Texans hope Jadeveon Clowney has already had as many injuries “as he needs to have”

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When the Texans took linebacker Jadeveon Clowney with the first overall pick of the 2014 draft, their hope was that he’d team with defensive end J.J. Watt to lift the team’s defense to the top of the league.

Injuries have kept that from happening. Clowney has missed 15 regular season games and last year’s playoff loss to the Chiefs because of a variety of injuries, leaving his potential unfulfilled as he heads into his third season.

Linebackers coach Mike Vrabel said that he saw increased resolve from Clowney on the field and in the classroom during this year’s offseason program, something that he believes Clowney needs to make a bigger impact for the Texans in 2016. That can’t happen unless he’s healthy, of course, and there’s not much that General Manager Rick Smith and the rest of the team can do but hope that’s the case.

“When he’s been on the field, he’s been pretty disruptive, pretty impactful,” Smith said, via the Houston Chronicle. “It’s just that he has suffered some injuries, which you would hope is that he’s already had as many as he needs to have, right? Just from a standpoint of luck, hopefully the guy has had his share of injuries and he will have an opportunity to play for an extended amount of time because I think what you see, when you see him on the field, you see productive play. He’s going to work at that. Some of those injuries it’s not like he’s getting hurt because he’s not working. The nature of the injuries he’s had are not such that it’s an indicator of the guy’s not being conditioned or ready to play. It’s just the nature of the game. Hopefully, he’s had his share of them and he’ll be on the field consistently.”

There were flashes of good play for Clowney last season, but missing Week 17 and the playoff loss meant the year ended on another down note and the questions about his durability remain firmly in place. Should they still be in place after the 2016 season, the Texans’ hopefulness may give away to resignation that Clowney’s health won’t allow him to make good on their expectations.

26 responses to “Texans hope Jadeveon Clowney has already had as many injuries “as he needs to have”

  1. Fat and slow makes for injuries when you are out of shape.
    This guy should be breaking players in 1/2 but he has no desire to be dominant.
    What will inspire him?
    Only he knows that.

  2. Health/Injuries are one of those things players cannot control completely. They can take preventative measures as best as they can, but even the best fall victim to them.

    I hope Clowney can get it right, because there is no doubt about his talent. Watching a healthy Watt/Clowney for a few years would be fun.

    –Not a Texans Fan

  3. Don’t be surprised if it’s the same thing this year. I’m sure he’ll sprain his ankle on a yardline and miss half the year. Then in 2017 he’ll play the entire year because he’ll want them to pick up the fifth-year option. Then he’ll be motivated again until they give him a contract like Suh got then he’ll play two games a year. The only thing that motivates this guy is money and once he has it you can forget about getting anything out of him.

  4. When he’s been on the field he been average. His college coach warned everyone about his laziness. He wants free time to play with his toys his millions of dollars got him.

  5. Now we know why he was dogging it in College the year he was coming out….

    What he did to South Carolina — telling the ole ball coach whether he’d play or for how long — should’ve been a huge red flag to every team…..but of course a sucker is born every minute and I hope the Texans suffer every year they pay him until they “get it”…

    Sometimes the armchair GM is right! Every one of us saw Jadaveon for the Clown he is, cept The idiots in Houston….who by the way just paid a journey man Qb to franchise QB money to validate how stupid they really are…

  6. With Clowney, signing him to long contracts is a terrible risk. Sign him to 2 year contracts max so he’ll finally be motivated to play hard.

  7. Some people are just injury prone. I am one of them. Threw 91 at 17 and didn’t get it back until I was 27. Something always broken or whatever.

    For every pitcher you see on TV there are quite a few more who just got hurt along the way. For some, it is always something. Don’t blame him, it’s just life…

  8. It’s easy to say more busts come out of the SEC, but when a conference produces the most NFL players, it’s going to have more of everything.

  9. People posting lazy an uncommitted can’t read I guess, since the article stressed his commitment to getting better this Summer

  10. The poor field condition with the uneven seams is what got Clowney injured and it was a known problem for years.Did Bob McNair ever get that fixed?

  11. His best play was in college when he went unblocked up the hole and hit a linemen heads up. lol. He’s been riding that play for a long time.

  12. Dude made 1 perfect play in college and hasn’t done crap since, except get hurt. Bust!

  13. Everyone with a brain knew this guy was going to be a catastrophic bust. The fact that his number one highlight was a hit where he was blocked by anyone was all you needed to know about him.

  14. Comfortably Numb says:
    Jun 26, 2016 6:47 PM
    Clowney = Bosworth.

    Both totally overhyped.


    Bosworth actually did some things in the league before he got hurt. Clowney is a never was. And probably a never will be.

  15. He is one one of the biggest busts of all time, but the fact that many people said he was going to be a bust going into the draft, makes him the single worst pick in NFL history.

  16. The Clown had three sacks his senior year. Pundits kept making excuses for him. He was great at the underwear Olympics, but is not a good football player. What makes it worse is that he has no heart. Only year he may produce is contract year.

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