Andrew Luck admits he didn’t play well, even when healthy


Colts quarterback Andrew Luck had an injury-plagued season in 2015, but injuries weren’t the only problem.

Luck admitted in an interview with ESPN that he did not play well last season, even when he was healthy.

“Injuries aside, I was not playing very good football — before they happened,” Luck said. “I’ve got to be better. Toward my last couple games I felt like I was playing much better, trending in the right direction.”

The game when Luck suffered his season-ending kidney injury was also his best game of the season: He completed 21 of 36 passes for 252 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions, while adding 34 rushing yards against the best defense in the league in a win over the Broncos.

But other than that game, Luck’s season was a mess. He finished the year with a career-low 74.9 passer rating, and the Colts went just 2-5 in the games he started (a record that looks even worse when you remember that the Colts went 5-3 with Matt Hasselbeck and 1-0 with Josh Freeman).

In 2016, the Colts need Luck to be healthy. They also need him to be better.

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  1. And yet many nutjob analysts still rank him as a top 10 QB. Andrew Luck at this point is the most overrated QB in the history of the NFL

  2. Not really all his fault. If the Colts were to develop a running game and a defense, they might not have to ask their QB to throw the ball 42 times a game.

    In the games where they have near 100+ yards in team rushing mark, take a closer look and it’s Luck scrambling for a good chunk of those yards. So that means that the actual number of attempted passes per game is around 49 times per game, but with Luck scrambling for 6-7 of those.

    I am totally not a Colts fan. Their front office is one of the biggest head-scratchers in the NFL. They’re like the 49ers of the Midwest.

  3. If he hadn’t dodged Carolina for a year he would have had an excellent OL to keep him upright. Still Carolina got the better QB in the end.
    Cam is transforming how the game is played.

  4. Oh well just name him Participation MVP and he will be fine – at least he gave it his best. We are all winners, I am off to hang my PFT Post Participant banner now so God bless.

  5. The only thing that matters is how well he dodges the pink elephants on the field whenever Irsay is watching.

  6. Another fine prospect who got pummeled by either a horrible O line, or bad play calling…didn’t help that Luck felt he needed to extend plays, thereby contributing to some nasty hits.
    He needs to emulate the QBs that have lasted in the league…sure, they take hits, but mostly they take soft ones, or the ball is gone, and they are able to protect themselves…too many times I see Luck wrapped up trying to get rid of the ball. One is asking for a smack down in that situation.

  7. Defenses have figured him out – he panics under pressure. He becomes like a Deer-in-the-headlights’ and unfortunately for him, this panic reaction comes naturally for him, i.e. it will be difficult or impossible to break such a natural reaction.

    The owner, coaches and even MSM has protected him, but defenses will be coming at him full-force from now on. ProFootballFocus broke the story, but defenses had figured him out by them, and PFF was just using those stats…panic reaction stats.

    Analytics…so to speak.

  8. Russell Wilson has NEVER had a good oline since the day he was drafted… in the 3rd round… long after Mr #1 and Mr#2 got their months of media hype and hype and hype. And through it all, all Russell has is a Ring and playoff wins every year and a couple of Pro Bowls with it and a long list of records.

    But go ahead and ignore it or claim that it was his ‘defense’ or Marshawn Lynch… Ha ha ha…. Russell will prove the way Kobe did without Shack, it’s all in the preparation.

  9. … And soon he will be rewarded for this awful play with the largest contract in the history of the NFL, smh.

  10. Tolzien was in GB reported to be a student and attention to detail guy. Hardworking. He underwent a feet movement and motion/timing change, and QB camp with McCarthy and Van Pelt. He looked reasonable in 2015 preseason, and was trying to shed his “game manager” image; questionable whether he accomplished that, but I thought he was more accurate/confident. I wish him success in IN. He looked like a better than average backup. Hope that helps

  11. It’s good to see Luck take responsibility. The fact is he’s right. I would expect him to bounce back this year.

    Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the media/packer fan base are expecting Jordy and Lacy to be the savior of the team without addressing the elephant in the room that Rodgers straight up played poorly last year.

  12. 36 wins his first 3 years…..2012 played with rookies at WR, TE, RB, atrocious Offensive Line and bad defense. Won 11 games in each of his first 3 seasons before being hurt last season. 2013 put 34 points up against that seattle defense. AFC championship game in 2014. Only 9 interceptions in 2013. 4th all time through 4 seasons in passing yards and TD’s. Had he not missed 9 games last season would most likely be 1 and 2 respectively on both of those lists. Only true knocks are hasnt beat the patriots yet, holds on to the ball a bit too long but otherwise 3-1 against Manning, 1-0 against Wilson, 1-0 against Rodgers, ridiculous comeback against the chiefs in the AFC wildcard game……but correct such a bust…..Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, yada yada all went on to better careers. How long did it take Elway or Farve or Manning to win a superbowl?

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