What’s next for the Chargers?

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With the likelihood of the Chargers obtaining taxpayer funding for a new stadium in San Diego taking a major hit via a recent ruling of the California Supreme Court, the team’s geographic future has become even more uncertain.

With a 66.6 percent supermajority now needed to justify public money, a new stadium in San Diego becomes a virtual impossibility. So what are the other options?

First, the Chargers could exercise their right to join the Rams in Los Angeles. The Chargers, however, have questions about the economics of being the second team in the facility. Efforts currently are being made to determine the dollars and cents of sharing space with the Rams. The Chargers have until January 2017 to make a decision.

Second, they could stay at Qualcomm Stadium, where the lease runs through 2020. At that point, San Diego may ask the team to make needed repairs as part of a new lease, which could trigger an impasse.

Third, the Chargers could consider moving to Las Vegas, which has been linked to the Raiders. This would result in two franchises that not long ago were partners in an effort to move to L.A. becoming adversaries in a chase for Sin City.

Fourth, a move to the San Gabriel Valley isn’t out of the question, to Ed Roski’s long-forgotten-but-still-shovel-ready City of Industry site.

Fifth, San Antonio or Austin is an option, but the existing Texas teams would oppose a third team on their turf.

Sixth, the Chargers could move to London or Toronto or some other international market. However, that option is regarded as the least likely of the six.

However it plays out, the Chargers most likely won’t be playing in a new stadium in San Diego.

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  1. One thing is for sure Gochargersgo will still go other team articles on pft to talk smack about how bad that team and/or their qb is lol
    So let me give it a shot.
    I truly believe Rivers is the most over rated qb in NFL history. He’s the perfect example of the type of qb I would start EVERY week in fantasy football but NEVER in real life. In the playoffs Rivers is currently 10-5 in the playoffs with a Lombardi trophy and a nice SB MVP. Oh wait… I’m sorry that is Joe Flacco… Rivers is 4-5 actually with no hardware. Ouch.

  2. Or they could re build a stadium on the Qualcomm site with their own money and help from the NFL.

    This fanbase has been dragged through these cheap negotiations for 15 years now. Good owners/leaders could of got something done by now. So many to blame if they leave.

  3. I suppose San Diego could pitch to the voters that it isn’t just a football stadium. Isn’t a new convention center that would be permanent home to the Comic Book Geek Convention part of the package?

  4. There is no way that they are going to force the Charger owner to sell his team. There is no way that the other owners want that precedent set.

    Besides, if you think any potential new ownership for the Chargers is going to keep the team in San Diego, I think you are sadly mistaken. There is too much money to be made elsewhere.

    I think the team should move to San Antonio, but I seriously doubt that Jerry Jones would be happy about the prospects of that happening. Still, if the team isn’t staying in San Diego, it belongs in San Antonio.

  5. Spanos family is broke. To build a stadium in California you need to pay your own way. They can’t do that, so they are stuck.

    California is a large dynamic market, so the public doesn’t need to subsidize a stadium like many markets in the Midwest and the South.

    Owners have no leverage so they need to build their own way just like any other development (hotels, malls, etc).

  6. just curious if anyone could build a stadium for under a billion dollars and have it work?
    all these owners have to feed their egos and outdo each other is a waste of money. make one for $500 million . take the loan from nfl and watch the money fly in. not hard to figure out.

  7. Fourth, a move to the San Gabriel Valley isn’t out of the question, to Ed Roski’s long-forgotten-but-still-shovel-ready City of Industry site.

    Ummm, the City of Industry isn’t anywhere near the San Gabriel Valley. It’s at least an hour away from SGV. It’s in LA county (off the 60 fwy) and not far from north Orange County (15-20 min drive).

  8. St. Louis might be convinced to sell themselves as a potential host city for an NFL team. Portland would also be a good place for a team. There aren’t enough people in Montana to fill a 60,000 person stadium, but I’d like to see an NFL team in that state, if for no other reason than to carve our some of the Broncos territory.

  9. or they could go to the moon…or in others words they can do whatever they want if they are willing to spend their own money….

    The fact is Las Vegas is not asking for tax dollars.they are asking to approve a $1.00 a night hotel room surcharge to fund the venue. I don’t think anybody will have a real issue with that. Plus it’s not just the Raiders venue. It will also be for UNLV, and probably built on the strip at the former site of the Rivera, which will be also funded by the Las Vegas Convention authority. This will include concerts, and various entertainment. Would be a great venue for when and if the NCAA football is ever going to get down to a true playoff format, and have the championship game here every year. Add in Sheldon/Sands money you have a good chance this will get funded right on the north side of the strip.

  10. To the guy who said: that the SD fans are too classy to want to spend the money” and let the owner do so, that is, obviously, their right. As it is the right to the team to move and if they do, the City and its fans should stop their whining.

    And the reason why owners build these gigantic stadiums is because they have a need to entertain the fans who come to games, rather than watch at home. So I need giant video boards and all kinds of games. otherwise, the fan can watch it on his 50″ Smart Tv and drink a $2 beer rather than spend $8.50 for the beer on top of$35 for parking and $75 for each ticket.

  11. Chargers will move to Inglewood if the vote fails, they already negotiated a lease with Kroenke.

    All this other conspiracy theory nonsense is stupid. Kroenke World is about 110 miles from Qualcomm stadium. Get over it Chargers fans.

  12. The Charger fans, Aztec Alums, and Comic Book fans need to network and get the YES VOTE out in full force. Please do not vote out our cultural institutions and identity as a city. We have a chance to take San Diego’s economy to new levels. Think potential. Please VOTE YES on November 8th. Sky’s the limit with a brand new stadium and an convention center. It would be tourists and visitors proving the $350 million, not residents/taxpayers!!

    This really should just be approved by city officials. Having a referendum just delays it.

  13. It is very unfair that it has to pass by 2/3 or more. Common sense says it should just be a simple majority. This is why I hate the referendum idea.

  14. I hate 2/3 majority vote requirements. It gives the minority more power than the majority. It allows 35% of the people to block what 65% may want. It’s undemocratic.

    It’s not even a tax on the citizens of San Diego. It’s a tax on hotels. Let the majority decide. That’s democracy.

  15. Proofreader99 says:
    Jun 30, 2016 7:14 PM
    Raiders: 63-145 since 2003. Their fans don’t care, because, hey, they won a championship 33 years ago.

    Just lose, baby.
    3 beats zero any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  16. Its time to make a decision. Figure out how to build the stadium in SD , sell the team to someone who wants to make it work in SD or move to LA and forever be the stepchild that Stan never wanted. I don’t know all the dynamics about how much it will cost the tax payers of SD but I do know that this process does not work. If Spanos can not afford to build a new stadium and wants to stay in SD , play in your current stadium. What’s wrong with it ? is it falling down ? Is it unsafe to play there ? Or is it I’m an NFL owner and I demand a new stadium so I can make millions of more dollars on the dime of someone else ? This has been going on for 15 years. The owner hasn’t budged and the city hasn’t budged. BTW… I have read some post talking about a team coming to STL as an option , never going to happen. The only way that happens is if a local person buys a team and builds the stadium with their own money. STL will never pass any kind of package to use public money. Not after the way we were treated by the NFL and the King of California.

  17. If I had been mayor…the minute I heard despicable Deano, shamelessly lie to the NFL about San Diego’s unwillingness to negotiate in good faith; I would have been on the phone with Jacksonville, Buffalo, and anyone else who I thought might want to move to warm, sunny San Diego.

    In my humble opinion, ANYBODY BUT
    And, as long as they cling to the team, alas! that means anyone but the Chargers.

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