays 5 games.

  14. “I’m finally healthy.” Isn’t that what he said to hapless Jeff Fisher when he left the Dolphins in a hissy fit over money?

  15. dynastyfootballforme says:

    Why take the pounding for the vet minimum when you’ve already made 70million?? Unless you’re dead broke I don’t get it

    Because playing in the NFL is a cool job and even with the vet minimum he can still make millions more including endorsements, perhaps?

  16. That useless preseason game against Dallas was the beginning of the end for him. Sparano played his starters and if I recall correctly, he left Long in for a extra series or 2 for really no reason. Long ends up getting injured and it was bad enough that he wasn’t right rest of the year and ended up falling from there. It’s a shame because long was a good LT and I wished him well. Even though he left miami after we paid him top dollar when he wasn’t top worthy.

  17. I’d bring him in for training camp if I was Buffalo. RG Seantrel Henderson is iffy and Jordan Mills isn’t solid. Long could likely step in as the starter. If he doesn’t work out, then release him.

  18. Jake Long was overhyped by the media from day one. If you honestly take a look? Yep? Good player but in no way shape or form even close to what he was being proclaimed to be. One of the last rookie classes to cash in.

    Google and do some digging. Jake proclaimed he felt better the. Ever and healthier the. Ever no less the. Four times before after various surgeries And yes , that goes back years and years.

  19. 8 years is a good run for a defensive lineman in the NFL. Save your body any more wear and tear and retire. You made a ton of money.It’s about quality of life now.

  20. sdl65 says:
    Jun 19, 2016 7:21 AM
    8 years is a good run for a defensive lineman in the NFL. Save your body any more wear and tear and retire.

    officialgame says:
    Jun 19, 2016 8:25 AM
    I wonder how Howie is feeling these days.

    Two in a row that confused Pro Bowl O-lineman Jake Long with D-lineman and HoF’er Howie Long’s son Chris. SMH

  21. “Starting LT for Next Decade” was what sold me on Long being #1 pick instead of Matt Ryan, for example.

    That he barely lasted half that in a Dolphins uniform is really disappointing.

    I disagree that it was a “Terrible Ireland Pick”, because at the time, I think there was legitimate analysis that suggested he was going to be the kind of stellar player they thought he could be. There are way worse Ireland picks than Jake Long.

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