Saints happy they landed prize recruit Dan Campbell

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The Dolphins didn’t want to keep Dan Campbell around as head coach after his stint as interim last year, but plenty of other teams wanted him on staff.

So Saints coach Sean Payton had to go back to a college tactic to land Campbell as his tight ends coach.

In his case, it was a little bit of a recruitment,” Payton said, via Mike Triplett of

The Dolphins expressed some interest in keeping Campbell, but he wasn’t comfortable with staying as an assistant after having been head coach, even if it was just for three months. The Cowboys and Vikings were also interested in Campbell, but Payton had the advantage of having coached Campbell when he was playing for the Giants, Cowboys and Saints.

That and an assistant head coach title was enough.

“To me, it was a pretty easy sell,” Campbell said. “And the biggest factor was Coach Payton. I know who he is, I know what he’s about. And hey, man, he’s proven himself as a coach. I’d be lying if I didn’t say [the title] had something to do with. At the same time, I’m just happy to be here. And I was happy to get the opportunity to coach under Coach Payton and be part of the Saints again because it’s a winning organization.

“Anybody can say what you want; the last couple years haven’t been the way everybody wants. But I know where this team is headed and I know who’s at the top, and that was the biggest deciding factor.”

Payton said he was happy to add someone with Campbell’s ability as a teacher, and Campbell’s passion has been often cited. But while it was borderline cartoonish when he was an interim coach in Miami (running Oklahoma drills with professionals earned him immediate skepticism), it has been embraced in New Orleans, where they could use a little spark.

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  1. I really liked Dan and wished he had been able to maintain the momentum he had as an interim, to become HC for the Fins. That said, Adam Gase seems to be a very impressive HC with everything Dan brought, plus an exciting offensive acumen. And while there haven’t been any “Oklahoma drills” thus far, there has been an briefly mentioned emphasis on a lifting program. Good luck Dan, except against Miami.

  2. Love him but he was totally overmatched as a head coach last year. Hopefully he can continue to get experience and get a head job some day.

  3. Dan Campbell as a coach at any position in the professional ranks is absolutely befuddling to me. Over 4 years spent coaching TEs and the only thing to show for it? Charles Clay. Charles Stonehands Clay. And did Campbell have a say in bringing in Jordan Cameron? Coaching is not Campbell’s strong suit. I still think we should’ve held on to him though. He’s probably still a better TE than the Phins starter right now. But as a coach… glad anybody took him off our hands

  4. The fact that Payton just got a 5 yr extension might of impacted Campbell more then anything else .

  5. Dan Campbell is a very solid Coach. He was given an impossible task of inheriting a team with poor chemistry, major injuries and a general lack of talent at critical positions. Still he came in and took over and won the respect of the Lockerrom and even a few games.

    Make fun of the Oklahoma Drills all you want, but most of you have never Coached anything including Pop Warner. It is about mindset and execution at this level. He wanted to try something different. The previous regime and tasks were not working. Only a Fool continues the same method and expects different results. Good Luck to him in New Orleans from a former Division I ACC Conference TE Coach. I have done more in Football than most and he has done way more than me! So Trollers and Haters try and keep some perspective when you criticize after all he WAS AN NFL HEAD COACH and it does not get better than that. He will get another chance.

  6. I gotta go there…ACC tight end coach, former? Come on brother, what are you doing now? With you on Campbell, you gave your cred but ACC tight ends? Help me….

  7. “The Dolphins didn’t want to keep Dan Campbell around as head coach after his stint as interim last year, but plenty of other teams wanted him on staff.”

    So did the dolphins, do your homework. Phins wanted campbell to stick around

  8. I can’t really say I liked the body of work Dan Campbell done in Miami at all. He was the Tightends coach and the Head Coach. For his specialty to be tightends, he sure didn’t used his tightends when he had chance to. he didn’t use Lemar Miller when he had a chance to. Dan should have never been given the interim job to begin with. And I agree the Dolphins didn’t want to keep him around as head coach after interim tenure. He should have figured that out when he was the last one they interviewed for the job. And if they wanted him, then why did they have to interview a guy that has been with them as long as he was? It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he was done in Miami. I didn’t hear of any other teams knocking his door down either. It’s about wins and losses not emotions. I like the staff we have now. Dolphins 2016 eastern division champs! Take it to the bank Baby!

  9. I don’t think Campbell’s ready, but he might surprise in a few years if given the opportunity. He made some great moments on a heavily-flawed team/staff/organization that in all likelihood, should have lost just about all their games in 2015. Finesse O-linemen, terrible schemes and staff cooperation, poor roster management, and a dramatic locker room. Philbin’s team became a huge disaster.

  10. Campbell took chicken do-do and turned it into chicken salad. He was thrust into an impossible scenario with no chance of winning the head coaching job. The players responded amazingly well for a truncated season replacement coach. Beating the Patriots in December was great! Sean Payton will help Coach Campbell refine his abilities.

    Adam Gase has to earn a better record than Campbell if he wants to be Ross’s prodigy! I say this is a 7 & 9 team, given their tough schedule. Gase needs to improve their record to 10 & 6. That is a big jump. With brady out for the first Pasts game, it could happen.

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