NFLPA executive gets a good laugh about latest 17-game suggestion

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Players have always been leery about the idea of lengthening the regular season, so it’s no surprise their union opposes any such plan.

But it’s also good to know people find us funny here at PFT.

In the wake of Packers president Mark Murphy’s suggestion that the future could include a 17th game (so each team could play one internationally without anyone giving up a home game), NFLPA assistant executive director of external affairs George Atallah had a response that was new-age in terms of technology but old-school in theme.

Atallah went on to put it in more conventional terms, saying: “Nothing says ‘committed to player health and safety’ like wanting to add more contact to the offseason and a 17th regular season game abroad.”

Players would have to approve any extension to the regular season, and it’s clear that the NFL is going to have to offer them something really good in exchange for them to consider it. And with the league putting so much emphasis on adding international inventory, they better be serious when they open the discussions with the union.

But mostly, we’re glad Atallah didn’t use the smiling poop emoji while retweeting us.

16 responses to “NFLPA executive gets a good laugh about latest 17-game suggestion

  1. I get a good laugh out of the term “NFLPA executive”. The union should do more to be disrespectful and obnoxious. Then we could all hate them more.

  2. Laugh I’d thought I’d die when I heard this idiotic plan for 17 games. Nflpa is getting stronger with their dealings with the inept NFL

  3. The players will go for it. It’s why most retired players can barely walk or talk when they’re 50. They’ve been selling their soul for a $ since before leather helmets.

  4. Bet money the players would play 17 games if meant they could smoke marijuana and make more money at the same time. There you go NFL you have your barging chip.

  5. Both the the owners and the players are committed to making a buck . They will risk their safety for a piece of the revenue of another game when the money is right. Maybe Attallah was laughing because he was on his way to the bank.

  6. Yeah, that’s what we want more international games. With the number of injuries we see in a 16 game season already diluting the quality of the product on the field no true fan wants to see a 17th game added not to mention what the added travel to could do to game prep. The Thursday night follies have already proven the pitfalls of shortened prep. Eliminating a preseason game doesn’t feed the bulldog from an injury concern perspective, it’s not starter/veteran guys that play in that last game anyway. As for the players it may take a lot more than just cash to get them to go along with a 17 game season. With trust in the league office being at an all time low there would have to be major concessions. Neutral arbitration, an additional bye and marijuana testing would definitely have to be on the table at the very least. If the league is serious then offering up Goodell as a blood sacrifice might be a good start to negotiations

  7. The NFL PA is never at its bravest as when they’re in-between contract talks.

  8. Until they can figure out a way to decrease game missing injuries, don’t add more games. The injuries obviously dilute the game and it’s mainly the better teams who are most affected.
    Im only interested in seeing playoffs where all competing teams are at full strength. Otherwise the victories are hollow. And adding games to the season, especially long travel international games, only increases the prospect of more injuries.

  9. I don’t understand the correlation between player safety and one more game. It’s not a more dangerous game it’s just another game and they have just as much chance of getting hurt in it as any game. Saying this is because of concern for player safety is just stupid. They get paid plenty of money to “risk injury” playing football I think they get paid more than enough to “risk it” for one or two more games.

  10. Laugh now, you fools. Soon, Mark Murphy will be the next commissioner of the NFL and every Super Bowl will be played where is should be played. In the High Sacred Shrine of the National Football League. The Hallowed Halls of Lambeau Field.

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