Vikings new practice facility approved by enthusiastic city council


The Vikings are getting a new team headquarters and practice facility, and they’re being welcomed warmly by their new hosts.

According to Rochelle Olson of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Eagan City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve the team’s plans to build a new headquarters there.

There were a few questions about traffic and signage on buildings, but the locals were clear in their enthusiasm to help the team. The Wilfs, who own the team, have not yet asked for any public money for the project.

“To me this is like having Disney World in Eagan,” city council member Gary Hansen said, lowering his family’s vacation expectations significantly. “I think it’s a visionary plan and obviously it’s going to add substantially to Eagan’s tax base.”

The Vikings are going to build a new facility for the team on 44 acres as part of an eventual 200-acre redevelopment plan. The facility will include a 10,000-seat stadium which can be used for high school games, and likely training camp if they choose to not go to Mankato after 50-plus years there.

The team hopes to move into the facility in March 2018, and could break ground as early as next month.

25 responses to “Vikings new practice facility approved by enthusiastic city council

  1. If I were an Eagan city council member, the first question I’d ask is how much the Vikings would pay my municipality to put up with the stench of 55 years (and counting) of losing.


  2. National Lampoon’s Viking Vacation

    “Get in the car, kids! We’re going to Wilfy World!!”

  3. Ya, let’s put the game day experience in downtown Minneapolis where you cannot tailgate and the city cannot figure out how to drum up business because of all the rift-raft that frequent the city, but it’s ok to place the headquarters in Eagan where they will be able to build around it with shops, parking, multiple football fields, etc.


    Yes, I live in Minnesota. Yes, I am a Vikings fan. Yes, I bitched about the Mpls location over Arden Hills from day one. Yes, I wanted the new stadium. The Vikings and the state just screwed it up for the fans out there that enjoy not only the game, but the pre & post game festivities.

    This is why the Vikings are the laughing stock of the NFL when it comes to game day experience. “Just come to the game (by paying twice (ticket and PSL prices by the way) and get out. We don’t want any fun around here.” That should be the motto of this state/team.

    Rant over (for now………..)!

  4. Now the training facilities are costing what a new stadium did ten years ago. a 10,000 seat stadium? Really? I’ve been to the packers site and it may seat several hundred. Its practice for gosh sakes. Lots of guys standing around. 10,000 seats?

  5. Of course they’re excited by it. The vikings are undefeated at practice. According to their fans, they’re the year-in, year-out defending practice champions! It’s just when they get to the playoffs that they do their choking.

    Will they be practicing field goals?

  6. “To me this is like having Disney World in Eagan,” city council member Gary Hansen said, lowering his family’s vacation expectations significantly.”

    lol… I haven’t laughed at a PFT joke for a little while now. That was a good one.

  7. The City of Eagan, MN will need every penny of that tax base to hire additional police officers to protect the tax payers from the players. Considering the track record of the Vikings, I hope those 44 acres are immediately adjacent to an emergency medical facility.

  8. I really wish the author would have expanded on more of the questions City Council asked. Undoubtedly one of the requirements asked is that AP doesn’t beat children at the facility.

    Other than that SKOL all the way baby!

  9. They’re enthusiastic now.

    I know the people in Mankato are desperate to have the Vikings leave.

    And what does that say about the Vikings?

    Quite a bit.


  10. They’ve come a long way since the days when Red McCombs refused to fix the air conditioning in the old practice facility.

    People forget how damaging the McCombs era was to the Vikings. Wilf, Spielman, and Zimmer have returned it to a first-class organization.

  11. As a resident of Eagan, I’d like to welcome them to my tax base.

    From an extremely local point of view, they’re moving into pretty much the one dead zone in a really burgeoning close-in suburb, and taking over the site of the closed Northwest Airlines HQ. There’s really nothing up there other than some run-down industrial stuff and various office parks, and, from my point of view, it’s great.

    Also, this means that maybe within the next few years the Eagan High School team will stop sucking.

  12. tokyosandblaster says:
    Jun 22, 2016 10:27 AM

    They’re enthusiastic now.

    I know the people in Mankato are desperate to have the Vikings leave.

    And what does that say about the Vikings?

    Quite a bit.

    Oh, you have inside information about how desperate the “people of Mankato” are to get rid of the Vikings, do you? Somehow I doubt that, given how much money the city has made on training camp over the years and how they always renew the agreement to hold training camp there.

    There’s an old rule of comedy that applies to PFT comments: If you accept the premise, you accept the bit. In other words, don’t make something up and then use it to rip the Vikings. There’s clearly no real criticism you could think of so I guess that’s what you’re left with now.

  13. You’d never know that ariani and 250dollar were the same person, would you?
    Cody is a little late today because he was in the middle of that picture.

  14. I hope the City Council pays for all of it.
    It’s important to help out the billionaires.

  15. Geez, they should have replaced that little dude’s Favre jersey with a jersey from the children’s department.

  16. 250dollarnflowner says:
    Jun 22, 2016 9:49 AM
    the pakers want new facility too. they just dont think they can fleece their fans anymore by selling paper with a team logo on it!!??

    24 13
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    Nah. When the Packers want a new training facility, they just use the insurance money collected when the old one mysteriously burns down. Rockwood Lodge, anyone?

  17. Hey Tokyo,
    I was born and raised in Mankato and the Vikes training camps each year are great and get better each year. It’s a great way to spend a summer weekend and the city benefits immensely. Not sure where you you’ve been but you’re way off base on this one!

  18. It sounds great and very ambitious; the hotels, restaurants and bars in Mankato will be devastated to lose the Vikings and the annual surplus it brings in every August. I too will miss the trip down 169 every summer, but business is business sometimes and its been a great 55 years for the city of Mankato that sadly will come to an end in 2018.

    New Stadium
    New Practice Facility.
    Great coaches, great players, great expectations!

    Its a great time to be a Minnesota Viking fan!

  19. The High School teams that get to play there will love it too. I heard they will have a game of the week type schedule for these games at the facility.Great idea Vikes.

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