Rolando McClain suspended for 10 games

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The list of Cowboys defensive players serving a suspension to open the season has reportedly gotten longer.

Adam Schefter and Todd Archer of ESPN reported that linebacker Rolando McClain will be suspended for the first 10 games of the season on Thursday afternoon and the Cowboys passed along the same word a short time later. It’s a violation of the league’s substance abuse policy, which was also the reason why McClain was suspended for the first four games of last season.

McClain re-signed with the Cowboys this offseason after making 80 tackles and an interception in 11 starts for the team after his suspension came to an end last year. McClain missed the voluntary portion of the team’s offseason program, which owner Jerry Jones said was so he could spend time with his kids although coach Jason Garrett seemed less sanguine about his absence.

With McClain out of the picture, the Cowboys will have to shuffle the deck at linebacker. Sean Lee will start with Anthony Hitchens and Kyle Wilber’s experience starting last year likely putting them ahead of Andrew Gachkar, Damien Wilson and Keith Smith for the other two spots.

Defensive ends Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence will miss the first four games of the year serving suspensions of their own, leaving the Cowboys awfully short on defense come September.

76 responses to “Rolando McClain suspended for 10 games

  1. First off Lawerence hasn’t heard back from the NFL on his appeal so that could either get reduced or squashed. Secondly, cut this idiot McClain he isn’t worth the time anymore. I don’t care if he has $5 million against the cap this is ridiculous already.

  2. This lack of discipline and stupid recklessness has come to define the Dallas Cowboys even more than it defines the Cincinnati Bengals. And we wonder why America’s team, no … check that—Texas’ team, no … check that too—Dallas’ team has only won two playoff games total over the past two decades?

  3. It’s amazing how many guys get popped when THEY KNOW THEY ARE GONNA BE TESTED. however does make me chuckle seeing that he plays for America’s team and all..

  4. The Cowboys have been a sitcom since jerah bought them and jimmy Johnson left. Cowboy fans only hope is if Jerrah passes on some how

  5. Jerruh better hurry up and sign Rolando to an extension. He’s just the kind of leader he’s loooking for.

  6. Now you know why he missed the offseason camps. How can you tell Jerry is lying? His lips are moving.

  7. I figured something was up when he was skipping the off-season program for “family time.” He likely knew he was going to be suspended.

    When is enough enough? This guy is a LOSER. The Cowboys were desperate for players when they signed this guy and now they see why nobody else wanted him. He’s a LOSER. He probably fit right in that locker room though with Greg Hardy.

  8. Boom. It looks like a tough sentence but it will ultimately get appealed down to 4.

  9. He joined a team that has an owner that is an enabler as long as you can ball, well most owners are. However Jerrah has a grade A+++ in this, not surprising since a leopard changes the spots on its skin. The cowboys D will be putrid for fantasy purposes and reality.

  10. No matter how you slice it, these NFL players who keeping getting popped for drugs are idiots. They all know the rules and yet some of them keep on breaking them. If they didn’t play in the NFL, they’d be punks out on the street.
    I wish they’d get rid of all these drug users in the NFL permanently. If I had my way, there’d be no second chance. You get caught — you’re banned from the NFL. It’s all about obeying the rules which are in place and taking responsibility for your actions.
    All those who make excuses for these guys are idiots too, in my book.

  11. So anyone with extra linebackers can look to peddle one to Dallas. They will be in the market since Lee has a history of serious injuries.

    They would probably look at the D line but as for linebackers they are probably desperate. Dallas needs to be careful not to get fleeced by some GM sharper than Jerry.

  12. I never heard what was the result of the investigation into his house burning down in Alabama some time ago. Anybody know?

  13. Jerrah Jones: “10 games? He’s gonna be out 10 games?!? Well, good thing that I, your handy dandy owner/GM had the foresight to draft the best MLB in the draft when he fell into the 2nd round!! Jaylon Smith, your chance just came early! Yeeeee Hawwww…. Oh, wait a sec about that…. Er, ah, howza bout dem Cowboys!!!!”

  14. If there was one good thing Dennis Allen did in his short stint as the head coach of the Raiders it was when he put this chump in his place and sent him home during practice for being a “me first” guy, he was cut a little while later.

  15. Just the kind of guy the Bungles are looking for.

    He’ll fit in with guys like Simpson, Collins, Maualuga, Burfict and Pacman.

  16. I came here to make a Cowboys joke but 10 games for smoking weed? I hate the NFL sometimes.

  17. Ten games? Was this a 7 game suspension and then they took the extra 3 games Richardson should have gotten and tacked them on?

  18. It’s time to move on from some of these clowns–THEY ARE HURTING YOUR WHOLE TEAM-I think its idiotic that people are busted over pot, nearly 80% of our citizens agree–but the rules are the rules–no, you are not an outlaw or scumbag for smoking pot, but you are a class A idiot for doing so if it means getting suspended–again and again.

  19. I could see the Pats working a deal with Dallas..pats are stacked at D Line…. & they could use a guy like A. Morris……

  20. Ten games is kind of harsh?

    I mean come on, McClain didn’t even get a game suspension when he threatened to kill his friend. But then again all he did was move the gun he had aimed at his head to the side before firing.

  21. OR Darren Mc Fadden in a trade with Pats…. Maybe send them a guy like White & Bolden for depth as well as some D line help

  22. LIVE BY THE THREE, die by the three. When you target cheap talented players, with HIGH risk (high reward), it can all blow up (and at the same exact time).

  23. Sad. Very Sad. He obviously has a lot of problems. In addition he has led an entiltled sports career. Because of his potential and his
    once in a while splash plays, coaches, or in this case, owners become
    enamoured. It really comes down to a lesson for all teams. As an owner
    you cannot ask a position coach if they can handle a player. This undermines the head coach and empowers the player. Look what
    Greg Hardy did to the d-line room.
    Jerry needs to let Coach Garrett bring in the kind of players he believes
    will lead the Cowboys back to the playoffs. Let Stephen and others
    run the talent side and do what you do best. No one is better at promoting and making cash.

  24. The cowboys are too stupid to ever learn anything.

    Now they will end up bringing Hardy back.

    I love Jerry Jones. I love all the stupid things he says and does because he doesn’t run the team I root for.

  25. Domestic violence is just fine with Goodell and his cronies.

    Smoking weed ? Its a national emergency

    Goodell is VILE

    Goodell and his cronies must go !

  26. jerry jones is the new al davis…when al had lost it. doesn’t believe in team chemistry.

  27. Be sure to watch America’s Team Marathon on the NFL Network this Saturday.

    Notice no other team gets a marathon.

  28. All because of the permissive culture created by Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett. The lack of accountability and personal responsibility in this organization is appalling.

  29. @grogantomorgan

    The Cowboy’s do take em but they surely missed out on dennard, fryar, hernandez, haynesworth, etc etc. you hapless uninformed stooge

  30. With all his “talent,” the worst team in the league at the time, the Raiders, gave up on him. That should scream all you needed to know about him.

  31. When you sign guys who are to much of a knucklehead for the raiders to keep around, you have to expect these outcomes.

  32. Grugenhagen says:
    Jun 30, 2016 3:42 PM
    …and Sean Lee will be on IR by week 6.
    And on the offensive side of the ball, Romo stands as good chance of joining him.McFadden got injured, he’ll be back by preseason–when he’ll probably get injured again. The Cowboys had better hope Ezekiel Elliot is as good as he thinks he is.

  33. yet they completely ignore von PED miller’s substance abuse the past two years.
    The fix is in!

  34. Perhaps if Jerruh built a new palace for the team to play in, it would momentarily deflect attention off the “Mean Machine” team he has assembled……

  35. Been pulling for this kid since he signed..saw it last off season, in back of my mind i was thinking history is much tslent, but so much weed..pray for this young man, but i suspect he will be wearing bengal stripes by trsining camp..he really has all the tools…but at the same time…he is a tool..write if you find work young of luck in your future endeavors..cryin shame

  36. Gotta cut him. Should have been done yesterday.

    This is my frustration with Jerry! Repeatedly, he will bring in guys who are talented, but destroy the locker room. This is just another example.

    You can make a long list of them. The Cowboys don’t have a lack of talent. Rather, they have lack of discipline and structure that helps define professionalism. Showing up late for meetings, not being dressed the right way, and not coming to training camp are reasons you cut guys. Drugs, guns, and beating up women….you send their crap to them in a fedex box and say have nice life, loser.

    You can’t build a football team with guys who don’t do things the right way and your dang sure can’t do it with criminals.

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