Gary Kubiak: Cody Latimer “on his way” to contributing on offense

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Broncos wide receiver Cody Latimer landed in the news earlier this offseason for the wrong reasons when he was arrested for having an unpaid traffic ticket after calling the police after his girlfriend struck him during a dispute.

That incident seemed to blow over and Latimer could make it even less of a memory with a productive year on the field. The 2014 second-round pick has caught eight passes across two pro seasons that have seen most of his contributions come on special teams.

Coach Gary Kubiak said last week that Latimer is playing faster and agreed with the notion that the wideout is putting himself in good position to earn playing time alongside Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.

“I think he’s on his way to doing that, he’s behind two great players,” Kubiak said, via “And my position with him has always been ‘Cody, guys at your position do one of two things, some guys sit there and say ‘Heck, I’m not going to pass up those two great guys’ or some guys say ‘I’m going to be better’,’ and he’s taken the working approach to it. Now it’s got to transfer to the field. I think Cody mentally having a better understanding of the big picture offensively of what you’re trying to do his job, it’s allowing his talents to take over more.”

Jordan Norwood, Bennie Fowler and Jordan Taylor are also in the running for more playing time with Andre Caldwell out of the mix in Denver. By grabbing it, Latimer would make good on the promise the Broncos saw in him a couple of years ago.

5 responses to “Gary Kubiak: Cody Latimer “on his way” to contributing on offense

  1. Broncos are very quietly becoming rather deep at quite a few positions…
    I personally think that this offense is going to surprise some people this year. Then again, Radiuh fan thinks they’re going to the playoffs every year too.

  2. He has the skill set I think he just lacks on the mental part of the game. But it’s time for him to play more like a second round pick. They didn’t draft him there to be a very solid special teams player.

  3. It’s all about route running, and separation. Wes Welker anyone? If Latimer can dial in with whatever Bronco is under center, then he has a good chance to be the number three guy. The problem is that no one really knows whose gonna be pulling the trigger this year, and it’s almost a forgone conclusion that whoever the starter is on week one, won’t be the starter on week sixteen…

  4. snowdood163 says:
    Jun 20, 2016 9:30 AM
    Broncos are very quietly becoming rather deep at quite a few positions…


    No, not really. latimer gets love from the press every year and then does not deliver. very average player. roby is another example of the hype not meeting the reality.
    this team gets nothing but love from the press and the refs – weakest team to ever “win” a superbowl. bunch of imposters. WWNFL.

  5. This is make or break year for Latimer. Personally, I see Taylor and Norwood passing him up. He has potential, but not sure he has the mental skills and the work ethic.

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