Cordarrelle Patterson: Sometimes I didn’t work hard enough

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The Vikings didn’t pick up their fifth-year option on wide receiver/kick returner Cordarrelle Patterson’s contract this offseason, leaving the 2013 first-round pick on track for free agency after the season.

If Patterson is going to generate a robust market for his services, he’ll need to be more than the kick return specialist he was in 2015. Patterson returned two kicks for touchdowns, but caught just two passes while playing 64 snaps on offense. One way that Patterson can improve his chances of seeing the field as a wideout is by boosting his work ethic. It’s an area that Patterson admits has been lacking at times.

“Sometimes you can be here and you feel like you’ve got to be on the team,” Patterson said, via the Pioneer Press. “You feel like, ‘Yeah, I’m a first-round pick, I’m on the team.’ Things like that, sometimes they make you not work hard, they make you don’t want to do things, make you be lazy.”

Patterson’s work this offseason drew notice from coach Mike Zimmer for being short on the mental errors that have plagued him in the past, although the addition of Laquon Treadwell in the first round leaves little room at the top of the depth chart. Patterson says he feels thing “will work out well” for him if he shows the coaches that he can “do what I’m supposed to.” Anything less and there won’t be much offensive film for Patterson to show suitors on the open market next year.

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  1. I appreciate CP’s honesty, but it may be hard to change old habits after three years of laziness. If he really does improve his work ethic and learn how to run routes, he could have a nice impact as a receiver on a situational basis. There’s no doubt he has as much physical talent as anyone so it would be nice to see him put it together.

  2. Who is this “They” that you refer to? “They make you not work hard… don’t make you want to do things…make you be lazy”? If “They” told you to jump off of a cliff…would you?
    Sounds like your blaming others, for your lack of motivation, and work ethic. They drafted you in the first round, for crying out loud, and paying you good money. Get off your ass & earn it.

  3. His laughing on the sidelines after fumbling the kickoff late in the Green Bay game to get into the playoffs was disheartening for any football fan. It has pretty summed up his career to this point.

  4. Cordarrelle seems like an okay enough dude, but it’s going to be really tough to get in stride with what it takes to be a real NFL threat at WR, at this point. Not impossible, but those bad habits are going to be tough to break, not the way anyone should start their professional career. I do wish him the best though, loads of talent that hopefully wasn’t pilfered away. It would make for a great story next season.

  5. @ knew8411 –

    The “they” he’s referring to are his own thoughts. Thinking he’s a first round pick so he’s automatically on the team, “things like that, sometimes they make you not work hard…”

    He’s clearly taking responsibility for his lack of a work ethic. It isn’t necessary to try to make it seem like he’s blaming others.

  6. It’s not too late to make an impression worthy of being retained next year. But it won’t be for big coin. I always thought he’d shine……eventually

  7. Well, no one said Cordoroy was ever a Rhodes Scholar. Then again his potential excuse options aren’t particularly attractive: (1) lazy; (2) stupid; or (3) physically incapable. Can’t label him a complete bust though — at least he has had value as a kick returner.

  8. Man, I still remember Vikings fans talking about this guy his first year with the team like he walked on water and was the best thing that ever happened to football. The rest of us just rolled our eyes and laughed.

  9. and to think the Vikings traded up (giving up 3 picks) to make sure he is a Viking. Goes a long way to explaining 55 years of no championships.

  10. sweetnlow44 says:
    Jun 28, 2016 6:18 PM

    Man, I still remember Vikings fans talking about this guy his first year with the team like he walked on water and was the best thing that ever happened to football. The rest of us just rolled our eyes and laughed.


    CP was looking like a potential stud by the end of his rookie year.

  11. Didn’t Randy Moss have motivation problems also when he played for them?

    It must be pretty demoralizing to play for the Vikings.

  12. If he works really hard could be the # 4-6 WR for the team this year. Hopefully if he makes progress he sees he is finally learning the system and it is best to stay in one place and take the # 3 – # 5 WR salary that they will offer him.

    If someone else offers him # 1 or # 2 WR money and he goes there, you might see him take it easy again and/or not do well with a different skeme.

  13. Wow… this just confirms the obvious. Watching this guy play (or not play) the last few years left me with the impression that he is comfortable with just being on the team. Zero desire to be great, unless it comes easy, which it didn’t.

  14. This is on the scouts and franchise. They should have known what he was when they picked him up.

  15. Here’s to hoping he finally gets it (sounds like he does- and Zim and Spielman have said similar things) and rocks like his rookie season- all the while running great routes!

  16. The guy has natural talent that others can only dream of, and for most of his juco/college career that was all he needed. Now he’s with the big boys and he has shown immaturity and a lack of work ethic. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be great, merely that he thought it would just come to him without effort.

    In his first year in the League he at times dominated. All this did was bolster his misguided assumption that the game was easy.

    He is now a couple of years older, wiser, and somewhat humbled by his demotion down the pecking order. I doubt we will see him explode on the field, but I do feel we will see him become a real asset in the passing and running game. I wish him well…

  17. And let me add- there’s no doubt this guy is absolutely dangerous with the ball in his hand and can score from practically anywhere on the field.

    Let’s go Flash!

  18. Hopefully, the fact that the Vikings didn’t pick up CP’s fifth year option was a bit of a wake up call. Time will tell. Even AP recently called him one of the most athletic players on the team, so I’m hoping he finally gets it.

  19. Judging the quotes from Patterson, he is not intelligent enough to grasp the playbook.

  20. The offensive coordinator needs to get a bit more creative and figure out alternative ways to get the ball in CP’s hands. It’s not THAT difficult. Please- figure it out, Norv!

  21. Pretty safe to say he would not have been drafted if Zimmer were there. No way does he pass the HC’s character test. But, he’s a 1st. rounder, so…

    He’s a bust. If he plays well (or even makes the team) I’ll be shocked. Vikes might take the cap hit to retain a better player. Either way, last year in Minn. IMO, he’s saying the right things for a new deal somewhere else. Blah. No thanks and goodbye!

  22. Dr Phil says when someone shows you who they really are, believe them.

    Lazy wins out….see Dwayne Bowe, Larry Johnson, Albert Haynesworth.

    Some guys just have a whole bunch of quit in em.

  23. Like the time I ran into Cordarelle Patterson at a Minneapolis Nightclub at 3:00am Saturday morning the day before the last regular season game against the Bears? He didnt have the discipline to wait two more days to Party…

  24. Probably as much physical talent and athletic ability as just about anyone I’ve seen. Unfortunately just about as much quit too. Get it together man, this is a one trip merry-go-round.

  25. ……typical immature young guy….slacked off for 3 years, but will have a monster year in 2016 because it will impact his next contract. Then, when some foolhardy team pays him a huge contract in 2017 , he’ll go back to his slacking ways…….How many time have we all seen this??…

  26. @winninaintsinnin says:
    Jun 28, 2016 9:05 PM
    Remember when Vikings were anointing him MVP when discussing Harvin trade?

    Harvin has a ring.

    Percy Harvin is a poor example. He was lucky to have gotten the ring…can’t take it away from him but his career is rather checkered too.

  27. winninaintsinnin says:
    Jun 28, 2016 9:05 PM

    Remember when Vikings were anointing him MVP when discussing Harvin trade?

    Harvin has a ring.


    Patterson wasn’t even part of that trade. The Vikings got Xavier Rhodes and Jerrick McKinnon in that trade. Those are two important parts of a really good team. Where’s Harvin now?

  28. Harvin’s long gone and the Seahawks didn’t need him to beat the Vikes in the Wildcard last year. What’s your point?

  29. BIG Vikes fan here.

    Heck, I’d be happy if he put up 500 yards and 5 touchdowns. Any more than that is asking a lot. Anything under 300 yards and I’m labeling him a bust. No ifs ands or buts about it.

    He has the talent, and he’s backed into a corner at this point. I think he’ll have a good year if he sees playing time. Big IF there.

    He had 10 yards 2015. 10 YARDS!

  30. I am continually amazed by the amount of Packer trolls in PFT.

    Back when they used to win the division, it somehow didn’t seem quite so obnoxious.

  31. Flash will work hard Cold Turkey,
    Jonny will sober up cold turkey,
    I’ll appreciate packer fans cold turkey.

  32. I sincerely hope that this young man turns it around this year. He’s got the talent, he just needs to commit himself to his trade.

  33. josephec says:
    Jun 30, 2016 2:31 AM

    I am continually amazed by the amount of Packer trolls in PFT.

    Back when they used to win the division, it somehow didn’t seem quite so obnoxious.
    Especially when they Troll Teddy and his YPP average….
    Teddy Bridgewater had a better Yards per Pass completion than Erin Rodgers last year!

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