Broncos’ Shiloh Keo pleads guilty to misdemeanor DUI

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Broncos safety Shiloh Keo was arrested for driving under the influence the week after his team won the Super Bowl. Now he has pleaded guilty.

Keo pleaded guilty today to a misdemeanor DUI charge, TMZ reports.

He was sentenced to one year of probation, a suspended license, a $952.50 fine and community service in the form of speaking at eight high schools. If he does all that, the conviction will be expunged from his record.

Keo could now be subject to NFL discipline.

11 responses to “Broncos’ Shiloh Keo pleads guilty to misdemeanor DUI

  1. knowing goodell’s totally inconsitent discline, and the fact he is a depth guy…i’ll guess he will get 4 games for it. or none. or 16

  2. Kid needs to learn only Bronco front office people can do this. Not if you are just a player.

  3. @spotsdad

    The death penalty ? Your idol the serial killer hernandez didn’t get the death penalty. Nitwit

  4. The Truth says:
    Jul 1, 2016 8:00 PM

    The death penalty ? Your idol the serial killer hernandez didn’t get the death penalty. Nitwit

    0 1
    Wow, just cause you don’t understand hyperbole. doesn’t mean you have to get crass. Don’t let your insecurities manifest your ignorance.

  5. Expunged????

    “How do you plead?”


    “Er, what my client meant to say was Guilty but rich”

    “Okay, we can make this inconvenience all go away. Just don’t get drunk and kill anyone in the next year. Oh, and if you can tell some school kids not to do it because of the severe penalty you paid, that would be really neat.”

    “Yes, your honor, would you like me to autograph your robe, your gavel, or your law school diploma?”

  6. Not to worry cause Ted Wells has just started an in-depth inquiry. Report expected right after Roger Goodell signs Tom Brady’s execution by firing squad order! lol

  7. I thought all Broncos players were good, clean and wholesome? Maybe he was just overly enthusiastic about trying products from Peyton Manning’s distributorship?
    Misdemeanor DUI. Is this really a thing anymore? Misdemeanor DUI in most states means you fell asleep in your car in a parking lot.
    The Raiders, Chargers or Chiefs would be getting crucified if this was their guy.

  8. Yea, let’s all bash the Broncos for their 6th string safety who was out of football for 2 years and got signed because of a tweet in the middle of the season. He’s “rich” and “entitled”.

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