Lions long snapper wants to help old friend Johnny Manziel

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Lions long snapper Jimmy Landes hasn’t spoken to his childhood friend in months, and to be honest, isn’t quite sure where he is.

But he still wants to help Johnny Manziel get his life back in order.

Landes told Michael Rothstein of that it bothers him every time Manziel’s name comes up in the news, as he remembers a much different person than the one he sees. The two grew up together in Tyler, Texas, and played on the same little league basetball team.

“When I got drafted, I told my parents, I get this money. I told [my brother] John this. I said, ‘I get my signing bonus, I want to go find Johnny. Get a plane ticket and go find him. Get with him,’” the Lions’ sixth-round pick said. “I’d bring J.B. [Moss] with me. Just to be with him and pick apart his mind, like why are you doing this? Why are you doing that?

“Just bring him back down, you know, to the good old Johnny that we all know.”

Moss was another hometown friend who played baseball at Texas A&M, and was with Landes the last time they spoke to Manziel. But the guy Landes sees this offseason, partying and spiraling downward after being released by the Browns, concerns him deeply.

“I haven’t given up faith in Johnny,” Landes said. “I know he’s got a lot to learn and he’s growing up right now. I haven’t given up on him like a lot of people have. I grew up with him. I know the real Johnny. . . .

“I’d do anything for Johnny. If he gave me a call and wanted me to fly up and take care of him, I’d be on a plane in a heartbeat. I’d do anything to help him out right now.”

Manziel doesn’t seem to have problem finding company, but he seemingly hasn’t found anyone to reach him at this point in his life. But if he wants help, Landes is probably among the many willing to provide it.

15 responses to “Lions long snapper wants to help old friend Johnny Manziel

  1. Lots of people seem to want to support him and help him. But, he is going to have to want that help for anything to be successful.

  2. I think we all know people like Johnny. Or we know people who have become a Johnny. Or we know people who have a side to their personality that is like Johnny. Which makes Manziel’s story that much more difficult to deal with. But as has been repeated here frequently, no one can do anything for Johnny until Johnny wants it. And for now at least, he doesn’t show he wants it.

  3. Manziel behaves like someone addicted to hard drugs, like meth or something. I just think he’s become one of those drug addicts that throws their life away for the high.

  4. It might be worth enlisting the help of a live-in mentor that can develop a 24/7 mindset training program to help him achieve an awakening to serve a higher purpose to his fullest potential.

  5. There are many people in Manziel’s life such as Landes who are truly trying to help him. The problem is there are also other hangers on who are enabling Manziel and are in it just for the free parties and skanks.

  6. bigdawgdaddy says:
    Jun 20, 2016 9:04 AM

    Hopefully he signs with Detroit…. Signed NFC North

    I see that fear of the Lions is starting to show.

  7. Johnny has many people that want to “help” him. Unfortunately, the people he has chosen are “helping” him blow through his money and “helping” him into his death spiral.

  8. Until and unless Johnny decides that he doesn’t want to do cocaine any more, he’s not going to get his life together.

    No matter how many people reach out to him and try to help him get back on track, the only person that can help Johnny is Johnny.

  9. Why you still posting this loser stuff. Didn’t you hear, yeah it’s not football but the Cleveland Cavaliers are World Champions.

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