For the Cardinals, going back to 0-0 won’t be easy

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It’s one thing to forget about a devastating loss in a conference championship game. It’s another to reset the record to 0-0 and start the climb back to the latter stages of the postseason all over.

“Well, you know, that’s a very, very hard part, that’s very tough,” Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson said on Wednesday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio. “But at the end of the day 31 other teams have to do it, too, and that’s the way I look at it. At the end of the day it wasn’t our time to be Super Bowl champs. Denver was the chosen team and they were the better team throughout the 2015 season. Now we have to find something within ourselves to make sure that we’re the better team coming into 2016, because like coach always says, talent’s not the issue.”

So what’s the issue?

“Now it’s all about staying healthy, it’s all about being accountable to the guy next to you, and that’s the toughest part,” Peterson said. “You know, staying healthy and being accountable for such a long season and I think that we have the guys here that had that taste of success and that they want it even more. I believe we definitely have what it takes to get back there. It’s just all about accountability, trust, loyalty and respect.”

There’s that three-word T-shirt slogan again, which on the surface is nearly as hokey as Buffalo’s “All In” but which can help a team of sufficiently talented players come together and achieve greatness.

The full interview with Peterson, including plenty of stuff that didn’t make it to the radio broadcast due to time constraints appears below. You also can hear (and see) plenty more from Peterson and the rest of the Cardinals on July 1, when all eight episodes of All or Nothing debut on

4 responses to “For the Cardinals, going back to 0-0 won’t be easy

  1. AZ is going to be one of the NFLs top Elite teams again this year no doubt !!! On offense AZ is absolutely loaded , they have an Elite QB with arguably the best supporting cast in the NFL with the best core of WRs in the NFL , They are extremely deep at RB with one of the games top 5 elite rushing offenses & one of the games top 4 RB units , with RB David Johnson quiockly becoming one of the best elite RBs in the NFL and AZ has a top 5 absolutely elite offensive line. Defensively they have an Elite top 3 defense , upgraded to one of the best nastiest pass rushs in the NFL & Have arguably the NFLs best secondary filled with elite top tier talent !!!!

  2. Arizona is ripe for another 10+ win season, as long as they stay healthy.

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