DeMarco Murray glad he’ll get to run downhill in Tennessee


Last year the Eagles spent a fortune to sign running back DeMarco Murray. Then they proceeded to put him in an offense that didn’t fit his skill set. This year, Murray says, that won’t be the case.

Murray said on the Jim Rome Show that in Titans coach Mike Mularkey’s offense, he’s being asked to do what he does best: Take the handoff and run straight ahead.

“It’s strictly downhill and that’s what I’ve been accustomed to my entire life. Nothing against last year or what happened, it just didn’t work out, but I’m very excited about this upcoming season and looking forward to it,” Murray said.

Murray had a great season in 2014 in Dallas and a miserable season in 2015 in Philadelphia. He thinks in Tennessee in 2016 he’ll be back on track.

“It’s hard to look back, but it was a great season two years ago and it definitely was a tough one last year,” Murray said. “But I think from both seasons, I took some positives things from it and learned and appreciated the game more and appreciated the time you have to play the sport. Obviously it was tough last year, and I’m just looking for a huge back bounce year this year.”

Murray was a bad fit in Chip Kelly’s offense, but that doesn’t make him a bad player. He plans to show what kind of player he is in Tennessee.

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing if Murray can return to Dallas form. But he did have an outstanding O-line in Dallas.

  2. The Titans line is looking to have a pretty big year if Lewan, Warmack, and Conklin can gel together and do so pretty quickly.

    Adding Ben Jones from Houston as a free agent to anchor the line leaves only one question mark, LG.

    However, Sebastian Tretola was also drafted this year and looks like he’ll be pretty solid at LG. If not, there’s like 100 more guards on the roster going into camp.

    If Murray regains his form and LeBeau finally gets through to the defense, the Titans will be a playoff team.

  3. Murray is getting to that age where running backs start to decline in production – that, combined with all those touches in 2014 points to a player in decline.

  4. The Eagles did employ a one cut down hill running game. Kelly said that was why he unloaded Shady McCoy and brought in Murray. It was Demarco who chose to run sideways.

  5. Alonso and Maxwell were a bad fit in Chip Kelly’s defense, but that doesn’t make them bad players. They plans to show what kind of players they are in Miami.

    Thanks Michael. I like that line of thinking.

  6. I’m interested in seeing if he runs to the tackle or slides like a QB, he slid last year looked kind of foolish.

  7. …one bad year…call it decline after this year, and no blaming the O-Line…he may recover his form, but I’m not betting my round two fantasy pick on him!

  8. Thanks for telling all the other teams Tennessee plays this year what to expect….When Dumbarco Murray is in the game Tennessee is planning on running in between the tackles….Of course every team has a plan… until it doesn’t work!

    The Titans just spent 3 out of their last 4 first round picks on offensive linemen…worked for Dallas but not for Detroit when they spent 3 of out 4 first round picks on WRs…

  9. The most awesome play I ever saw was in the Packers-Cowboys playoff game when Murray had nobody between him and the end zone, then Julius Peppers knocked the ball out of his hands and Datone Jones recovered it.

  10. Tennessee’s line looks awesome on paper, and their offense seems pretty smoking. But their defense was so terrible last year, I don’t think they did enough to fix it. I expect a lot of overs with this team.

  11. Chip made no sense. Had Murray go east & west and fail. Then would have Ryan go east & west and proceed to get many yards, then never used him again. Then would have Murray go east/south on one play and get a 1st down…then proceed to give him a stretch run again.

    Just so dumb.

  12. Interesting QB for sure, this seahawk fan is looking forward to seeing Mariota take command of the offense. If he can keep from getting killed, that is.

    Russell Wilson somehow survives having a terrible OL, MM should be able to as well, right?

  13. If the past two or three years are any indicator he’ll be running into a brick wall.

  14. Once RBs wash up, they are done. Sorry bro, but you mad your money. Go sell insurance somewhere, theres a fork in ya. Just being real. Name an RB that can wash up and come back. Ya google cant either.

  15. Murray’s great year came running behind the best O line in football. And he incorrectly thought it was all him. Hell, I could get 900 yards running behind Dallas’ line and I’m 52.

  16. Dallas won the superbowl last year that outstanding O-line.
    That oustanding O-Line made washed up RB’s they used in 2015 super stars and the QB didn’t matter at all…

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