Thomas Dimitroff thinks “extra year under our belt in this system” will help

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Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff said early this offseason that he has “no doubt” that the team needs to produce if he is going to remain in his job beyond the 2016 season and nothing in the ensuing months have swayed him from that belief.

During an appearance on the Talk of Fame Network, Dimitroff said “of course I’m on the hot seat” after three straight years that ended without playoff berths. It’s a good thing, then, that Dimitroff also thinks the team is moving in the right direction as they head into their second season under head coach Dan Quinn.

Dimitroff said he believes the Falcons have “a really interesting nucleus” and that the club is closer to the one that started last year 6-1 than the one that went 2-7 the rest of the way. The belief that they’ll avoid that kind of slide this year is based on the increased comfort level that comes with more time in the program.

“I really believe there’s some high energy on this team that’s going to help us a lot,” Dimitroff said. “And I think an extra year under our belt in this system, on the offensive side under Kyle Shanahan and on the defense is going to help us a great deal.”

Dimitroff has been with the Falcons since 2008 and saw the team reel off five straight winning seasons to start his run in Atlanta. That’s bought him time to try to get things back on track, but he’s probably not wrong about the looming expiration date on his tenure if this year doesn’t show that he’s succeeding in that effort.

11 responses to “Thomas Dimitroff thinks “extra year under our belt in this system” will help

  1. All talk and no results. Same as Dan Quinn. Hearing these two clowns and their cliches is so annoying. Every Falcons player is “relentless”, “high energy”, “a winner”. Too bad it doesn’t show up on Sundays.

  2. To say a 6-1 start, along with being one of only two teams to be the NFC Champs last year(counting the Super Bowl) is not showing up on Sundays is quite ridiculous

  3. I didn’t understand why Blank didn’t fire him with Mike Smith. If they go 8-8 or 9-7 this year and he fires Dimitroff then Dan Quinn will have a lame duck year or the new GM will axe him too and bring in his own guy. If that happens they’ll be rebuilding under another new coach next year.

  4. The Falcons and Saints are going to staring up in the standings at one hell of a battle for 1st place this year between the Bucs and Panthers.

  5. Falcons have “a really interesting nucleus”
    What does that even mean? Interesting…..
    Sounds like he’s making a Birthday Wish.

  6. If Shanahan doesn’t allow Matt Ryan to run the hurry up offense, second year in the system mean crap.

    Shanahan must learn how to feature player strengths. Not try and fit them into his scheme.

  7. Atlanta lost their minds when they gave an unproven football coach Dan Quinn control of all personal decisions. Then the over matched Quinn decided to endorse and rely on the clown of a GM Dimitroff that assembled Pro Football focus’ 31st talented roster that Quinn inherited to help with the football personal decisions. Two horrible drafts later, the tough schedule where Atlanta is only favored in 3 games as of today will be enough for the 6-10 at best Falcons to fire their GM and HC. Both think they are smarter than the other 31 teams and can build a pass rush without linemen. They have a vertical passing game yet have no guards to protect the inside pass rush which again this year will limit the ability to throw down the field.

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