Wade Phillips on Von Miller: Don’t know much, but I’ll coach who’s here

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Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips lost a couple of starters from last year’s defense in free agency when defensive lineman Malik Jackson and linebacker Danny Trevathan signed with other teams.

Phillips called both of those players “key guys for us,” but didn’t sound like he’s going to spend much time lamenting their absence. During an appearance on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn, Phillips said that both players missed time here and there after getting dinged and “we did pretty well when they weren’t in there.”

Stepping in for a handful of plays or even a couple of games is different than doing it over the long haul, although Phillips could be forgiven if he’s more concerned about another potential absence. Linebacker Von Miller still has to sort out his contractual situation, a topic that the often chatty Phillips wasn’t saying much about on Wednesday.

“I coach whoever’s there, obviously,” Phillips said. “I don’t have any control over all of the other things and I really don’t know much about it. And they told me not to say anything about it anyway, so that’s my spiel.”

The Broncos have good depth at outside linebacker in Shane Ray and Shaq Barrett and Phillips has built enough effective defenses to be confident he can do it with those players. All things being equal, though, it’s hard to imagine that’s a route anyone in Denver wants to travel.

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  1. People act like Jackson and Trevathan were superstars. They’re solid starters, but let’s be realistic here. Both guys have now played for 4 years and it’s safe to say the majority of football fans probably didn’t even know their names until the playoffs last season. They weren’t even in the top 8 players on Denver’s defense last year (see: Miller, Ware, Wolfe, Marshall, Talib, Harris, Stewart, Ward). I would put these two above Sly Williams, but that’s about it.

    Mark it down: Todd Davis will easily replace Trevathan’s productivity. At the DE position, Denver rotates players like crazy. Vance Walker (who had an underrated year last year even though the analytics say he was great) and Jared Crick, as well as some of the rookies, will be fine. There’s just one fewer player in the rotation.

  2. Unless the Broncos can hold other teams to under 10 points per game it won’t matter. They may have the worst offense in the AFC this season.

  3. not only have they lost some key players, Manning has retired which is not going to help their case when the donkeys best player is asked to step up. And to clarify, the donkeys best player is unsigned and wears stripes.
    WWNFL. They decide, you believe it.

  4. Lot’s of people writing Denver off but the offense can’t be any worst then last yr.

    That’s why we play the season, you don’t win jack in the offseason.

    How many wins did the Raiders have last yr?

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