Carlos Hyde: Players buying into Chip Kelly’s offensive system

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Things didn’t end well for Chip Kelly with the Eagles, but they appear to be off to a good start with the 49ers.

Kelly and the 49ers have wrapped up an offseason spent installing his offensive scheme and one of the players who figures to fill a major role on the unit says that he and his teammates have jumped on board. Running back Carlos Hyde has previously talked about his personal excitement about what Kelly does on offense and says that he thinks his teammates are feeling the same way after a couple of months working in the new system.

“It’s been great having Coach Kelly there,” Hyde said on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Bruce Murray and Maurice Jones-Drew. “I feel like the team has bought into his system. Even though it’s new to most guys, I’m kind of familiar with the system from college. But I definitely feel like everybody has bought into the system and guys are just really looking forward this season. Guys are really looking forward to making a name for themselves.”

Hyde should get every opportunity to do that in an offense that has generally given plenty of work to the No. 1 running back and Kelly’s said he plans to have Hyde more involved in the passing game than he has been over the last two seasons. How things will play out at other positions is less clear, but success for Hyde would be a good building block for the entire offense this season.

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  1. You guys will love Chip for about a year. Your division will take a while to adjust, and you’ll like his fast talking approach. Unfortunately, we Eagles fans know the score. He has about 6 plays. He doesn’t take responsibility for failures. He’s arrogant. His fast paced offense puts unreal pressure on the defense. I wish him nothing but the best, but I have my doubts he’ll succeed.

  2. Ask the defense if they buy into Chip’s system this Thanksgiving after they’ve already played the equivalent of two extra games compared to the rest of the league.

  3. I want everyone to keep doubting the Niners. This team is vastly underrated, and is going to shock the league this season. The players have bought in, the team got better, and they will compete in the NFC West. And before “RegisHawk” gets in here to show his obsession with the Niners: your team made the dumbest call in all of professional sports, your one year dynasty is over. If you want to jump off the bandwagon, now is the time.

  4. Chip’s gonna have Carlos Hyde running around the edges instead of between the tackles. I predict a Demarco Murray type season for Carlos Hyde.

  5. As a niners fan I am excited about having Kelly around here and believe he’ll get the most out of this mediocre roster.
    The truth of the matter is until we dump Baalke and York our team will always be ripe for disaster.
    I pray that mama York wakes up and realizes her son has screwed this team up something fierce and it’s time for a change.

  6. I’m sure many of the comments will wind up resembling, “what is he supposed to say?”, as though the only legitimate option Hyde has is griping about his coach.

  7. If Hyde alters his style to stop delivering hits then I see this working out in Kelly’s offense.

    His longevity is key but the injury bug has already cost him considerable playing time given his career. Hopefully with all those new linemen we can open up some lanes for him.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  8. For now. So did the Eagles players for a while. Plus, it’s the defense that is gonna have a problem with him.

  9. I’ve upped my Niner forecast from 2-14 to 3-13. Then they’ll lose more games every year until Kelly is sent back to the college ranks, and Baalke’s career path takes him to a used car lot in Alviso.

  10. it’s cool among jock sniffers to say Chip Kelly stinks, but if he starts winning all these elitists who “know better” will be nowhere to be found

  11. Don’t know what all the hate for Kelly is for. 49ers were bad last year so they can’t get any worse.

  12. The NFC West say Chip’s offense in 2014 when the divisions played each other. Only the Rams lost.

  13. Kaep and Gabbert are far more mobile than Bradford, and that is very important to Chip’s system. Kelly has made statements to the contrary, but I don’t know if that is misdirection, or if he really doesn’t see it himself.

    The read-option is impotent without a QB who is willing and able to keep the ball – even Sanchez and Foles had success with it. Kelly changed his system to accommodate Bradford’s fragility, and he paid the price. Wilson and Newton are proof that it CAN work without a sharpshooter behind center. Tebow first proved you can win with it, even with a sub-par passer.

  14. Jun 24, 2016 10:40 AM – jocyn says: For Eagles fans, reading this article is like deja vu all over again.

    I’m guessing that Niners fans could live with a couple of 10-6 seasons to start with.

  15. It’s interesting how many anti-Niner comments end up in Niners posts. Even with the Niners being as bad as they are haters still can’t jump off the jock. Sad.

  16. Chip Kelly’s first year the Eagles went 10-6 with a whole lot of luck, most of their opponents were missing key players for example Green Bay without Aaron Rodgers. Sure injuries effect every team, but the Eagles were insanely lucky to not suffer many injuries to starters that season while their opponents were always missing an important piece, even if it was just that one week.

    Chip Kelly’s second year in Philly the team couldn’t win games versus playoff teams. They finished 10-6 but missed the playoffs because when the season was on the line they couldn’t get the job done.

    Season 3 was such a flaming hot mess I don’t need to get into it.

    If Chip is going to continue to have an NFL coaching career he’ll have to figure out how to win his division. He’s already starting at a disadvantage because his offense is now a known quantity AND the 49er’s are lacking the talent on offense that the Eagles had when Chip took over (i.e. Shady, Desean, and Maclin).

    Maybe he’ll have more success with a defense that can get off the field on 3rd down since Billy Davis isn’t calling the shots, but I certainly wouldn’t bet more than a dollar on Chip bringing the Niners back to Harbaugh levels of success.

  17. The offensive players will all love it. It’s the defensive players that will hate it after being gassed by staying on the field 40-45 minutes time after time after time …

  18. Defensive coordinators have A LOT of tape on Chip nuts college system. He won’t catch ANY team off guard……bank on it.

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