Lawyer says Skuta was the victim, not the aggressor

The lawyer representing Jaguars linebacker Dan Skuta has done something far more conventional than accidentally text strategic secrets to the media. Mark NeJame has declared his client’s innocence.

NeJame told TMZ that the allegation of Skuta shoving the head of a woman who refused to provide her phone number into a window was made up.

“Eyewitnesses who we have already received statements from in our initial investigation will attest that Dan was alongside his girlfriend when this fabricated event supposedly took place,” NeJame said.

Skuta contends, via NeJame, that the accuser and another female were harassing Skuta and his group.

“Dan was then struck in the face by one of the women, as is evidenced by his mugshot which clearly shows where he was struck,” NeJame said.

The mugshot does indeed show Skuta with an abrasion under his right eye.

“Dan never placed his hands on anyone,” NeJame said.

That explanation may indeed be persuasive to a judge or a jury, but it didn’t keep Skuta from being arrested. If the version from Skuta’s lawyer is accurate, Skuta eventually should get off scot-free.

9 responses to “Lawyer says Skuta was the victim, not the aggressor

  1. Skuta may get off scot-free, but the women who assaulted him and filed a false police report…not so much. Then there’s also the impending lawsuit from Skuta to worry about…

  2. Unfortunately the woman who allegedly filed a false assault charge against him will have little to nothing done to her unless Skuta pursues it himself. Far too many times women accuse guys of physical assault, or worse, and are never held accountable by the law for the damage they inflict on the innocent man.

    Total double standard based on gender.

    Anyone who assaults another should be locked up. Anyone who falsely reports an assault should be locked up. If men and women were treated equally this injustice would come to a halt fairly quickly.

  3. And yet so many wanted him thrown in jail after the first headline. I think I’ll withhold judgement until some actual facts surface.

  4. Dan doesn’t ‘sue the women’… the State’s DA or other would have to do that. She broke the law.

    If Skuta wants to sue her for Defamation, he has to prove damages occurred(not the black eye, but monatary) and then, after going through all that hassle, she would have to something to collect from. In most states, your house, your pensions and your SS are untouchable.

  5. Wait! A white NFL player was accused of a crime. I think Goodell needs to step in and suspend him for a year, justice be damned, to appease womens groups and make up for his other mistakes.

    Or, we could wait for the police to finish investigating before jumping to conclusions.

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