Miko Grimes say Brent wanted out of Miami

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Many have blamed Miko Grimes for getting her husband, Brent, cut by the Dolphins. Miko Grimes recently suggested in an interview with Sarah Spain, Jane McManus, and Kate Fagan of ESPN Radio’s The Trifecta that perhaps Brent wanted out. She nevertheless contends it happened regardless of anything she said or did.

It had nothing to do with me,” Miko Grimes said, via JoeBucsFan.com. “It had everything to do with my husband wanting to leave the Miami Dolphins and them not wanting him to leave. You guys don’t know that, though. You’re listening to what [Dolphins owner Stephen Ross] is saying. That’s why I was able to say whatever I wanted to say because my husband wanted to leave.”

But even after the Dolphins cut Brent Grimes, they still wanted to bring him back at a reduced rate — which undercuts the idea that they no longer wanted him because of the things his wife was saying (attacking Ryan Tannehill, e.g.) and doing (getting arrested before a game, e.g.).

“When we signed with the Bucs, the Dolphins asked to match the offer,” Miko Grimes said. “So was Miko really the problem? Why would you want to match it? See what I mean. You guys don’t know what’s really happening.”

She added that 17 total teams called about Brent Grimes once he became available. Ultimately, Miko had significant say in the final outcome.

“My husband does not negotiate his contract. I do,” Miko Grimes said.

Ultimately, the Buccaneers had no qualms about Miko Grimes because they’d rather have the distraction that comes from a good player with an outspoken wife than the distraction that comes from having a crappy defense. While it appears that Brent Grimes inevitably would be let go by Miami due to his contract, the Buccaneers are happy to have him, and they apparently have no problem with anything his wife may say or do.

UPDATE 2:12 p.m. ET:  A prior version of this item failed to identify the hosts of the ESPN Radio program or its name. That oversight has been pointed out to us, so we have updated the story to include the information, the omission of which was not deliberate. Besides, it’s important for us to provide that courtesy at all times because ESPN and ESPN.com always take great pains to make sure that the full show name and host is mentioned whenever using quotes from radio shows on a rival network. Wait, did I say always? I meant rarely-to-never.

70 responses to “Miko Grimes say Brent wanted out of Miami

  1. swaglee says:
    Jun 28, 2016 12:57 PM

    It’s never a good thing when you wife speaks for you and meddles in your career.
    And refers to herself in the 3rd person…

  2. if I was Brent Grimes and that was my wife, I would jump into an industrial wood chipper…

  3. ” they’d rather have the distraction that comes from a good player with an outspoken wife than the distraction that comes from having a crappy defense.”
    Could end up like last years Fins… with both.

    VJ prefers bigger CB’s, Brent didn’t earn his money last year and refused to take less. Brent was also destroyed by the larger receivers in the AFCE. As I said six months ago, if a team can get younger and better for the same or less, you move on.

  4. Does anyone seriously believe this psycho female…. Take a look at her posts and behavior and tell me she has “got it together”. I would sooner believe a politician than this chick.

  5. Would not be shocked if she goes totally nuts on him someday, like Tawney Kitaen beating up Chuck Finley with her high heels.

  6. Holy crap the nut bag wife is his agent ????

    If he really lets her negotiate his contracts……double facepalm

  7. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    While it appears that Brent Grimes inevitably would be let go by Miami due to his contract, the Buccaneers are happy to have him, and they apparently have no problem with anything his wife may say or do.

    Ask them again at the end of the season.

  8. Being an obnoxious liar and a skank is no way to go through life. Being married to that would be worse.

  9. snowdood163 says:
    Jun 28, 2016 1:19 PM
    Her face and body better be approaching the 12 range considering how crazy she is.


    Solid 8 on both counts, assuming that her features aren’t contorted in rage as she fights with police trying to arrest her for being belligerent drunk in public.

  10. Always funny when you see a grown man be so p-whipped by his woman. I mean jeez, grow a pair and quit being so pathetic.

    I also like her referring to herself in the third person. Sounds like she is a huge narcissist.

  11. I’m sorry to sound offensive, but it’s time to kick the bitch to the curb.

    He’s only staying because he was pressured to get married because of his family and was too dumb to not sign a prenup.

    Should have gotten married at age 35. That way you’d have more money and be less of a fool. After all, as the saying goes, “Fools Rush In.”

  12. If this was a family member, I’d be concerned for Brent. It’s instead a stranger and more importantly a professional athlete, so instead it’s pure entertainment ad that’s part of their role and job.

    She will be out the door when the fame and more importantly money associated with being the spouse of a NFL player is done in a few years. When he retires she will want the fame train to keep going so she will suggest they invest in a restaurant or a night club. Which of course she will manage into the ground. Then as she ditches him they’ll be all sorts of nasty words on the way out and how he cheated on her and probably more salacious things.

    Until then enjoy the trashy drama.

  13. I would rather put out a camp fire with my face than let Miko be my “agent”, let alone, my wife.

  14. when he doesnt play well in Tampa..she will be quick to blame their defensive system…

    last year, he spent more time chasing receivers from behind with the ball then covering them.

  15. This is the problem with world we live in today. To many media outlets wanting some kind of edge. The reason we hear of these opinionated never beens is because of the people they are partners with. Who really cares what you have to say other than laughing at you or thinking glad I don’t know you.

  16. Just like a scorn woman. Just can’t shut up and go away after everything is done and over with. Brent, I hope you have the strength to put up with her because if you ever leave her………Oh boy!

    Thanks for the few years you played here!

  17. Look at all the weak men in her attacking a strong female like Mika from behind a screen. Where I come from you are all cowards. Mika you do your thing. That’s why the Grimes family has $ and you don’t.

  18. sounds like she should be campaigning for Trump, with her reference to herself in the 3rd person…they would make perfect bedfellows.

  19. I like Brent as a CB for the Fins but lets be honest he was getting abused by bigger WR & having to have her around & being on local radio which was a disaster & making a fool of herself getting arrested at the stadium pretty much end his era as a Dolphin.

  20. Where was similar criticism when Gisele Bundchen threw her husband’s teammates under the bus after a SB loss?

  21. “My husband does not negotiate his contract. I do,” Miko Grimes said.

    I’ve always liked Brent, but after reading this… Well, this guys needs to grow a pair!

  22. The tape of him tripping up and down the field after Sammy Watkins was all I needed to know this guy is done

  23. “When we signed with the Bucs, the Dolphins asked to match the offer,” Miko Grimes said. “So was Miko really the problem?”

    Kind of sums it up right there. “We” signed with the Bucs??!! Combine that with referring to herself in the third person and there’s not much more you need to know. Other than of course they needed to stay in FL, girl’s graduated on up to millionaire trailer trash there where it’s considered an accomplishment. In any educated location she would just be one more example that you can take the rat out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the rat.

  24. sorry Miko, not buying the BS you are selling.

    it was widely reported and known that the organization didn’t want to deal with him anymore because of YOU. well, AND his bad play.

    money wasn’t the issue. they immediately went out and traded for a player with a higher salary than Brent’s.

    his play fell off a cliff last year. he was torched several times per game. you keep saying he was great and to “watch the film.” I guess you forgot to watch the two Jets games, where Brandon Marshall made him look like a free-agent scrub in preseason.

    I love how TB talks as if he will fix everything.

    good luck watching 80 yd TD’s.. and dealing with the hood rat Miko.

  25. Miami is so unimportant to the Grimes .. yet that is all they talk about.

  26. Rex Ryan should sign Miko to the Bills. She is more off a bully than any player on his roster….and its not even close.

  27. Oh… Miko…

    Clearly she is more concerned with how much power and clout it appears she has than whether it’s a good or bad idea to say the things she is saying.

    I loved Brent Grimes play two seasons ago. Unfortunately I doubt he can return to that level. He came to Miami from Atlanta recovering from injuries and played extremely well despite being undersized. But age and injuries catch up to all, a little faster for the players who play bigger than their frame.

  28. I don’t know if I could deal with my life if I had to deal Miko as a spouse — I’d find the biggest cliff and jump off of it

  29. So glad to have Grimes back in the NFC South again. He is past his prime and will get barbequed by the Panthers big WRs. And that circus clown of a wife will make great entertainment – as will 2 more easy wins over the feckless Bucs.

  30. She should get a clue. Reminds me of Doug Christie’s meddling wife in the NBA. Annoying and not productive.

  31. She’s also a liar. Very few players willingly want to leave when they have a good contract. It was easy for her to say he wanted to leave since he was going to be asked to take less. If he had no offers, his ass (and hers) would be in S Beach.

  32. @pastanow says:
    Jun 28, 2016 3:03 PM

    Well he married that and had a child with her so he must be just as dumb and ignorant as she is.
    Shotgun wedding…shotgun sex and she was holding the shotgun. Brent plays football solely to take out his frustration on others.

  33. my favorite quote about Miko, from unsportsmanlike-conduct.com:

    “The only explanation for these two staying together is that Brent Grimes is having better sex than literally everyone else walking the Earth, or he is actually scared for his life.”

  34. Everyone knows who wears the pants in that family. Miko has no idea about anything that happened inside the Miami Dolphins, she is just making things up to make herself look better, which it does not. Since they cut Grimes the Dolphins have never mentioned his name, yet she seem obsessed with them, tells you all you need to know about her. Trust me as a Miami fan we are glad to see her gone even though Brent was a great player but would not of fit into the current defense sue to his size.

  35. OK, I loved Brent in Miami, but last year was bad for him. His play fell off and he was abused by the bigger WR’s in the division like Brandon Marshall, and by the much quicker Sammy Watkins.

    What is Miko going to say when he gets abused the WR’s in the NFC south like Atlanta’s by 6’3” 230 lb Julio Jones, 6’2″ Leslie Jordan, or 6’3″ CJ Goodwin? Or how about Carolina’s 6’4″ David Funchess, 6’5″ 245 lb. Kelvin Benjamin or even speedy Ted Ginn? And then you have perennial hall of famer Drew Brees throwing to 6’6″ Brandon Coleman, speedster Willy Snead or their big rookies such as 6’5″ 231 lb. Kyle Prater or 6’3″ Michael Thomas?

    Yeah, there’s six games right there where i can see old breaking down small and slow Brent Grimes having a lot of trouble. I hope the Bucs have a great scheme, awesome pass rush, because Brent is going to need all the help he can get.

  36. ‘The Trifecta’? Now I’m not against woman in the media, or sports media for that matter, but frankly that’s some of the worst Saturday radio going. Sarah’s an update person in Chicago, and does a very good job. The other 2 have very little to offer, at best.

    Then throw in the fact that it’s ESPN, and now this will probably be deleted.

  37. Brent is competing with Vernor, Hargraves, and Banks for a starting job. What happens if he’s not even the nickel back? She’s gonna let loose…

  38. Oh poor Brent…I was wondering how long before she started flapping her gums again…Tampa fans, I feel your pain..it’s only going to get worse.

  39. I just like that, Miko is in pre season form!

    I like Brent, he did great for us until something happened last year.
    Was it just a bad year, or has he lost it? This year will tell.
    For his sake, I wish him a good year, because with a wife like that, you need all the personal happiness you can get !

  40. A lot of folks praise Miko for being a strong and outspoken female. There is a big difference between being strong and outspoken and being a loose-cannon nut case. She’s the latter. I followed her for a while and that was fun but the bigger her platform got the more the crazy showed up and pretty soon is wasn’t even funny anymore.

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