NFL suspends Sheldon Richardson for Week One

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Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson will have to sit out the team’s Week One game against the Bengals.

The NFL announced today that Richardson is suspended for one game for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. Richardson will have to miss all practices during the first week of the season but is eligible for training camp and the preseason as normal.

Richardson pleaded guilty to resisting arrest in January in connection with an arrest last summer for driving 143 miles an hour while evading police with a 12-year-old in the car. He was not charged with child endangerment, nor was he charged with any drug offenses even though police said they smelled marijuana.

Last month, Richardson said he wasn’t sure if he would be suspended and was trying to move on. He’ll be able to move on, but only after missing Week One.

55 responses to “NFL suspends Sheldon Richardson for Week One

  1. driving that fast with a kid in the car definitely speaks to your character as a person….

  2. I could win the Super Bowl with the players bonehead suspended because of the stupid PC policy.

  3. Drugs, guns, endangering the public and a minor while he was already on suspension. I just thank god he didn’t have a an air pump needle on him when he did it.

    Seriously though, one game? The league continues to bend over backwards for the Jets and they still can’t make the playoffs.

  4. 1 game for endangering the life of a child while driving 143mph? Brady 4 games because the NFL disavows science. This illustrates perfectly how 345 Park Avenue filled with vile ex Jets treats the two teams.

  5. LOL One game for that?!

    Meanwhile four games for something that didn’t even happen, but even if it had happened, wouldn’t warrant more than a meager fine.

    They slam the Chiefs for “tampering” but give Woody Johnson a slap on the wrist for blatant tampering… Tripgate, etc. The list goes on.

    How does the league get away with its clear favortism for the Jets?

  6. So according to our fair commissioner, being generally aware of an equipment violation is 4 times worse than driving DOUBLE the speed limit, WITH a minor, WITH drugs.


  7. Integrity? Level playing field? Are you kidding? Is there any question that the league office bends over for the Jets. Maybe if he’d have crashed the car and the minor was killed it would have amounted to a 2 game suspension.

    It should also be noted that the last time the league penalized a team for ball tampering it was the Jets. BTW they didn’t lose their 1st and 4th draft picks. They didn’t lose their best player for a quarter of the season. They didn’t lose $1MM. In fact they didn’t lose a nickel. Caught red handed the league fined the PLAYER $8000, and moved on.

    C’mon haters, compare that with the fact no one with a HS diploma believes Brady did ANYTHING wrong, except maybe to trust that the NFL would investigate this travesty fairly.

  8. Driving 143 MPH with a kid and weed in the car while eluding police must not be as serious as a couple under inflated footballs.
    Goodell is the south end of a northbound horse and should be replaced immediately.

  9. Burfict hits a star WR on the playing field and gets 3 games, and this guy is evading the cops at 143 mph with a child and only gets 1 game????

  10. I think it is or was ” more probable than not” that Sheldon knew he was acting in a highly reckless manner by driving 143 mph with a minor.
    1 game? Unbelievable!
    Why the cops did not charge with REAP as well as fleeing and eluding
    ( in some states a felony) is questionable.
    The league screwed this one up.

  11. Considering he plays for the NY Jets, I’m surprised he got a single game.

    Of all the NFL players that were mentioned in the Al Jazeera HGH article, you’ll notice the former NY Jets TE isn’t being interviewed.

  12. In his defense, most Jets fans break at least 100 mph just trying to get away from the stadium after games.

  13. Could’ve sworn there was a legal loaded gun in the car too. Oh well, nothing to see here folks…just more of the amazing Goodell brand of #Integrity we’ve come to know and love.

    science > child endangerment, illegal drugs, and guns

    Seems Legit!

  14. 143 mph with a child in the car, eluding police and a loaded semi-automatic gun and he is high on marijuana = 1 game suspension

    1.) Did the Police clock those COLD WEATHER footballs coming from Brady at over 144 mph ???

    2.) Did Brady hit some 12 year old in the stands with those footballs and endangered his life ???

    3.) Did Brady wreak of marijuana at Half Time ???

    4.) Was Brady packing a semi – automatic gun on the field ???

    What the hell did Brady do to get 4 games ??????????????????????

  15. Sheldon’s awfully lucky that the guy that details his car didn’t send a text message to the salesman from whom Sheldon bought the car, calling himself ‘the radar avoider’.

    Imagine the fury.

  16. Did the Police check the air pressure in his tires after his Indy car joyride?

    If they were low, he would’ve received 6 games at least

  17. How obvious can Goodell and the FO get?
    1) 4 games for Brady, when the 0.4PSI is explained by simple science.
    2) Chiefs lose 3rd round pick, and the Jets get a small fine for tampering.
    3) Richardson drives 143MPH with a 12 year old, and only gets 1 game. Come on. They screwed Incognito, for thinking he was friends with Martin.

    Everyone who rooted for Goodell to win against Brady…. was essentially rooting for Goodell to be able to give out any punishment for any reason by classifying violations as “Integrity of the game”

  18. I sure hope they checked the air pressure in his tires for only one game suspension. Heck, if this was in a state other then back woods Missouri the guy would be in jail for child endangerment.

  19. This is an absolute outrage,. Goodell must resign or be fired.

    He’s about to be brought up on conspiracy charges in front of multiple federal judges and he’s still protecting to the Jets to try to help them knock off the Pats.


  20. can we stop comparing Tommys lil gang of ball fixers with everything else. An off field incident and a pre meditated on field performance changing one that went on for years are 2 entirely different things

  21. To all Pats Fans:
    Okay, we get it. Framegate was a bag job but come on, it doesn’t relate to everything. Please give it a rest. Richardson was subject to the now fairly well defined personal conduct policy, not the nebulous and poorly defined ‘integrity’ of the game make it up as they go policy. It isn’t just Pats fans against the world, there are plenty of us that have called out framegate for the crap it is and are in your corner but man we get tired of hearing about it on every other thread from Pats fans. There’s a line between justified righteous indignation and whiny obsession. Please think twice before crossing it. It doesn’t help your cause but it certainly gives the goodellbots ammo.

  22. Raise a hand if you’re really surprised that the a player on the Jets got off with a slap on the wrist. It’s not like half the front office is filled with ex-Jets or anything, right?

  23. I think his more pressing concern is how to deal with Bubba in the place he’s going to be living in soon for a while.


  24. nothing better than salty, crybaby patriots fans whining about the league office. WAAAAAAAH!

  25. So many angry Pats fans on this thread lol. Wiith the laughing stock the Jets have been for decades now, you’re going to tell me the league office is secretly pulling for them? They must really not be doing a good job. Also kinda hypocritical when you guys criticize anyone who believes Brady of being guilty as sporting a tinfoil hat.

  26. Pats fans, just shut up, shut the hell up. You’re the worst fans in all of football.

  27. Amazing the Bias of Roger Goodell. 143 MPH with a kid in the car, and high on weed. 1 game should be turned into 10 games. Goodell your pathetic leadership is despicable. You deserve all the bad karma in the world. Just to help the JETS.

  28. The saddest thing about this story is that it’s used as a platform for pats fans whining. I’m sure if Richardson’s actions would have impacted the playoffs he would have received a longer suspension.

  29. It can happen to almost any teenager but equip with gun.

    Teenager can panic when caught at high speeding race, and try to evade the police, and as usual, friends dont give friends up to the police.

    How is it any different from any other people? Oh right, it’s the Jets… You people need to move on, and quit sprouting so much hates, so UN-sportsmanship, and Patriot Fan is deadly UN-sportmanship in ALL SPORT HISTORIES.

  30. MUrons are the dumbest players in the league. A testament to their drunken ex head coach, Pinkle.

    Always enjoy watching the Pats fans cry though. It never gets old, and it never ends, apparently.

  31. There are so few truly dependable things in this world. It’s just good to know that you can count on the NFL league office to issue a completely arbitrary penalty no matter the offense. It’s so difficult to see any pattern to their decisions that I just assume they draw them out of a hat.

  32. One game for gloriously-criminal speeding, weed (potential DUI), and child endangerment. Great.

    Meanwhile, in integrity-of-the-game Bradyland…

  33. One game ? Forget the fact he was most likely high and doing so I front of his kid but to be speeding over 140 . This idiot should have been suspended for stupidity alone for a year. Is the commish just reaching in his fish bowl and or pulling numbers out of his head?

  34. Of course 1 game. I’m sure Troy Vincent decided it. Talk about “integrity”! The NFL has NO clue what that word means

  35. I love that the Jets use the NFL offices to get inside all the teary-eyed Patriots fan’s heads!
    Jets play chess, while the Pats play dirty.
    You know it’s been a bad off-season when the highlight was what number jersey Kevin Faulk wore during the draft…

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