Bills in “fact-finding mode” regarding new stadium

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Earlier this month, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula need to look at their stadium situation to “see what it takes to make sure the Bills remain [in Buffalo] on a successful basis.”

The Bills recently completed a $130 million renovation at Ralph Wilson Stadium that they believe keep the building where it needs to be for the team to be competitive. Team president Russ Brandon said they came to that plan after considering all of the options on the table and Kim Pegula said that the team is taking a similar approach when it comes to a new home.

“We’re in the fact-finding mode,” Pegula said, via the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. “We want to make sure we have all the information that is relative to our community, to our fan base. We’re not Atlanta, so it’s hard for us to say we’re going to build a stadium like Atlanta. We can’t. It’s not just a yes or no, it’s a lot more involved than that. We don’t talk about it now because we don’t have all the answers and we don’t want to get misconstrued because things change.”

Buffalo is the league’s second-smallest market and the Bills have the lowest average ticket, parking and concession prices in the league. Brandon said that’s worked for the team because they operate “with a volume model” that’s enabled them to remain at the Ralph while keeping costs down, but a new stadium would mean “cost increases across the board.”

If the Bills are going to go the new stadium route, they will have to figure out how to make those increases without alienating those they’ll need to buy tickets, suites and PSLs. That’s not likely to be a quick process nor should it be given the success the Bills have had filling their current home.

28 responses to “Bills in “fact-finding mode” regarding new stadium

  1. When the Goodfather says you might want to think about a new stadium, you start making plans for a new stadium.

    Next thing he will do is “ask” whether they have ever considered moving to Toronto.

  2. The owners should all chip in for each others stadiums. But, they will have the citizens of the city pay for it and then make them pay thru the nose to use it. The mafia of the 20’s would be proud…

  3. “Buffalo is the league’s second-smallest market and the Bills have the lowest average ticket, parking and concession prices in the league.”

    Back fill that town once and for all and move on already.

  4. Why does it have to be replaced? The Ralph doesn’t seem to be small in capacity nor does it have a problem selling out. Isn’t the whole point of a new stadium to generate interest and sell tickets? They seem to be doing that just fine as it is.

  5. The New York Jets just issued an offer to let current PSL owners buy 2 additional season tickets without the PSL. They can’t sell them. If NYC is struggling with PSL’s, how do you think the Buffalo will do? I am a Bills season ticketholder and would love a new stadium downtown. However, with a 2nd child on the way I will be OUT of the Bills season ticket game once a PSL is attached to it.

    PS – I was transferred to Baltimore for 10 years and I am an original PSL owner. Those tickets (14th row behind the team) were $750 each in 1995 and now go for $7500 each. I still have them….

  6. The NFL can’t make them build a stadium.

    The Bills are profitable.

    Pegula would never move the team.

    I would say look for a new stadium in about 10 years.

  7. eroschmidt

    Good points.

    While Buffalo PSLs would be much cheaper than NYC PSLs it is all relative.

    I have 4 seasons now and could afford a decent price increase but everyone has their limits.

    I guess we will see what happens.

  8. The Bills should go on a fact finding mission for a new coach….. Expect Bills fans to be calling for Rex’s firing by Thanksgiving

  9. First of all, the Bills are not going anywhere. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with the Ralph. It’s a great place to watch a game. Anyone who says differently has never been there. When the lease is up at the Ralph, then its time to explore another stadium. But for now, all this talk is just a waste of time.

  10. The league makes billions every year from normal operations.

    Now they make billions more from their shadow ownership of the daily fantasy gambling sites.

    Yet they still want to extort their own billion dollar buildings from the taxpayers.

    The level of greed is so far beyond disgusting it can’t even be put into words. I hope no city ever gives the league even a single penny towards their buidings

  11. PSL’s are a scam that only work in money rich large markets where there are enough customers willing to pay for them. That ain’t Buffalo.

  12. In the NFL’s mind…. The intregrity of the game or shield, whatever they decide to call it, doesn’t involve the fans…

  13. Hopefully the tax payers will help out the billionaires and fund it entirely at tax payer expense.

  14. In other words, they’re trying to figure out how to get the sucker taxpayers to pay for everything and still rob them with personal seat licenses and warm 12 dollar beers.

  15. They have the perfect coach to help out with the preliminary footwork.

  16. The Ralph doesn’t need to be replaced.
    It’s still an excellent venue with many modern updates, and there simply isn’t a better tail gating experience in the NFL.
    There isn’t a bad seat in the house, and this great stadium is a part of WNY heritage.

  17. I’m not a Bills fan, but the “fact finding” is code for “let’s see how much we can fleece the taxpayers for our lavish palace while we take all the profits”.

    Stand firm, Buffalo and tell the NFL to go to hell.

  18. There’s nothing wrong with the Ralph. Most NFL owners are driven by stupidity and greed. The Bills are fortunate to have community-minded owners — the best owners in the NFL and possibly in pro sports.

    God bless the Pegulas.

  19. I think most NFL fans are fed up with the greed that comes with the NFL. This stadium issue will not go away. If I was a Buffalo Bills fan I would be very nervous with this situation. If the owner is going to pay for the stadium , great. If the city of Buffalo is not willing to put money into the stadium and the owner is not going to build it himself ,that’s when I would become really nervous. Goodell has put this out there for a reason. If the NFL wants new stadium in Buffalo , they will get one or they will find another city that will come up with one for them. The NFL does not care about the fans in any city . They care about one thing… much money they can make . San Diego is staying in San Diego. Oakland is moving to Las Vegas . That leaves LA open for one more team. That will be the threat used by every team looking for a new stadium just like the NFL wanted. Hopefully the Bills owner builds the stadium himself and all is well in Buffalo. If not , Bills fans get ready for the all mighty spin from the NFL on why you have to have a new stadium for your billionaire owner to survive in the NFL. Trust no one from the NFL.

  20. The Ralph is one of a kind

    When you go to a game the walk up to it is hard to describe, maybe mesmerizing, with the tailgating and the smell of smoke and grilling

    No other NFL stadium can compare to the ambience and leaving the game with the fireworks; into the gravel-filled parking lots

    I’m all for a new stadium in the future but please don’t let it be like Cleveland’s…Cleveland has the most cookie cut stadium ever made and a terrible atmosphere…i just don’t think a domed and/or downtown stadium is right for Buffalo cause we need the snow games

  21. bills72284…………… I loved the first part of your post. That’s what I remember when the football Cardinals were in STL and when the Rams first came to town when they played in Busch Stadium. That’s how going to a game should be. The NFL doesn’t care about any of that.

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