“Hacked” Twitter account falsely reports death of Joe Flacco

Getty Images

Another week, another Twitter hack proclaiming that a prominent NFL figure has died.

The last time, it was the NFL’s official Twitter account that was genuinely hacked with the false notion that Commissioner Roger Goodell had died. This time, a Ravens news account not affiliated with the team or the league was supposedly “hacked,” with the culprit posting that quarterback Joe Flacco had died.

Our guess (and it’s just a guess) is that the account wasn’t actually hacked, but that someone pulled the prank as a publicity stunt during a slow spot in the news cycle. That’s why we’re not giving the account any extra publicity by naming it here.

All that needs to be said here, given that his name has been trending on Twitter for a while now, is that Joe Flacco remains among the living. As does Roger Goodell. As does Terry Bradshaw.