NFL, NFLPA agree to keep practice squad at 10 for two more years

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Prior to the start of the 2014 season, the NFL and NFLPA agreed to expand practice squad rosters from eight to 10 players for the next two seasons. According to Mark Dominik of, that agreement has now been extended for two more years.

In addition, the new extension also allows for two more players with some NFL experience to be eligible for the practice squad.

Prior to the change two years ago, only players without an accrued season of service time or players who weren’t active for more than nine games in their only season of accrued service were eligible to be on a team’s practice squad. The agreement two years ago allowed for two players with as much as two seasons of accrued service time could still be eligible to be on a practice squad. The renewed agreement ups that numbers to four for the next two years.

The allowance for young, but experienced, players allows for the practice squad to be more of a development tool. Some players need more time to develop and can find more opportunities to grow with a given team.

And it also allows for 64 more jobs for players in the NFL that didn’t exist two years ago, which is also a win for players and teams alike. Practice squad players will make a minimum of $6,900 per week this season ($117,300 for full season) and $7,200 ($122,400) in 2017.

6 responses to “NFL, NFLPA agree to keep practice squad at 10 for two more years

  1. Good. I’ve never understood why there is even a limit on the number of practice squad players.

    Since there isn’t a real minor league for the NFL, this is the best way to develop young players. It also protects the team from a rash of late-season injuries. Instead of plucking guys from off the street, you have them on your practice squad and they already know your team’s plays, schemes, players and coaches.

  2. Time to expand the rosters to 60 players with 53 active on game day. The stupid and pointless “inactives” list on game day has affected the outcome of games when healthy players weren’t allowed to suit up. That should never happen.

  3. I think it would be a great idea to perhaps allow teams to place at least 4 guys onto their practice squad without requiring them to clear waivers first. I hate that teams that are horrible at drafting end up “stealing” good young players from a team that has already invested draft capital and development time into those young guys. Teams that have a deep roster are punished when they lose future starters.

  4. I think they should also offer some protection for at least half the practice squad guys so they can’t be just plucked by some other team with no compensation to the original team. That would make the practice squad similar to baseball’s Rule 5 draft, where the original organization can protect its best prospects while other teams can still take some others.

    seahawkboymike – I’m in favor of no inactives at all. I’ve said for years that if the NFL wants 18-game seasons, they need to expand the roster to 60 with no inactives, plus 3 tiers of IR (4 weeks, 8 weeks and 6 months, no limits on number of players on any tier). That way teams could have deeper rotations and reduce the number of injuries.

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