Colts to put Polian in Ring of Honor

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Four years ago, he wasn’t deemed to be fit to still be employed by the franchise. So, of course, Bill Polian will now receive a spot among the franchise’s all-time greats.

The Colts have announced that Polian will be added to the team’s Ring of Honor, the 13th person to receive the honor. The induction will happen at halftime of the Week 17 game against the Jaguars.

“Bill was incredibly successful during his time with our franchise and proved to be a Hall of Famer,” Colts owner Jim Irsay said. “He was one of the most innovative personalities to ever grace our sport, and his passion for the game was and still is unmatched. I will always be grateful to Bill for his contributions to the Colts, and to the NFL.”

Irsay nevertheless fired Polian after a 2-14 season that resulted in two wins in large part because Peyton Manning wasn’t available to play after multiple neck surgeries.

Polian joins Robert Irsay, Bill Brooks, Ted Marchibroda, Chris Hinton, Jim Harbaugh, “Colts Nation,” Tony Dungy, Marvin Harrison, Edgerrin James, Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk, and Jeff Saturday in a group that inevitably will include players like Manning, Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney, and Robert Mathis.

From 1998 through 2011, Polian’s Colts went 143-81, a winning percentage of 63.8. Remove the 3-13 and 2-14 seasons that started and ended, respectively, his tenure and the Colts were 138-54, which translates to a 71.8-percent success rate.

15 responses to “Colts to put Polian in Ring of Honor

  1. He was lucky enough to be the GM of a team with the first overall pick in the year Manning was available. The fact that his assembled team could not win more than two games without Manning tends to support the belief that he was a poor GM with one superstar at the most important position to overcome his mistakes.

  2. Thanks to you, DBs can’t even breath next to a WR without having a flag thrown their way. Way to go Polian!!!!

    Participation banners all around.

  3. He gets credit for picking Manning over Leaf. That’s it. His Colts teams were always one-dimensional – load up on offense, play with a lead and let Freeney and Mathis rush the passer when the other team has to throw to catch up. All of the cap space went to the offense. Manning always got paid, Harrison got paid, Wayne got paid, Clark got paid, Saturday got paid etc.

    Any team with a defense and or running game could beat them. Luckily the AFC South has been a cesspool of garbage with two lousy expansion teams. It would always take a team like Pittsburgh, Baltimore, or New England to beat them in the playoffs to expose them as the pretenders they were.

    And of course, as someone else noted above, he was the man behind the rule changes for DBs because his teams were too soft. Nice legacy.

  4. Let’s see…he’s responsible for building the most successful era in team history, so yes, he belongs there. He’s already in the NFL HOF. Aside from Manning, he’s most responsible for turning the entire franchise around. Why wouldn’t he be in the team Ring of Honor? Pretty simple to understand unless you are just an irrational tool.

  5. Since Polian does not have a jersey number to accompany his name on the ring of honor, I have another suggestion. The Colts should just use his nickname instead, “Weasel”.

  6. Why do NE fans always feel the need to chime in on Colts articles? There isnt a single mention of any part of your disgusting franchise. Polian is responsible for drafting a couple of sure fire hall of famers and some guys who will probably get in. Hes a hall of famer. Colts fans are proud of the things our team did during his era. The 2007 AFC championship game, super bowl xli, the 4th and 2 game. It was a fun ride and Mr polian deserves this honor.

  7. Take an average GM.
    Give them a 21 year old Peyton Manning.
    How will they do over 15 years?

  8. suckforluck*

    it’s no surprise they were willing to tank a season to nail down Luck. They did it before in 97′ to lock down Manning.
    Throwing a whole season, twice, is the worst cheating scumbag fraud a team can pull-off for their fans. And the Dolts did it twice.
    And the NFL did? Nothing

    I’d be rooting for the Ram or Bears if I lived out that way.
    Despicable organization

  9. For What? Falling into Manning, piping in noise or complaining that the Patriots play too rough and then changing the rules to help his boy be more competitive.

  10. He sure did leave his mark on the NFL.

    The 5 yard rule was invented to protect Harrison Wayne etc….from getting beat up by defenses….LOVELY…Now all we see are yellow flags every game…flag after flag after flag.

    Innovative…ya sure.

  11. They fire the guy and then think he should be permanently honored by the team.

    I am glad my team requires that you be enshrined in Canton before your name is eligible to be put up in the stadium. Honor and honors must be earned.

  12. …and to celebrate, he’ll get totally liquored up and high.

    Congratulations on being rich. Tough gig…and very honorable.

  13. My bad. The pic focused on Irsay. Well, congratulations to Polian. Now go such at your job at ESPN.

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