Judge throws out all remaining claims against NFL in fantasy football convention lawsuit


The NFL used to be virtually unbeatable in court. In recent years, that has changed. This week, the league was back to its slam-dunking ways.

Via Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, a judge in Texas dismissed all remaining claims in the lawsuit filed by Tony Romo’s National Fantasy Football Convention against the NFL.

Kaplan explains that Judge Carl Ginsburg provided no reasoning for the decision to throw out 13 total claims made as a result of the 2015 cancellation of a convention that had been planned for Las Vegas, after the NFL allegedly threatened players scheduled to appear at the convention with suspension due to the fact that the event was scheduled to occur at a convention center owned by a casino.

The group recently scrapped plans to hold a convention in Pasadena, pointing to allegedly ongoing interference by the NFL. It’s unknown whether that will spark separate litigation against the league, whether the event will be rescheduled, or whether it ever actually will occur.

15 responses to “Judge throws out all remaining claims against NFL in fantasy football convention lawsuit

  1. The NFL “allegedly” would suspend players because the event was to be held on property owned by a casino. And yet if the Raiders get approved to move to Vegas, The Sands will be giving $150 million toward a new stadium.

  2. futures44 says:
    Jun 30, 2016 9:21 AM
    Tony Romo meet Roger Goodell. I thought cowboy fans loved Goodell

    You mean the guy who stole cap space from them and the Redskins? Yeah, they love him.

  3. The first mistake was to file suit in Texas. Guarantee Jerrah is greasing the pockets of every judge in the state. I can guarantee you’ll see the ol’ judge in a couple free luxury boxes in Jerrah’s world,

  4. Simple issue here:

    The players want all revenue earned by the NFL split 50/50. In this case this is revenue earned via NFL product and the players do not want to share. Cannot have it both ways.

    What is the NFL doing wrong? Protecting its league?

  5. Goodell is VILE

    Goodell and his cronies have pretty much ruined the game at this point

    Goodell and his cronies must go !!!!

  6. It is no longer a question of whether certain in-game officials and yes, players, are being induced to — if not throw games outright — at least set things up for certain players to put up big fantasy numbers. The only question at this point is, how many refs and players are caught up in the game within the game, and who are they?

  7. But we all want to gambol on fairy tale football!!!

    C’mon, I’m getting all set up to watch that 45-0 nothing game and bust my buddies chops!!!!!


  8. jag1959 says:
    Jun 30, 2016 9:28 AM

    Only at 345 Park Ave is hypocrisy a synonym for integrity

    I can think of numerous political entities that are similar, on both sides of the aisle, but 345 Park Avenue takes it to a shameless extreme.

  9. Hey, the Judge is well compensated behind close doors by the NFL. I can’t think of any other theory. Yes, it happens focus. Business is business.

  10. How about Tony my cowboys concentrate on winning game one, then finishing the regular season and making a run in the playoffs–leave the fantasy to the nerds, basement dwellers and fellas in loveless marriages. I want a championship, could not care less about fantasy.

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