Stanley Wilson targeted three homes (one clothed) before he was shot naked

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Before he was shot while doing some naked breaking and entering last week, former Lions cornerback Stanley Wilson II had targeted three other homes — at least one of them while clothed.

According to Aimee Green of the Oregonian, Wilson was shot while breaking into the home of 78-year-old Robert McCall.

Police found the Stanford graduate naked in the back yard. He remains hospitalized, but is scheduled to appear in court today to hear charges of one felony count of first-degree burglary, one misdemeanor count of first-degree criminal trespass and two misdemeanor counts of second-degree criminal trespass.

The shooting happened last Wednesday afternoon, after he had been in at least one other home. The homeowner said Wilson stuck his head in her door after entering through the garage, but left without incident.

“He said, ‘Do you need anything?'” the woman said. “I said, ‘No, what are you doing in my garage?’ And then he said, ‘Isn’t this where I’m supposed to be?’ I said, ‘No.'”

She said Wilson was nicely dressed and polite, though she thought it unusual he wasn’t wearing shoes. That was apparently only the beginning of his neighborhood walkabout, and he lost clothing as he went.

It’s a strange story, fitting with a family tradition. His father once missed a Super Bowl because coaches found him doing cocaine in a hotel bathroom the night before the game.

21 responses to “Stanley Wilson targeted three homes (one clothed) before he was shot naked

  1. Robert McCall, lol.

    That was Denzel’s character in The Equalizer. And we all know how lethal Mr McCall was in that one…

    With that being said, I will summarize the following responses:

    Conservatives-He got what he had coming to him, you break into a house you get shot

    Liberals-This is outrageous that a naked black man gets shot in the commission of a crime. We need to outlaw guns so that criminals stop getting shot for criminal activity. If criminals cant break into someone else’s home, they might be forced to break into my home, and then I’ll have to use the gun that I hypocritically own…

  2. It looks like playing the strip version of “Truth or Dare” can get risky. Next time he should just answer the question.

  3. Thank you Robert McCall for having the firearm to stop the madman at house number 4.
    Without you who knows how many more burglaries would have occurred.
    Praise our Founding Fathers for the Bill of Rights that included the 2nd Amendment for an orderly society.

  4. Thank goodness he was a cornerback and not a defensive tackle. Imagine seeing Vince Wilfork naked at your door. EWWW my eyes hurt.

  5. The NFL off season is violent like no other sport? Some of it has to be due to PED’s and its time to clean up the game and get serious about drug testing. The Players Association protecting players against drug testing is the biggest joke of all.

  6. Had something like this happen to me a while back.

    At that time, I was in a bad way. Had lost another job, wife had just had a baby and was experiencing postpartum depression and to top it off I was fighting with my father and not on speaking terms. Life pretty much sucked. I was angry. Nobody wants to go through crap with a wife and kids.

    Then, I heard my wife screaming for me one night. I mean SCREAMING my name. I bolted out of bed, immediately looked for my wife. She was screaming that there was a man in our basement.

    So I take quick stock of the current situation – Intruder in my home and my life sucks. Got a weapon in the house and time to get it. So, I do. I tell the wife to watch the boys and call the cops.

    I go downstairs and sure enough – there’s a dude in my house! First instinct is to take out my aggression on him. I mean why not?! I have every right, and the Universe gives me the opportunity to unload my frustration on someone. Finally!
    But before I do, I look at him. He’s taken off his shoes and left them by the basement door. And I think, why would a guy who’s looking to do harm take his shoes off? I decide to put the weapon down, and I talk to him. I tell him he’s got to go now or it’s gonna turn out really, really bad for him.

    He looks at me with blank eyes. He’s not all there. I tell him again he’s gotta GO and I show him the door. He slowly follows me to the door and I hand him his shoes as he leaves. I lock the door and go upstairs. My wife has already called the cops. They show up in a bit and arrest him.

    Afterwards, they talk to me and let me know the man was in distress. He had walked out of a hospital and somehow made his way to my home. They take him away.

    I could have ended him. Part of me really wanted to. I was in a bad place in my life and he gave me the opportunity to let out how crap I felt. But there was a part of me that recognized his distress and I reluctantly found some compassion.

    Weird thing is my life changed almost immediately. My father never said anything to me, but that incident softened his heart to me and we stopped arguing. My wife looked at me like a hero. She was so impressed that I had the balls to talk to him and the judgement to end the situation without injury to him or me.
    And the Universe bloody rewarded me! My career situation took off like a rocket and I haven’t looked back. It seems like a dream looking back at that time and how things have changed for the better.

    I really feel that because I fought off my lower instinct to do damage to that fellow, my life changed. I broke my loop of anger and job frustration.
    I don’t mind saying that today, I am living the dream. I went from down and out to gain the respect of my family and a 1%’er in a blink of an eye. Funny how things turn out…

    Well, that’s my story. Take it how you want.

  7. Young people (and all who it applies), let this be a lesson to you. NOTHING GOOD EVER COMES FROM DRUG USE. It’s inexcusable, but the guy probably had no recollection of what was happening until he woke up shot. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t understand how people descend into the drug culture just to experience a high “feeling”. I felt that good in 2010 after the Saints won Super Bowl XLIV. I guess it’s just not often enough. And this guy is a 2nd generation drug user.
    And to you harveyredman, above, wonderful story. It proves that killing doesn’t always solve every problem. Lots of times it creates more issues. I’m glad how it turned out for you, but I’m probably in the minority judging from most of these responses.

  8. “he was shot naked” means the shooting caused his clothing to fly off his body. But then, basic literacy (or even coherent thought) isn’t something I’ve come to expect from PFT …

  9. Mental illness may be at play, but you don’t break into someone’s house and ask them if they need anything without being on some drug that causes hallucination. I’m betting synthetic marijuana gone bad.

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