Report: Johnny Manziel plans to go “completely sober” — Friday

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Maybe Johnny Manziel is taking seriously all the good advice people keep giving him to clean up his act.

At least he says he plans to, after this one sweet kegger he’s throwing in Mexico.

Manziel told TMZ that he’s “going completely sober starting July 1st.”

Of course, that gives him between now and Friday to get it all out of his system, and it seems like plenty of people with him aren’t taking the same pledge. TMZ has photos of a woman holding what appears to be an illicit substance, but Manziel said the drugs weren’t his and he didn’t know who the woman was.

That’s a perfect recipe for sobriety, of course. Just like giving yourself time for one last big blowout before becoming an adult.

And while he can promise to eat right, give up drinking and start “training like crazy,” Manziel’s actions have gotten us to the point where no one should put much stock in his words. The fact he was willing to taunt his father in one of his latest social media posts should tell us all we need to know.

152 responses to “Report: Johnny Manziel plans to go “completely sober” — Friday

  1. And I’m going to start dating Scarlett Johansson on July 2. No, seriously.

  2. Then someone should be with him all the time from now until then…
    a huge % of addicts die from overdose on their “last Fling”

  3. He means until July 4th, of course…then you have to pull out those sweet America/Stars and Stripes Budweiser cans!


  4. At this point, I’m not sure it matters as it applies to playing in the NFL. But it could save his misbegotten life.

  5. You have not hit rock bottom if you have the wherewithal to plan what you claim will be your final binge.

  6. I’ll believe it when I see it… This is the same dude that went to “rehab” last year.

  7. I’d love to see him make a great player of himself for no other reason than to piss off crusty old sportswriters.

    Of course, they’ll claim that they believed in him the whole time though.

  8. “Diet starts tomorrow.” After taking a bite of a BBQ pork sandwich.

    – Andy Reid

  9. Manziel’s claim that he’ll go sober is a comical variation of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. But maybe if Von Miller – who now has a lot of time on his hands – visits Manziel then perhaps he could help out his buddy?

    On a more serious note, Manziel’s behavior is fine provided that it’s only self-destructive. But he’s beaten up his girlfriend, sucker-punched a guy in a bar, trashed someone else’s house, etc. So this lowlife has also proven to be dangerous to others. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him kill or main someone….which might be the only thing that gets him hard prison time.

  10. back in the day I used to work with a guy whose wife had a drinking problem. he got her to go to an AA meeting…..and when she didn’t come home after her first meeting, he went looking and found her in a bar, along with a bunch of the meeting’s attendees.

    Point is….you really want to have to stop if you are to have any chance of stopping.

  11. The hardest part of getting clean is staying away from all of your friends. When you’re an addict you don’t have any friends that don’t use, its just the way it is.

    Getting clean means spending time with people that don’t use, all the people he’s probably been avoiding for a long time. It also means dealing with all of the things about himself that bothers him deep inside. Best of luck.

  12. Today is Colin Hay’s birthday. So in honor of that…

    “Don’t be a bad boy, Johnny
    Don’t you slip up
    Or play the fool”

    “Gonna play football this year, John?
    No? Oh”

  13. blkdogcreative says:
    Jun 29, 2016 1:28 PM

    Look out tonight and Thursday.

    Bingo. One could rationalize one final HUGE bender before cleaning up. Maybe he could pony up a few grand and keep an ambulance on retainer for the night. It could follow him around from stop to stop.

  14. So what are the Las Vegas odds at how long this lasts?

    1,000,000:1 ?

    For a week?
    For a day?
    For an hour?
    For a minute?
    For a second?

    Has Johnny ever been sober over the last year for any length of time?

  15. Come on guys. Give him a chance. The kid is trying to turn things around.

    I’m sure if he puts his head down, focuses, and really makes an attempt at sobriety, he’ll stay sober for at least 9 maybe even 10 hours!

  16. He’s very mobile. He can also be very accurate. I think he can be a very, very good QB in the CFL. They have a lot more motion and moving parts, and you have to be accurate. The NFL is too much for him right now if you ask me. But of course, I really don’t care what he does.

  17. Why is everyone in the media giving this dude so much attention???? Is not like dude is a great player or something… Dude sucks…

  18. The theme song of the addictive personality…”I’ll go cold turkey tomorrow”. Who cares, let him crash and burn. One less danger to society.

  19. People who really want to stop using or drinking do not typically set a date in the future for stopping. That epiphany has to come and be acted on when the feeling hits. Imagining you will feel the same way on Friday (which is crazy on a holiday weekend, guaranteed to insure failure) is a hail Mary of a hope. And to catch that hail Mary, Manziel can’t push off like Drew Pearson did back in the day.

  20. Come on now… He said stop DRINKING…& not go how long either!!
    That leaves him a plethora of much better things he can partake in!!
    But alas…. The booze will be flowing again soon (my guess is July 4th)…after all he HAS to celebrate our Independence Day, RIGHT??!!
    The guy is a walking talking train wreck… We ALL know this…. My guess that due to the off season slow down PFT had to come up with SOMETHING entertaining to write about…. & GOD knows Johnny M is defiantly that, if nothing else!!!

    Take it for what it’s worth people…absolutely nothing!!!

  21. Maybe it’s time to quit posting story’s about him, and just let him fade away.

  22. Johnny “Ben Sanderson” Football has said this stuff like this before I believe. He’s made a few trips to rehab to boot iirc. He might get sober on Friday, but how many days or weeks will it be before he turns up on TMZ again?

  23. Remember when Justin broke up with Britney, and then she hooked up with a wannabe DJ named K-Fed whose previous nickname was Meat Pole, and she popped a couple of kids with him and lost visitation rights to her own kids after that relationship went sour, then started hanging with Paris Hilton and doing the cootchie-flash, finally went to rehab but left the next day to shave her head bald before going back to rehab, and then started dating paparazzi dudes and…

    Meh, just tell Johnny’s dad that Britney is still alive and to stop being so dramatic.

  24. Johnny Cold Turkey

    Why do I have the Eagles “New Kid In Town” stuck in my head?

  25. Damn, and I didn’t get an invite to that party!

    I think I’ll just have my own Johnny Football bash tomorrow night and be back here in 6 weeks after the haze wears off.

    Will football have started by then?

  26. His family doesn’t believe his promises; the team that drafted him in the first round doesn’t believe him; the coach that relied on him doesn’t believe him; TWO agents don’t believe him … yet sportswriters continue to report Johnny’s words as if he can be believed. Many want them to be true but those who know him best don’t believe anything he says. He’s become a punch line and example of immaturity in athletes and enablement by colleges and professional sport teams.

    I am reminded of something my father told me: Trust takes a lifetime to build and a second to destroy. Johnny’s had his second … many times. Let him descend to the point where he faces his addiction to substances and defiance. I just hope he makes that journey solo.

  27. A lot of hilarious comedians on this board. I’ll just assume none of you have ever watched someone you care about be ravaged by the disease that is addiction. Some of it is funny. But a lot of these “jokes” are nothing more than vicious victim blaming disguised as sad attempts at humor.

  28. If Manziel had Tebow’s work ethic he would be in the league or if Tebow had Manziel’s talent he would be in the league – kind of funny how that worked out.

  29. Good luck to him, but why focus on this? He’s not in the NFL or playing football in any league for that matter (pro or otherwise).

  30. Johnny Who?

    Literally the ONLY thing of note about John Foosball is that he holds the Cleveland Browns franchise record for Most Rushing Yards by a QB in a single game.

    I do not think that warrants him the amount of media attention that he gets. But, America loves to watch people train wreck. This country has no moral standing.

  31. kbenbow says:
    Jun 29, 2016 1:43 PM
    Come on guys. Give him a chance. The kid is trying to turn things around

    People HAVE given him a chance, if he wanted to party it up he should have stayed in college. He “went to rehab” he has trashed places, left work to party in Vegas, and threatened his GF, and hasn’t SHOWN he has cared, he just talks about it. He is even the guy that parks in a handicap spot.

    If he turns it around I’d be happy for him, but right now it’s just ALL talk which is what it always seems to have been with him. Which reminds of the story about the boy who cried wolf.

  32. ah yes im allways going to quit drinking to when im super hung over.

    Then i celebrate my comeback a couple days later !

  33. Does that mean all of his credit cards are maxed out so he can’t charge anymore drinks on them?

  34. Sad. Not sure who is in more denial-Manziel or Michael phelps, who said he ” isn’t drinking” during the olympics. Addicts in denial. God help them.

  35. All joking aside, I hope for his health this happens. Addiction is a terrible thing. Not a Manziel fan, not a Browns fan, but I hope things he can kick this addiction. If he never plays again, so what.

  36. He’s not ready. Someone who is truly ready to get sober starts working on it right away. Someone who says “I’ll get sober after this one last huge party” isn’t ready.

  37. Manziel is in deep denial. He can’t stop drinking or using drugs on his own. Even after 73 days in rehab he went to a bar the next night. He needs to get back into rehab and stay there for several months this time. Drug addicts and alcoholics often start and stop up to eight times before they hit bottom and really want to stop for good. He is nowhere near the bottom yet. He needs professional help, particularly psychiatric help to understand what got him on this downward path way back in high school.

  38. I totally believe him. It is not like he has lied continuously to the scouting staffs of 32 teams before he was drafted that he had no problems and then continued right on lying to the his teammates,coaching staff and the media while on the Browns for the next two years. The next thing he is probably going to say is that he is going to train real hard and make football his number one priority. Though it is slightly sad to see someone drunkplaining how they are going to do better.

  39. I think TMZ and most media outlets contribute to a downward spiral. Sure the focus by the media can also put people in the right position to get help at times too. I want to say Johnny football deserves what he gets, but this guy would never be “Johnny football” if he was treated like average Joe…

  40. I have been around addiction almost all my life. This isn’t how you go sober. You do it because you realize that the drug life isn’t any good for you and you want nothing to with it anymore. Until he gets there he won’t ever stay sober.

  41. Are there no conditions on this guy’s bail? How can he leave the country or be allowed to drink and smoke herb while on bond for a violent crime?

  42. I don’t know if Johnny will ever get his life together. But I watched every snap Johnny took, preseason and regular season. He can be a good QB in the NFL if he was straight off field and committed on. It’s easy to make fun of and criticize him, he brought that on himself. All those who only saw him on highlights, don’t be so sure he can’t play. He can, I have no doubt about that but it would take a sober and 100% committed Johnny and we likely will never see.

  43. He can always sell his trademark “Johnny Football” if he needs more party cash. He certainly doesn’t need the nickname anymore.

  44. at least nobody calls him Johnny Football anymore . . . its more like Johnny Crackhead, Johnny Burnout . . . or just plain Johnny Loser!!!

  45. I think TMZ and most media outlets contribute to a downward spiral. Sure the focus by the media can also put people in the right position to get help at times too. I want to say Johnny football deserves what he gets, but this guy would never be “Johnny football” if he was treated like average Joe…
    ……………But he’s not an average Joe. Average Joes don’t ruin $4,000,000 houses during a 4 day party, and leave drugs/paraphernalia behind. Average Joes don’t have their dad’s calling them druggies and saying they won’t live to see 24.

    Point being ,there are plenty of NFL players that are never in the spotlight because they don’t want to be. They’re not idiots, and carry themselves in a decent manner.

    I wish the best for JM, I really do. But he like the limelight too much. Just look at his Instagram. A media story drops about him and he posts snarky about that story – see #hidad.

  46. Even through all this, he’s still likely to win a playoff game before the bengals do.

  47. Johnny football will never see an NFL playing field again. He is in over his head addicted to both alcohol and snorting lines of the white stuff. He is playing the dice game of drugs and alcohol. That doesn’t usually spell a happy ending.

  48. I wonder if he thinks all he has to do is stop partying and all the NFL camp invites will just start rolling in. All he has accomplished in his brief career is join a long list of fun to watch college players who couldn’t make it in the pros.

    Personally I could care less if he ever gets his act together. He just seems like such a douche. I only hope nobody gets hurt by his stupidity. As far as his career goes, I hope he never amounts to anything in the NFL. Mostly because I would hate to see Skip Bayless brag about finally getting something right.

  49. myopinionisrighterthanyours said:

    “Why do I have the Eagles ‘New Kid In Town” stuck in my head?’

    You’ve inspired a Johnny Footnote playlist! Next is Springsteen’s Glory Days.

    Come on, PFT mix-masters, let’s send him off with a rockin’ soundtrack.

  50. Wait until he wakes up and smells the coffee. It’s too little way too late. Perhaps he can hang out with Jamarcus Russell now?

  51. The dude should at least wait until April 1st, so he has an out (April Fools Day). It is obvious that the kid has not hit bottom, yet. If he’s lucky, he’ll survive the collapse with only a lifetime of regret.

  52. naldoron says:
    Jun 29, 2016 2:19 PM

    If Manziel had Tebow’s work ethic he would be in the league or if Tebow had Manziel’s talent he would be in the league – kind of funny how that worked out.

    Your statement would make sense if Manziel had talent. He was all flash and no substance. No footwork, not a pocket passer, not accurate.

  53. I LOVE this clown! Please keep updating us. He’s like a real cartoon character.

  54. No successful road to recovery has ever started with throwing a kegger. This just shows exactly how little Manziel thinks of the people that are watching him.

  55. The beginning of the new beginning starts at the beginning of a new beginning! Johnny boy needs to accept his lack of power and his unmanageability and then he must change everything, that’s everything about his dismal life up to this point. He must give up the life he planned for the life that is waiting for him. I wish him good luck one day at a time.

  56. Then what? Nobody cares. You pissed away a dream kid. Open a car wash in Florida.

  57. Somebody intent on quitting would say “I have quit today”. Addicts say “Just this on more time, then I’ll quit”. I hope he learns before it’s too late.

  58. Johnny Manziel is a waste of human flesh. His spot on this earth serves no purpose whatsoever. He adds nothing to the world.

    I understand when people have addictions. Several in my extended family have them. But Johnny Manziel doesn’t want or really care to change.

    AND…if he was really going to change, he would not be waiting until a specific date. He would just do it, like real people.

  59. tecmobowl34 says:
    Jun 29, 2016 1:17 PM

    I’d love to see him make a great player of himself for no other reason than to piss off crusty old sportswriters.


    Young, “uncrusty” sportswriters hate him, too.

  60. tecmobowl34 says:
    Jun 29, 2016 1:17 PM

    I’d love to see him make a great player of himself for no other reason than to piss off crusty old sportswriters.


    There’s an old saying you’d do well to pay heed to:

    “the older I get the smarter my parents get”.

    You must be very young and typically, think you know everything. Here’s a news flash for you. Experience is one of the best teachers in life. Judging by your comment, you have a lot to learn.

  61. Dude looks terrible. Must need 12-18 months just to get back in playing shape. All those drugs have likely fried his mind so much he can’t learn a playbook anyway. Only druggies hand with other druggies. How very sad.

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