Rex Ryan: “This season means a hell of a lot to us”

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Bills coach Rex Ryan and his brother-assistant Rob already had made it clear that they plan to honor the family name with the team’s performance in 2016. Following the passing of their father, Buddy, the sense of urgency has increased.

This season means a hell of a lot to us,” Rex told Jenny Vrentas of while driving to Kentucky for Buddy’s funeral. “Our name, our legacy, means a hell of a lot. Our dad is recognized as being one of the great defensive coaches, probably arguably the best, in the history of the game. You can’t say he’s not in the top five, certainly. And we’ve been pretty successful through the years ourselves, but nothing like we want to be. We have won five Super Bowls as a family, but we want to win our sixth at some point. And I want to win it as a head coach, because that has never been done in our family. Obviously, it’s not like these teams are going to roll down for us. We have to earn everything we get, and we’re a long-ass way away from it. It’s going to take a ton of work. But I really like my team.”

In 1985, Buddy Ryan designed and implemented a defense unlike anyone else ever has. Along the way, he did something no coach ever has done: He became a household name (at least for football fans) despite not being a head coach.

Back in the 1980s, little attention was paid on a national basis to assistant coaches. Ryan was the first one to gain widespread attention, possibly setting the stage for the media and fans to pay much closer attention to talented assistant coaches before they become head coaches.

28 responses to “Rex Ryan: “This season means a hell of a lot to us”

  1. Well, if it fails, the Ryans might be out of football for good!! That would be all aces in my book!

  2. What did last season mean to you Rex? Was it not as important ? Are nt all the seasons important?

  3. Only way the Ryan family gets another Superbowl ring is if brother Jim gets it. And that ain’t going to happen. So yeah, they’re are done in the Superbowl department.

  4. With all due respect to Buddy, the Ryan’s are coordinators, not head coaches. That’s all they’ve excelled at. It’s not even a rip. That’s just what they do. Sorry Rex. You’re going to fail again. Sorry Buffalo fans. He’s not taking the team anywhere other than 8-8, maybe 10-6 with a 1-and-done wild card spot.

  5. A perennially losing loud mouth who needs shut his big, fat mouth, learn some humility, and win more than he loses. It’s really that simple.

  6. A perennially losing loud mouth who needs to shut his big, fat mouth, learn some humility, and win more than he loses. It’s really that simple.

  7. Held my tongue when you mouthed off earlier this week. But today as you continue to spew nonsense Rex, I’ll just remind you that the difference between you two clowns and Buddy is the word “success”.

  8. Would love it if he were delicate this season to his Dad but using it as motivation is sad sad sad .

    Hey Rex in case you didn’t know your an NFL HEAD COACH you should be highly motivated every year.

    Jeeez just shut your piece hole & worry about coaching & coaching only and you might just accomplish something for once.

    I believe Rex is a great coach if he’d just STOP YAPPING 😲

  9. I used to despise Rex, but that changed when the foot fetish stuff came out (I won’t go there).

    Rex runs on emotion….and that works to an extent, but alone it will not win a SB. It can certainly help, but there are numerous other tangibles that come into play.

    The question is…..can Rex tackle all, or even most, of those tangibles while riding the emotional wave?

  10. I always thought Rex was a great defensive master mind. He’s got a decent offensive coach. If he leaves the offense alone, they might get something done.

  11. When Wrecks became HC of the NYJ, I thought he was a buffoon, then he became entertaining. Now when he talks, all I hear is blah, blah, blah.

  12. Shouldn’t it mean a lot to you every year? One thing is for sure, with Rex leading the team, the Bills are guaranteed to underachieve.

  13. Wish this guy would just shut his hole. If EVERY season doesn’t “mean a hell of lot to you” then you shouldn’t be coaching.

    If Rex spent half the time he runs his mouth actually coaching and doing his job there’s a tiny chance he might actually become competent at it.

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