NFL teams hoping beeping footballs help them cut down on fumbles

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Never mind keeping an eye on the ball.

Five NFL teams are hoping that having players keep their ear on it will help them keep possession.

According to the Associated Press, the teams are using a new training device which emits a loud beep when it is being held at the five key pressure points, an audible reminder for runners to keep it in the proper position.

If I had that ball in high school, I don’t think I would’ve had a fumble,” Washington running back Matt Jones said. ”It’s teaching me how to squeeze the ball at the point of contact. Everything has changed about me holding the ball.”

The Cowboys, Colts, Ravens and Buccaneers are also using the prop, developed by Division II Northwood University assistant coach Tom Creguer. The Chargers are going to join the group in training camp.

The “High and Tight” footballs cost $150 each, and Creguer marketed them to teams at the Scouting Combine.

”It basically reinforces the proper hold by teaching the athlete to put their forearm to the panel, their panel to the chest and to compress the ball evenly with equal distribution of pressure, therefore creating basically a vice around the football, creating that muscle memory of what it feels like to have the ball secured to their body at all times,” Creguer said.

Creguer said his team reduced its fumbles by 63 percent in a season of using them, and if any NFL teams have the same kind of results, you’ll likely hear even more beeping around NFL camps soon.

24 responses to “NFL teams hoping beeping footballs help them cut down on fumbles

  1. But doctoring footballs with noises is disrupting the integrity of the game. Also this may help there other 31 teams because the Patriots didn’t lead the league in fumbles like the haters said they would.

  2. If the patriots were using these the NFL would launch beepgate investagation and the patriots past Superbowl would be credited to a beeping football. The sad part is that would be less of a joke than crediting it to air pressure in footballs.

  3. Now they need to make a prop that will teach “Superstars” to jump on a fumble during Super Bowls.

  4. It is more probable than not that applying compression causes footballs to lose air pressure. However, given that none of these teams are the Patriots we won’t collect (much less share) air pressure data.

  5. Northwood is practically in Detroit’s backyard. Why aren’t the Lions using these? Especially with a fumble prone back like Abdullah and now the rookie from Washington.

  6. Seems like a good product. Northwood is 90 minutes from Detroit. Once again the Lions are way behind everyone else. I would personally drive Ameer there to get him one. Good grief

  7. At $150 bucks a pop, why aren’t there 32 teams with these? Seems like a pretty low investment for the potential return. Or 31 anyway since we all know $150/ball scares the heck out of Mike Brown.

  8. They are only a training aide. You wouldn’t be able to hear the “bleeping” ball during a game. Might be good for young kids learning, but Pros?

    How much intelligence do you need to learn how to carry a football? Or maybe the more accurate question is how many of your marbles do you need to have left to remember how to hold that ball.

    I don’t think the bleeping ball is going to do much for the veteran RBs.

  9. Given that this is an admission that their players are too dumb to even hold a football properly, that list of teams makes perfect sense.

  10. Ah the Colts and Ravens are doing it so Goodell will tout this as “brilliant and innovative”

    If it was the Pats it would be a national crisis and would be banned.

  11. “Jus do what the patriots do to keep fumbles down. Deflate the balls.

    Except the Pats had the fewest fumbles they’ve had in many years last season.

    But don’t let actual facts get in your way.


  12. Sahmbahdy betta naht tell Rahja Gahdell that Behlachek & his lahge brain telahkeenetically told those guys to invehnt tha technawlagy.

    Behlachek is wicked smaht & the whole footbahll unahverse revahlves around New England.

    The rest of ya are all chowdah heads. You like apples?

  13. Tiki Barber changed the way he held a football during his career in the pros, and his fumble problem went down dramatically. Is there not enough good running back coaches anymore that they need to resort to a beeping ball?

  14. Now, come on. Everyone knows you can’t coach your way to less fumbles. It has to be related to deflated footballs.

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