Cowboys could see Ezekiel Elliott get 300 carries

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The Cowboys plan to make rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott a workhorse.

That’s the word from David Helman of, who writes that Elliott will have somewhere in the range of 280 to 300 carries, or around 18 a game, in 2016.

That would suggest that the Cowboys plan to use Elliott about as much as any NFL team uses any running back. Last year Adrian Peterson led the NFL with 327 carries, while Doug Martin was second with 288 carries. If Elliott really carries the ball 18 times a game, he could compete for the league lead in carries.

Of course, that’s nothing compared to the way Cowboys coach Jason Garrett used running back DeMarco Murray in 2014, when Murray had 392 carries, the most for anyone in any season in the NFL in the last 10 years. Garrett has proven he won’t hesitate to give a running back a heavy workload.

Elliott won’t have that heavy a workload. But he’s going to get the ball a lot this year.

26 responses to “Cowboys could see Ezekiel Elliott get 300 carries

  1. It was 1991 and George H. W. Bush was President. A gallon of gas was $1.14.

    This was the last time the redskins won 11 games or more during the regular season so good luck with that.

    HTTR=Hail To Tony Romo

  2. If he is as productive as Murray was, then don’t be surprised if he gets more than 300 carries this season.

    But, having said that, I think Dallas is going to ride this kid into the dirt. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t end the season on IR. Stay healthy Zeke.

  3. paulnoga says:
    Jun 28, 2016 6:40 PM
    What if he puts the ball on the ground on the first day?

    4 4


    Ezekiel Elliott

    4 career fumbles on 592 attempts = 1 fumble every 148 carries

  4. Don’t worry about fumbles, the cowboy’s have hired the deflator’s younger brother. There will be no fumbles

  5. Fumbles are a lot different when you get hit by a college player than an NFL player. I think Zeke will be good but you can’t compare fumbles like that

  6. antkowiak666 says:

    Why would you want to take the ball out of Romo’s hands!?!I thought he was an elite QB that could take you to the promised land!?!

    You don’t sound like you know much about football and what a strong running game does to the passing game.

  7. Guess we have to wait what he can do. Im curious as a redskin fan to see what the guy got. Hopefully skins D puts him the dirt.

  8. albjuan says:
    Jun 28, 2016 7:07 PM
    Larry Johnson had 416 carries nine seasons ago in 2006………..


    Wasn’t his first season after playing way fewer games (where he probably missed a few second halves due to blowouts) in the college realm.

    This would be insane for a rookie and is a recipe for injury. Especially if the Cowboys think they are playoff material.

  9. To get 300 carries you have to be on the field most of the time. To be on the field most of the time you have to be able to block NFL pass rushers and catch out of the backfield as well. As soon as we see him do that effectively I think 300 carry estimates are more realistic.

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