The public polishing of Greg Hardy’s image continues on Twitter

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All the attempts this offseason to fix the image of former Panthers and Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy haven’t resulted in him getting another job.

But he’s continuing to try to present a softer image.

Hardy’s still on Twitter, but his screen name has recently changed from “Overlord Kraken” (whatever that ever meant) to “GregHardyJr” and his avatar is now a picture of him holding a baby.

And if you glance at his profile page, where you used to see photos of him menacing quarterbacks or making goofy faces or promoting his fledgling second career as a rapper, there’s now a mural of him adorably smiling over a class of adorable smiling schoolchildren and their adorable smiling teacher (though the kid in the front center seems skeptical of the whole production).

His messages lately are the basic #riseandgrind and basketball variety, with nothing particularly inflammatory in his timeline.

Of course, there’s a good reason for Hardy to put on a happy face, as he’d like to gain employment from another NFL team.

The Cowboys washed their hands of Hardy after one year, mostly because he didn’t provide the kind of pass-rush they were hoping for — but the assorted distractions and perpetual tardiness didn’t help.

He missed most of the 2014 season after domestic violence charges in Charlotte, where he was convicted by a judge but the case was thrown out on the appeal to a jury trial, after he reached a settlement with his accuser.

He’s found few takers in the market despite several volleys of public relations. Which makes it interesting to wonder whether he took up this latest project on his own, or whether a team has suggested that if he cleans up his act, they’d be willing to give him a third chance.

41 responses to “The public polishing of Greg Hardy’s image continues on Twitter

  1. From the article at the time (circa 2013)

    Hardy, who refers to himself as “The Kraken,” made a push during the summer when he gave several teammates “Monster Inc.” nicknames. That never really caught on.

    It was a failed attempt to glom on to the fame the Legion of Boom was receiving.

  2. I think his problem from a pr standpoint happens when he opens his mouth. For a 100 000$ + insurance I think I could fix it. I would need him to wear a collar that gives him a small electric shock every time I press the remote. And I would need to follow him around everywhere and monitor him talking. Hence the insurance, since his anger issues present a risk to me.

  3. How many times do you pick up a scorpion before you realize you’re going to get bit every time. It’s their nature. He has also demonstrated to the Cowboys of all teams, that he lost the skills needed to outweigh the pain of his personality. Time to find another occupation.

  4. You can spray Fabreeze on a pile of dung all you want, but at the end of the day, it’s still a pile of dung..

  5. The guy is a piece of human filth. Putting a “shine” on him only makes him a shiny piece of filth.

  6. The damage has been done and he is as toxic as a nuclear waste dump.

    No team will touch him due to the public backlash that would follow.

    Enjoy tour retirement loser.

  7. Someone must be running low on bling funds. Time to put on a suit and speak of finding religion. Ray Lewis should start a school for this.

  8. It would be nice to think he’s had some sort of epiphany, a moment of clarity, whatever. And that he genuinely wants to make a change.

    Hard to trust a guy with his track record. The real test will come if a team actually decides to give him a contract.

  9. He had his opportunity to play in the NFL and he beat the crap out of a woman. He doesn’t get another opportunity. The owners and players union need to stop with the second chances. There will always be somebody who can replace that person. It’s just another terrible message the league sends out that you can do whatever you want as long as you can produce on the field.

  10. This fool can forget it; No one is ever going to give him a football playing job again in this league. He might as well go and find something else to do. He’s a monster; an internally angry monster and everyone can see that about him.

  11. Everybody deserves a second chance, problem is, Mr. Hardy has already received his and did nothing with it. Ya, it was only the Cowboys but that’s as close to the NFL as he is going to get.

  12. 12coltsfan12 says:
    Jun 21, 2016 8:08 AM
    the real problem is that he really isn’t very good any more.
    That’s simply not true. Defensive ends in their prime playing years don’t go from all pro level to simply not good unless they are coming off some sort of serious injury. His problem is his attitude, he is simply unaware or blind to how what he says or does impacts him and his teams. His whole Kracken shtick should have been retired once he brought off his victim and escaped conviction. He should have been working on repairing his image while with Dallas. Instead he made more tone death mistakes and aliebated possibly the only team in the league willing to give him a chance. Maybe other teams might have have taken a chance on him but that likely changed after they saw hiw he behaved in Dallas.

    With that said, he is still very young (28 I believe) and once the season starts or even before it starts once the rubber hits the pavement and a team in desperate need of a DE looks around and sees someone of his talent still out there things might change.

    But Hardy costed himself a fortune. There was a time when he and Vonn Miller were looked on as being on the same level and just based on the $100+ million contratct with anywhere from $30-70 million being thrown around as offers for Miller Hardy has paid a steep steep finacial penalty.

  13. This is a great example of “Too late in recognizing your mistakes, and you lost it all”

    Shockingly he got another chance with the Cowboys after his off field issues . His play was uninspired and his stats dropped big. But what killed him was he is a locker room cancer. If his stats were down and he had been a decent team guy he probably would have got another shot in Dallas to prove himself.

    He truly has no one else to blame other then himself.

  14. He is just a bad guy with a lot of substance abuse issues. Addiction is a horrible disease that I wish upon no one. However in Hardy’s case not only did he abuse substances he had a profound negative effect on
    younger players around him.
    No team will take him. He is a cancer. If you want to drop a bomb in your defensive line position room and ruin it, this is your guy.

  15. His people need to do a daily tweet, something like:

    “Greg Hardy 31 days without beating the crap out of someone”

    Update daily. Start over as necessary.

  16. Twitter was not invented to polish one’s image.

    It was invented to overexpose one’s self, open people up to widespread ridicule, and provide the rest of us with endless entertainment.

    Once again, Hardy is doing it wrong.

  17. He had a chance to show he learned from the incident when he was a Panther and not only did he demonstrate time and again that he just didn’t get it but he also yelled at other players and coaches and was late and basically the biggest pain you could imagine. Nobody in the locker room liked him. Teams probably learned all they needed to know from last year.

    I’m not a firm believer in “everyone deserves a second chance.” You don’t “deserve” a second chance. You “earn” it. Hardy earned his second chance because he was great when he was in Carolina. He’s not going to get a third chance because he doesn’t deserve one and he certainly hasn’t earned it.

  18. Look, so far he has shown the ability to keep his mouth shut -a rarity in his case- and he has done everything his agent told him to do in order to land another job.

    Having said all that, if a team is stupid enough to give him another chance, he’ll revert to his old habits and go back to being a moron.

  19. The guy above talking about finding religion has it right. He’ll just start talking about finding Jesus and the short bus crowd will eat it up and he’ll retire a legend just like (alleged) murderer Ray Lewis.

  20. If Hardy really was a changed man, honestly seeking a second chance, he should do the following PR Campaign:

    Do a CHARITY for Abused Women, MMA Fight with Goodel as his opponent.

    Hardy can tie one hand behind his back and blind fold himself.

    No Bell until a complete knock-out occurs and no sissy choking either – just fists and kicks.

    Every NFL Fan along with Woman’s Support Groups would be behind him.


    The Prize Money for the MMA Fight would be Goodel’s Full Salary going to various victimized women’s groups.

    Pictures of Goodel, after the fight, could also be sold to various magazines with all proceeds going to CTE Research.

  22. aj66shanghai says:
    Jun 21, 2016 1:58 PM
    The guy above talking about finding religion has it right. He’ll just start talking about finding Jesus and the short bus crowd will eat it up and he’ll retire a legend just like (alleged) murderer Ray Lewis.
    Sigh….Ray Lewis plead guilty to obstruction of justice and testified for the prosecution. Prosecutors are not in the business of letting people they believe are murderers walk. And finally after this went to trial a both Lewis’ aquintances were aquitted under reason of self defense. During the trial of his aquintances it also came out that Lewis wasn’t involved in the actual fight which is likely why the prisecution dropped murder charges against him since they would have had a difficult time convicting him of murder. In fact the prosecution appeared to have had a difficult time convicting anyone involved. I know no matter how many times the facts of the case are detailed that people like you will still throw this out there but I’ll continue doing so.

  23. How political. I still would like to see Dallas resign him to an incentive based deal, 1 year. He would go off….the right way

  24. Greg turned his Twitter account over to a PR firm. What’s next, photoshopped pictures of him playing with puppies? Helping old ladies cross the street? Building homes for the needy?

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