DeMarco Murray: First months with Titans have “exceeded my expectations”

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Titans running back DeMarco Murray hosted a football camp for kids in Nashville over the weekend and gave away t-shirts that said “Find a Way or Fade Away” on the backs.

Murray said that he finds a new message to put on the shirts every year and this one resonated with him this year because he’s “starting from scratch” with the Titans after his one year with the Eagles was a flop. It remains to be seen how things will play out with the Titans, but coach Mike Mularkey has vowed to be an “exotic smashmouth” offense and that would seem to suit Murray well on the field.

When talking about his early time with the team during the football camp, however, Murray focused on other things that have left him feeling good about where things are going.

“I would say it has exceeded my expectations,” Murray said, via the team’s website. “We have an unbelievable team, an unbelievable coaching staff and the biggest thing to me is coach Mularkey. He is a hell of a coach and an even better guy, and that is not just him but every coach in the organization, there’s a little piece of him they carry with him. They are just great people, and those are the kinds of coaches you want to do anything for — you’ll run through the wall for them. And the camaraderie with the guys on the team, everyone talks to each other, the offensive guys and the defensive guys. I have never been inside a locker room where it is so integrated. That was a huge plus for me, and it lets me come out of my shell a little more and be a little more vocal with the guys.”

Murray said he took a backseat to players like Tony Romo and Jason Witten when it came to leadership during his Cowboys days, but the Titans don’t have that kind of veteran presence as they build their roster. If Murray can fill that role while also rebounding on the field, the least the Titans will say is that Murray’s met their expectations.

18 responses to “DeMarco Murray: First months with Titans have “exceeded my expectations”

  1. The got the Fade Away part down last year. Let’s see If he can get the Find A Way part down this year.

  2. Hmmm he would have to start from scratch if he realized that being marginally talented wont get you far un less you are surrounded by top tier players. Aaaaaand now he’s with the bottom of the barrel.

  3. Dude, you haven’t played a game yet for them.
    Lets see what everyone thinks after the season.

    It’s not even training camp. It’s like saying that Carson Wentz looks better than Aaron Rodgers.


    Ummmmm….Tony Romo, Elliot, and Morris/McFadden. Want me to keep going ?

  5. I like the way the Titans are starting to look. If I was a Titans fan I would be looking forward to this season. They might be sneaky good and I think they’re going to be fun to watch.

  6. I am rather partial to the Seahawks backfield, but saying they are better is debatable. To suggest the Cowboys is laughable. The Rams are intriguing, but we dont know about the QB. I think the Titans may turn some heads this year if the receiver corps makes progress.

  7. Ummmmm….Tony Romo, Elliot, and Morris/McFadden. Want me to keep going

    no you could have stopped with broke neck clipboard romo lmao!😂😂😂😂

  8. I like DM as a Cowboys fan, but it seems like there is always a lot of talk about “what he is gonna do” or “how he feels”. It went on all last season. He had an amazing year 2 years ago in Dallas. That is all. He frequently went out of bounds in what is now called “extending your career”. The dude is a tough, good runner, but I am at a loss to explain all this interest in his mental state, point of view, or expectations. Seems no other RB or player has this.


    This is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league. And lately Murray had done nothing.
    So just try to end the season with a winning record…and stop shouting.

  10. Everything about the Titans is on the up and up, EXCEPT FOR….

    – The jury is still out on Mariota.
    – DeMarco woefully declined in Philly and there is no guarantee he’ll return to form.
    – Mularkey is the head coach.

    Not to be a downer, but the Titans have just as good a chance (if not more) at being the same old Titans, as they do at turning it around this year.

    I see Titans/Jaguars games being pretty exciting this year. Throw in Osweiler (who I believe will be a bust) and you have an ultra competitive division of mediocrity. And for the record I don’t see the Colts winning it this year. But we’ll see when the games count. Either way good better teams are good for the league. I’m all for it!

  11. It’s almost July and the crap is already hitting the fan…let your freak flag blow and keep up the good stories NFL Players!!

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