Dez Bryant says Ezekiel Elliott won’t be hazed

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NFL teams have a habit of hazing rookies. In Dallas, rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott won’t have to worry about that.

“We need him,” Bryant told TMZ. “We need his mind to be right.”

Indeed they do. Elliott was taken fourth overall not to become a star running back in 2017, 2018, or 2019 but right away, as a rookie.

Bryant also said that the Cowboys have ended the practice of forcing first-year players to pick up gigantic dinner tabs. Six years ago, Bryant forked over $55,000 for a dinner at a high-end steakhouse, and he didn’t like it.

The Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin brouhaha of 2013 likely had an impact on the cessation of the practice in Dallas and elsewhere. Regardless of how it happened, it’s good new for Elliott and the rest of the Dallas rookies.

25 responses to “Dez Bryant says Ezekiel Elliott won’t be hazed

  1. Hazing seems plain stupid and is harmful to team performance. Its an outdated mentality.

    As Peyton Manning told some rookies, we need you to get up to speed, and hazing won’t help with that.

  2. I never understood the “picking up the bill” part of hazing. It’s not just first round draft picks who got huge signing bonuses either. You want to shave their head, make them carry your bags, whatever. Money shouldn’t be a part of the deal.

  3. Hazing has always been something perpetrated by mindless idiots. No team in amateur or professional sports history has ever won a championship because of this moronic practice. It has also helped to further the stereotype of athletes being stupid so maybe they should all just stop doing it.

  4. Its probably a smart thing not to haze someone… especially if you are about to ask them to loan you money to help out with some legal issues.

  5. C’mon, seriously? Can you never give Dallas credit for anything?
    Referencing the Incognito issue as the reason for Dez doing the right thing. You really think he even paid attention to that garbage?
    He did the right thing because he was wronged as a rookie and he’s paying it forward. Setting the tone for the future and how all players, not just first round draft picks, should be treated.

  6. Instead, Elliott will have to spend the weekend with Dez and his family. #Scaredstraight

  7. It’s about time.

    I played in the CWS in the 70’s and I specifically went to a Florida college who didn’t haze or play those games. You have to read between the lines and I read them perfectly.

    But then I could chose between scholarships and the NFL is a monopoly.

    I hope Elliot isn’t singled out because of star power but intelligence overcoming trimming of the herd. Hazing is all about trimming the herd.

  8. So hazing is not a moral decision? Or a compassionate one?

    The decision to haze or not to haze is based only on a player’s immediate value to a team and how much the team “needs” him?

    How sick is that?

  9. I’m sure Dez also didn’t want to seem like a hypocrite since he refused to carry Roy Williams’ pads when Dez was a rookie himself.

    Good on ya, Dez!

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