Falcons order $200 million in changes to new stadium

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Maybe they should have waited to set the price for hot dogs and beer.

The already-expensive Falcons stadium continues to get more and more expensive, although it’s still not clear exactly how expensive it will be. Originally expected to cost $1 billion, the final tally apparently will be much closer to $2 billion than to $1 billion.

Via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Falcons have ordered $200 million in changes to the venue, with roughly half of that amount coming last month.

The good news for taxpayers is that the Falcons are responsible for any cost overruns. The bad news for the Falcons is that the Falcons are responsible for any cost overruns.

The costs have overrun so much that the specific amount of overruns don’t seem to add up. The report obtained by the Journal-Constitution puts the projected expense at $1.5 billion. But that was the operative number a year ago. Despite my limited mathematical skills, this would suggest that the stadium costs have moved to at least $1.6 billion — and possibly (depending on when the other $100 million in changes were ordered) $1.7 billion.

Since public dollars won’t be used to fund the excess, it doesn’t really matter, except from a P.R. perspective. At some point, someone who reports to team owner Arthur Blank will look really bad for not properly estimating the cost of the facility. Based on the information already known, someone already does.

28 responses to “Falcons order $200 million in changes to new stadium

  1. I thought these kinds of cost over runs only happened to government projects.

  2. I can’t believe changes in the project will cost $200M when the entire freaking stadium in Tampa, the still–gorgeous Raymond James–only cost $191M.

    I know, I know, 1998 dollars and all that, but the difference can’t be THAT big.

  3. For everybody that says this will be on the Falcons to pay, you all do realize that it will be part of the price of a beer and a hot dog right?
    Taxpayers do pay for it.

  4. “….the Falcons are responsible for any cost overruns”.
    The politically correct way of saying your ticket prices are going up, beer is going up, jerseys are going up………………………..

  5. Somebody must have discovered that the sound system needed better encryption than originally designed. You know, to be able to pump in fake crowd noise without getting caught.


  6. It’s amazing how “taxpayers” get their panties into a bunch when NFL owners only pay for a part of the stadium….BUT when Obama’s bumbling fed govt loses and wastes billions of taxpayer dollars, what do we hear from “taxpayers”? Crickets.

  7. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Jun 20, 2016 2:03 PM
    The entire NFC Soft division should just fold.

    Let’s compare them to the NFC North since 2000
    T.B. 1-0 superbowls
    N.O. 1-0 superbowls
    Car. 0-2 superbowls
    Atl. 0-1 superbowls
    Every team has made it to as least 1 superbowl since 2000.
    G.B. 2-1 superbowls
    Chi 0-1 superbowls
    Det. 0-0 superbowls
    Min 0-0 superbowls

    So without G.B. since 2000, NFC NORTH is 0-1
    Which division should fold ?

  8. three quarters of that figure replaces some other stuff and that along with box request always drive it up.Thats construction

  9. in case you idiots going on about food prices note that two weeks ago the falcons dropped their prices drastically so get with the program or shut up

  10. You raise the costs on suite catering to start, sponsorship deals get a bit pricier, etc,etc, the Falcons will be just fine, they will profit.

  11. “If Tampa and New Orleans were in the north and Detroit and minn were in the south…the north would be 4-1 and south 0-3.”

    If the dog wouldn’t have stopped take a dump he would have caught the rabbit

  12. I was at a Jes – Falcons game in Atlanta a few years ago and didn’t see then and still don’t understand now the need for a the new stadium to be built here?

  13. Have no fear, the PSL will take care of everything. They’re going to need way more piped in noise than usual.

  14. This reeks like a Sochi venue from the recent winter Olympics. I suspect Putin in lining his pockets somehow in this, too.

  15. Just keep that J and his family off the field. stay up in your home depot space box. Don’t need your mug on field. You’re not a player chump

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