John Fox knows his success is tied to Jay Cutler’s

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It wasn’t immediately clear when he took over the Bears prior to last season whether coach John Fox even wanted quarterback Jay Cutler.

But now, Fox likes Cutler enough to make excuses for him.

Via Emily Kaplan of, Fox was quick to point out that Cutler didn’t have as much help as he needed at times.

Cutler’s career-best passer rating season (92.3) came without any contribution from first-round wide receiver Kevin White, and sporadic contributions from top wideout Alshon Jeffery.

I thought Jay had an outstanding year,” Fox said. “It wasn’t ideal. Alshon [Jeffery] wasn’t healthy the whole season. Kevin White did not play. I’m not knocking any of the guys that did play, but a lot is always made of the quarterback, and his supporting cast is critical.

“I don’t care what it is—defense, offense, wideouts, ability to run the ball, . . . there’s a lot that goes into it besides one guy, although that guy gets a lot of the magnified glass. So if you saw what Jay did last year, I’m expecting good things again.”

Cutler was able to do good work by not turning the ball over nearly as much, with just 16 giveaways compared to 24 the previous year.

But he’s going to have to replicate that without a number of key pieces, from running back Matt Forte and tight end Martellus Bennett to offensive coordinator Adam Gase. But to keep things stable, the Bears stayed in-house and promoted quarterback coach Dowell Loggains.

“It was critical to keep Jay comfortable,” Fox says. “Everything comes through the quarterback, so keeping Jay in the same system is best for us.”

While it’s unclear if Cutler will respond the same way he did a year ago, he’s at least earned some trust from his boss.

10 responses to “John Fox knows his success is tied to Jay Cutler’s

  1. The Lions have one playoff win since 1957.

    The Bears have 11 playoff wins, 2 SB appearances and 1 SB Championship.

    The Lions suck and Bears also own the all time consecutive record of 11 wins against the pitiful Lions.

    Bears > Lions

    Cutler > Stafford

    Hyzers/Mayorofcrackervile mad cuz Lions so bad!


    -Packers Fan

  2. It’s certainly ok to be tied to Jay; but the Bears better start to focus on life after Jay. Truly do not see anyone on the horizon there.

  3. If Cutler and Shanahan had four more years together in Denver they would now have a SB ring. Instead the Broncos got the McDaniels era debacle, and Cutler never got a chance to play on a decent team again.

  4. Doesn’t EVERYBODY make excuses for Jay (well at least until they leave the Bears , then we find out what they really think of him.)??? I needed a laugh today, not feeling well at all, and since everyone loves to pick on my QB, I figured, hey, why not do it to someone who ACTUALLY deserves the criticism after being in the league SO long!!!And no, Denver would have never won a SB with Cutler at the helm, once again, denial, excuses, and…. If …ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a Merry Christmas!

  5. I’m just surprised he’s been in the league 11 years and is 33 years old. Performance quality or not in 2016, the Bears aren’t that far away from looking for a starting QB replacement simply due to Cutler’s age.

  6. One thing for sure, I might add is Jay is 1000 times better than Teddy could ever be. As a Viking fan I’m definitely not one to chime on bad QB’s. It’s really just my jealousy talking.

  7. Poor John Fox. HE seems like a really nice guy, very good coach but to have to be dependent on Cutler is like heading out on the Titanic.

    It looks big and wonderful but you just know its going to end up at the bottom of the sea.

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