Manziel suspension could save Browns $2.173 million

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When the Browns cut quarterback Johnny Manziel after two years of his four-year contract and no team claimed the contract on waivers, the Browns landed on the hook for the remaining guaranteed money in his contract.

His salary of $1.169 million is fully guaranteed for 2016, along with $1.004 million of his 2017 salary. But the contract, as PFT previously has explained, contemplates the voiding of the guarantees for a variety of reasons.

One of the triggers is an NFL-imposed suspension. Which means that the Browns, if the report of a Manziel suspension is accurate, could avoid the $2.173 million in guaranteed money he’s still owed.

The biggest question in this regard relates to the impact of the team waiving him before he was suspended. For example, there’s no way that the Browns would be able to recover signing bonus money due to the suspension, given that he’s no longer on the team. Ultimately, lawyers could be tussling over whether a team can void guarantees due to a suspension occurring after the player’s contract was terminated.

33 responses to “Manziel suspension could save Browns $2.173 million

  1. when oj gets out of jail, he wil be eligible to sign with any nfl team. but johnny, who has neve rbeen found guilty of anything is being blackballed. sounds like a double standerd to me.

    now they are costing him his livelyhood and literaly taking the pipe out of his mouth.

  2. “lawyers could be tussling over whether a team can void guarantees due to a suspension occurring after the player’s contract was terminated.”

    The trainwreck du jour of the NFL may still make another couple million because of technicalities. Isn’t that great?

  3. This could be like OJ getting the book for the hotel robbery. The NFL will try to have Manziel repay something and make it so hard for him to pass through protocol to even step back on the field that he will just say goodbye to the NFL all together.

  4. This is a tough break for Cleveland. The contract is worth about $8.25 million, including a $4.3 million signing bonus and about $6.7 million guaranteed. Guaranteed is guaranteed. Instead of “up front” the guaranteed $ is spread over time, so Manziel will get the $, suspended or not.

  5. Well, there’s that anyway. That may literally be the only break the Browns get out of this whole fiasco. Not that it isn’t a mess of their own making.

  6. Manziel does not deserve a dime from the Browns. He cares more about doing drugs then playing in the NFL. He said “General managers don’t care about my partying”. Why should an employer pay anyone for not doing anything?

  7. The Browns have a pretty good legal position as in they still have the money and Manziel doesn’t. They can simply sit on it until his lawyers get a court order. They will ultimately pay but they can be serious butts about it. One reason why guaranteed money should always be in escrow.

  8. “Guaranteed” is only guaranteed if Manziel played by the rules. He has not. And now he will be missing out on more than $2 million dollars because he likes doing coke with his little buddies.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  9. It won’t be long until Delonte West is helping collect change for Johnny Manziel

  10. Back room deal between an owner and Goodell. “I need your vote on some stuff and here is a trick I can pull to save you some money. Deal?”

  11. …….his lawyers are going to have to find him 1st to give him the bad news…….but he’s in some drug inducted fog in some house in Ohio?…Cal? , texas?….he’s got be somewhere.

  12. In related news, Johnny Goofball just announced he was delaying being sober for at least another month.

  13. Hang onto your money Johnny… those clubs, nose candy, entourage, lawyers, lawsuits, and crashed cars cost a lot of money.

    Not to mention rehab.

    Seems like your dad and the NFL might be cutting you off pretty soon. Well at least the NFL. Your dad seems pissed too though.

  14. Sad truth is, does not matter what clauses are in the former contract. Browns have no binding active contract for Johnny8ball to violate.

  15. The Browns were dumb enough to draft him, they should have to pay that $2.173 million to the fans as a form of reparation.

  16. This disciplinary process also allows the NFL to continue to offer him assistance with his substance abuse problem should he want it. Even if he never plays another down.

  17. Anyone recall the episode of “Breaking Bad” where Jesse and his girl do heroin “one last time” before going clean? And she OD’s.

  18. The best thing for Johnny would be if someone could get custody of his Bank account. If he could be found incompetent to control it, No money= no Drugs.
    He could always get a Construction job and stay in Booze but I for one would like to see him turn it around and play just to see what he could be.
    What a waste.

  19. Browns are starting to turn things around and 2+ million could certainly help. Besides, who can say Johnny deserves any of this money? A contract is a contract, but both sides have to live up to it. Johnny is virtually stealing this money from the Browns. They should be entitled to steal some back.

  20. cobrala2 says:
    Jun 30, 2016 1:23 PM
    “lawyers could be tussling over whether a team can void guarantees due to a suspension occurring after the player’s contract was terminated.”

    The trainwreck du jour of the NFL may still make another couple million because of technicalities. Isn’t that great?

    Manziel only had to PRETEND to care, how hard is to NOT go to Vegas when your scheduled for work the next day?, its better for that money to go back to the league than filtered through his liver.

    I feel if you had a 2 Million dollar pay day you make sure you were clean.

  21. The notion that Cleveland is “off the hook” for the guarantees in the contract is simply absurd. Once his contract was terminated, the Browns no longer have the authority to take advantage of the league’s discipline of this idiot. Being suspended AFTER termination is meaningless.

  22. Another shady “DEAL” between Goddell & the NFL with one of the teams that have a vote ! You scratch my back & I’ll scratch yours! It’s the good Ol boys network at work again! Guess who gets screwed? The players & ultimately the fans!

  23. So, Manziel is not under contract with any team and the NFL suspends him for 4 games?!?!?!? He’s not even part of any team. He’s a free agent. He has a guaranteed contract and he’s going to get his money. Guaranteed means he gets the money. How can the NFL suspend someone who is not officially on any roster of any NFL team? I’m trying to rationalize this in corporate America. You work for a subsidiary of a large corporation. There are 19 other subsidiaries reporting to the large corporation. You get fired by a subsidiary and you now work for no one. The large corporation now suspends you should you try to get a job with one of the other 19 subsidiaries. How can that be right? Let’s say Manziel (hypothetically) totally cleans up his act, learns to be a pocket passer, develops accuracy, and becomes a force to be reckoned with. He is in demand. (Play along for a little longer) A team wants to sign Manziel. Manziel signs with a team and the team tells him he’s suspended for 4 games? Manziel and his lawyer sue the NFL for millions of dollars and Manziel wins. The NFL is on shaky legal ground here. Mind you, this scenario is hard to imagine, but why would the NFL say or do anything regarding Manziel? Let it go. I don’t understand the NFL. Move on.

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