Troy Vincent: NFL is still trying to help “out of control” Johnny Manziel

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Many continue to pay attention to the life and times of Johnny Manziel in order to determine whether the story ends with Manziel turning things around — or whether it concludes with a much worse outcome.

Even though Manziel currently isn’t (and likely never again will be) employed by an NFL team, the NFL wants to help him. NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent recently addressed the issue in an appearance on 610 Sports’ The Rob Maaddi Show in Philadelphia.

“It’s what you go to bed every night thinking how do you assist someone that’s really not interested or quite frankly doesn’t want to meet you halfway,” Vincent said. “You can have all the resources and they’re endless, confidential resources in your hometown, the individual club where the players or family members live. They’re there. They’re available. But if an individual is not willing to meet you halfway to get assistance, it’s very difficult because it’s something you can’t make an individual do anything.

“In this particular case, it’s obvious it’s gotten out of control,” Vincent said. “You see his parents. When a father speaks out about losing his son potentially to substance abuse, you know there’s a problem. Johnny’s not returning phone calls. He’s in different states. You kind of see him, you get notice of where he is off social media and that’s a challenge, but we won’t stop. We’ll continue to keep reaching out, letting Johnny know we love him, we care for him and we’re here when he’s willing and wants and is able to accept assistance, we’ll be there for him.”

Vincent said that he has been personally involved in reaching out to Manziel, along with the Browns “from ownership on down, General Manager, head coach, their player engagement director, everyone.”

“Again, we won’t stop,” Vincent said. “We’re just hoping that moment happens where Johnny is willing to accept some assistance and get the help that he really needs to just function as an individual. Forget football. But to really get his life turned around so that he can function as a good citizen and a good young man.”

Setting aside the Manziel angle, the fact that Vincent appeared on Rob Maaddi’s radio show should come as a major surprise to anyone who remembers the nuances of the Ray Rice case. It was Maaddi who reported, on behalf of the Associated Press, that someone in the league office had received the in-elevator video before TMZ published it, sparking a full-blown investigation by former FBI director Robert Mueller and, for at least a few days, creating the impression that Commissioner Roger Goodell’s tenure was in danger.

The league, needless to say, wasn’t happy with Maaddi’s report, which ultimately was not corroborated by Mueller’s investigation. The fact that Vincent nevertheless appeared on Maaddi’s show gives hope that the rest of us who have said and done far less antagonistic things will get some of these key employees to appear our own radio shows again, at some point.

The connection also invites reasonable speculation as to how long the two have been acquainted (Vincent provided an endorsement last year to a book Maaddi had written), and whether and to what extent they communicated before Maaddi dropped a bombshell that nearly brought down the league office.

50 responses to “Troy Vincent: NFL is still trying to help “out of control” Johnny Manziel

  1. Well, if they’d send me on an all-expenses paid trip to Cabo, I’d be willing to try to talk to him…

  2. Mind your business NFL. Manziel is an adult. If he wants to piss his life away, that’s his business. He is no longer in the NFL, so take your phoney “we love him” and get back to article 46ing the Patriots, and sweeping Manning’s crimes under the rug. Have you reached out to help Manning with his PED problem? No? Don’t you love and cafe for him too? Phone no integrity lowlife scummy NFL front office is ruining the great game of Football.

  3. I am all for helping out those in need. I do it everyday in my life.

    I struggle with my own demons and awake each day asking my Lord for strength to stay the course.

    I am healthy and sober 7 years now because I knew enough was an enough. I hit rock bottom and no one was there.

    Johnny Manziel isn’t there yet. You need to reach the bottom, then you work your way back. people aiding him, enabling him, and partying with him only keep this basic requirement from happening.

    Until he runs out of money, then the hanger-on’s will leave, he will be alone in a place he doesn’t want to be…only then will he begin the journey back.

    he is his own worse enemy now and in the end he will be alone with himself and that is the time for those who love him to reach out…only when he comes asking….

    Sad case of a young spoiled kid who is a mess.

    the NFL needs to foucs on the ones who are working to come back and have excepted the realization of rock bottom.

  4. Don’t sell out your journalistic ethos just to get these NFL types on your radio show. The masses want the TRUTH! We can handle the Truth.

  5. Disingenuous garbage! Why the help? So the “enforcer” can get johnny in front of him, make him grovel and then suspend him for a year? How anyone can believe anything that comes out of 345 Park avenue is beyond me.

  6. He’s an adult, albeit a spoiled rich adult but he still is an adult.
    He chose the path he has walked and he doesn’t seem to be unhappy about it so don’t bother him.
    If it causes the end of him then we can all say we saw it coming but no one could stop it, which is the way things would’ve always worked out.

  7. Hey Troy,
    Why don’t you work on your own credibility first, then worry about others.
    Maybe several group sessions with the rest of your front office.

  8. .
    Whatever the problem, Troy Vincent is not the answer. Vincent is a duplicitous rat.

  9. If 8% of the PSI removed from a football due to colder weather gets you 4 games from Troy Vincent what does assault to his girlfriend, three car accidents, drug and alcohol abuse get you? 2 games? I wonder if they can get Johnny Football on a technicality…not answering his phone, therefore not being compliant… 4 games…Hey Troy, he doesn’t belong to a team and therefore doesn’t belong to the NFL,,STOP CALLING!!!

  10. “Look at the amount of money being spent on Johnny. It’s millions and millions of dollars, and we’ve got players that are hurting. We’ve got young men who don’t know how to identify a good financial adviser. Men are in transition who aren’t doing well, and yet Johnny keeps getting more chances.”

  11. My my. There are many here with stone hard hearts and minds. It’s true Manziel is an adult but some are too blind that some substance is now controlling his life. It is entirely on him in relation tongue path he has taken. But, rich or poor , that has these problems deserve help.

    Doesn’t matter he is Wealthy. Only the green eyed jealous people would say that. He is a human being and he does not realize the death spiral he is in. Per our current laws nobody can force him to get help. That in itself needs to change Many victims of drugs and alcohol would be alive today if there was someway they were forced to get help.

    I am in no way a bleeding heart liberal but I am a man that has seen what Manziel if going thru up front and close. It’s not pretty and it tears your heart out every minute of every day I just pray there is something that triggers the kid to get help. He deserves it and needs it.

  12. It’s fascinating that the NFL claims they are trying to “help” Johnny Manziel, but there are other former players, like William Perry who obviously need help but the NFL is nowhere around for.

  13. “Many continue to pay attention to the life and times of Johnny Manziel in order to determine whether the story ends with Manziel turning things around — or whether it concludes with a much worse outcome.”

    Nah, most of us are just trying to get a handle on what to guess in the death pool and Vincent is probably no different. His words are just that, a nice “The Shield cares” sound bite. Meanwhile back in the real world they try to manipulate CTE studies, rip off the shared funds pool to the tune of $110M, collect $ for displaying patriotism and hold communities hostage for stadium funding. The NFL doesn’t give a rat’s rear about Manziel, but they do care about perception a great deal.

  14. Why bother?

    I’d rather spend resources trying to help out someone else, rather than this guy.

  15. Funny how he will go to the wall to save a guy that doesn’t want saving, and is a bad face for the NFL.

    All while railroading the best QB of all time, who has been the epitome of an upstanding citizen and poster boy as the quintessential NFL man, simply because the guy wins.

  16. He isn’t going to change a thing until he is out of Money….period!
    Once he is out of money he will try to make another run at football, and probably end up in an Arena League for a year then CFL for one or two. the some desperate team might give him a backup crack.
    But if he waits too long it will be too late, just ask Jamarcus Russell

  17. Jail would not help Manuel. He’d have more commissary than any other prisoner, meaning he’d have no trouble getting drugs on the inside as well.

    Dude needs two things: the desire inside himself to get clean and a support system willing to help him get clean.

    It sounds like, between his parents and the NFL, he has the second one. Now we just have to hope he comes to the first one on his own.

    As entertaining as it can be to read Manziel stories, I am rooting for him to get himself better.

  18. Everyone has that one friend/relative/co-worker like Manziel, and the only way to help him is to let him hit rock bottom – then you can offer a hand to steer him in the right direction.

  19. “Many continue to pay attention to the life and times of Johnny Manziel in order to determine whether the story ends with Manziel turning things around — or whether it concludes with a much worse outcome.”

    Then again, there’s also the clickbait explanation.

  20. He’s another drug addicted Todd Marinovich. He’ll end up broke, homeless riding a skateboard down the sidewalk in LA.

  21. coleman121280 says:
    Jun 29, 2016 12:04 PM
    Jail. That would help him. Jail.

    57 13
    Report comment


    Unbelievably ignorant comment. You clearly know nothing about jail or addiction.

  22. Troy should worry about the out of control commissioner, and let TMZ worry about Johnny.

  23. NFL is trying to help a arrogant QB who just needs some good old fashioned Fatherly discipline,
    while at the same time, holding back no expense, to FRAME a Successful & Truthful QB who took an OATH to tell the Truth.

    ONLY Brady took OATH to tell the TRUTH

    If Goodel had Integrity, WHY would he and Pash and others REFUSE to take Oath and tell blatant LIES ???

  24. Vincent’s picture is exactly how I look every time I see a Manziel article is posted. Don’t want to read it, will eventually have to.

  25. mackcarrington said:

    “It’s fascinating that the NFL claims they are trying to ‘help’ Johnny Manziel, but there are other former players, like William Perry who obviously need help but the NFL is nowhere around for.”

    Come on, give them a chance! Perry is just now generating some media attention, enough potential for the league and the union to exploit for free publicity and self-promotion.

    They’ll be tripping over each other to offer help once the numbers pencil out; i.e., large enough audience following the story.

  26. I can’t think of anyone I’d want help from less than Troy Vincent.
    Not to worry. I don’t think Vincent has the ability to help anybody.

  27. Let me get this straight. Manziel is not an NFL player. Manziel does not have a contract with any NFL team. Plenty of ACTIVE NFL players who are/have been in trouble equal to or greater than Manziel’s have been fined and suspended and otherwise harshly dealt with, and the league hasn’t stood up and expressed concern in any tangible way.

    But here’s a rich white boy who is NOT EVEN EMPLOYED IN THE NFL, who has trashed every opportunity that has been given him, who has middle-fingered everyone who ever tried to help him, who has repeatedly proven that he’s more interested in partying than in playing football, and the NFL is reaching out to and expressing concern for him and soliciting his cooperation so they can help him.

    Something’s definitely wrong here. Reminds me of an old native Indian saying: “It’s the head of the fish that starts to stink, not the tail.”

  28. Patskrieg says:
    Jun 29, 2016 3:15 PM
    I can’t think of anyone I’d want help from less than Troy Vincent.
    – – — – – – – — –
    Roger. Definitely Roger.

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