Cowboys feel good about depth of their wide receiver group

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When the subject of wide receivers has come up around the Cowboys this offseason, the conversation usually tilts to Dez Bryant’s recovery from a pair of surgeries and his prospects for turning in a healthier season than he had in 2015.

Bryant isn’t the only wideout on the roster, however, and the Cowboys would like to see some of their other receivers thrive as part of the effort to turn things around from last year. The team didn’t make any big moves at the position this offseason, but it’s clear from wide receivers coach Derek Dooley’s take on Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley, Brice Butler, Vince Mayle, Lucky Whitehead and Devin Street that they don’t see that as a problem.

Dooley called the group the deepest “top-to-bottom” that the team has employed since he joined the staff in 2013, an assessment that was met with agreement by Beasley.

“We’ve had some good groups, but this one has been a really good one, just as far as obviously talent, but guys knowing what to do and really studying and taking it upon themselves to learn everything,” Beasley said, via the Dallas Morning News.

As much as the Cowboys might like their depth, the group without Bryant isn’t one that’s going to strike much fear into opposing defenses. It’s good news for them, then, that Bryant is on track to be all systems go at training camp.

14 responses to “Cowboys feel good about depth of their wide receiver group

  1. The Cowboys are nothing and have been since Barry Switzer left after coaching Jimmy Johnson’s team.
    Sure they make tons of money, BUT the Jones family are NOT football people.
    The Mrs. spends her money on art. Big deal.
    Jerry spends his money on questionable football players.
    What a joke

  2. orangeraider says:

    BUT the Jones family are NOT football people.

    Jerry was co-captain of the 1964 National Championship team.

  3. What the Cowboys need to feel good about is who is going to be throwing the ball to theses guys after Romo goes down injured again.

  4. Maybe one of them has a good arm, it could come in handy after glass Tony goes down.

  5. Every year it’s the same old crap, and then several weeks later they crash and burn. My money says they will be 8 & 8
    again. Oh yeah, please give JJ a forever extension, and a huge raise.

  6. How can u feel good about Dez…will he show up to play…some years he wont block 89th 2 years ago…like playing with 10 men…has faked ham strings injuries every where he has been..cusses coaches and causes dissension and destroy a mans home and leaves his feces on the floor…now u know why no one wanted him and still don’t and yes he drops half of the biggies and has been takenout by good DB….he is not the solution he is the problem.

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