NFL still looking into Aqib Talib shooting

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A fuller police report from the night that Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib was shot in the right leg has been made available, but it doesn’t offer much new insight into what led to Talib’s wound.

There were reports at the time that Talib told police that he didn’t know who shot him as well as reports that he accidentally shot himself, although the Dallas police said they were investigating it as an aggravated assault. The report, obtained by Ian Rapoport of NFL Media and Lindsay Jones of USA Today, confirms that Talib said he didn’t know who shot him and that an “unknown suspect” shot Talib.

The police report quotes a witness that was part of a group of people in a park and heard a single gunshot followed by seeing Talib lying on the ground. The report also says police found a gram of marijuana, but makes no mention of who it belonged to.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Jones that the NFL is continuing an investigation into what happened and the Dallas police consider it an open investigation as well.

Talib is expected to make a full recovery in time for the regular season.

41 responses to “NFL still looking into Aqib Talib shooting

  1. Plays for the Bucs: Gets in trouble.
    Plays for the Patriots: Zero problems.
    Plays for the Broncos: Gets in trouble again.

    And the Patriots are the problem children of the league… lol.

  2. He doesn’t “know” who shot him…

    Translation: The shot was a warning and if he screws up again or rats anyone out he’ll get wacked.

  3. full recovery??? bullet enters thigh and exits calf in a player that needs to run with some of the fastest players in the world—I think we are being a little optimistic here

  4. correction –

    “Talib is expected to make a full recovery in time [to watch] the regular season.”

  5. He clearly shot himself. Not sure what there is to investigate. Entry wound thigh, exit calf. Someone would have to be right up on you to hit you like that. I guarantee you’d know who did it. Nice shot bro, you’re an idiot.

  6. How should he know if he shot down his leg? It was dark & he was alone…

  7. Deny ’till you die.

    Everything his friend’s say he said is the definition of ‘hearsay’, so all that is irrelevant.

    Even if the NFL got his medical records, there is always a Doctor who will say the opposite, for a fee.

    So, absent a witness it is a waste of time.

  8. So, let me get this straight, Vontaze Burfict gets sat for 3 games for a couple of dumb attempts to tickle Cam Newton and Greg Olsons ankles, a stupid, unnecessary off-the-play cheap shot on MaxxW, and a bang-bang full-speed play where he hits Brown in the head with his shoulder. All on-field violations.

    Now we have this jerk Talib pulling all these stunts, getting involved in all this gun stuff, and basically getting a free pass. Using Burficts’ deal as a marker, Talib should get canned for at least a season.

    Good to know the NFL’s consistency and ‘integrity’ is in good hands @ 345 Park Ave……..

    Imagine if this had happened when he was in New England…….

  9. One of the league’s shadier characters, no question. The instant he loses a step nobody will have the appetite for his baggage anymore. I hope he’s being smart with his money.

  10. The official police report is out. Now Goodell will engage the notorious Ted Wells and the real facts will come out.

  11. So judging by the league’s pace of “investigating” we should expect a resolution to this by about week 6 of the 2017 season.

  12. Isn’t having a bullet travel most of the distance of your leg punishment enough?

  13. It was the evil gun that did this…nothing more -his gun without provocation went rogue,pulled it’s own trigger & blasted a hole in his leg, cause that’s what those mindless evil things do. It had nothing to do with lack of common sense, stupidity or the fact that it involved the idiot who is Aqib Talib.

  14. It is very clear he accidentally shot himself. It is highly unlikely that a bullet fired by someone else not directly overhead would enter at the thigh make a sharp turn downward and exit the calf. Test his clothes for GSR and then his story will be debunked.

  15. A gram of marijuana? That seals it. Foul play was involved. Sports writers are such comedians these days.

  16. Based on his actions both on and off the field, Aqib Talib sounds like a good guy. You should all cut him some slack.

    He’s a good kid – his momma said so.

  17. gwhite13 says:
    Jul 1, 2016 3:58 PM
    Three words….gun shot residue.

    Don’t you love it when a pretend forensic scientist builds a case around how many words define a crime, and he completely screws it up?

    Gunshot is one word, dude.

  18. Doesn’t anybody else remember a few years back when he was in trouble for chasing someone down the street and firing off shots? I’d have to guess the dude isn’t that much of a victim.

  19. @spotsdad

    Didn’t talib say he learned everything in new england ?
    Honestly you bandwagon patsie’s fans are amazing.

  20. NFL & Investigating really makes me laugh. Nothing like hearing A FOOTBALL LEAGUE investigating something that THE POLICE (who are paid and equipment/connections to properly look into situations) already have. Really gets one shaking in their boots.

  21. descendency says:
    Jul 1, 2016 2:05 PM
    Plays for the Bucs: Gets in trouble.
    Plays for the Patriots: Zero problems.
    Plays for the Broncos: Gets in trouble again.

    And the Patriots are the problem children of the league… lol.

    —-No, they are just cheaters. Oh wait…”They push the envelope to ensure every advantage within the rules”.

    I played. I played well. I played within the rules. Talent over tomfoolery

  22. He is done. He is keeping true to form with his annual ritual of getting hurt and missing games.

    Can’t wait to see the Raiders and Chiefs pound the PED “champs” into submission this year.

    DOnkeys* 8-8

  23. @descendecy- you have the nerve to say a player does not get in trouble when the play for the Patriots??? Does the most notorious murderer in sports history ring a bell??? Aaron Hernandez!!! Damn, not only do Pats fans act like they never cheat but now they act like their players are model citizens!

  24. Headline shoulda been ….talib who once talked with and had his picture taken with cowboys owner jerry jones…woulda grabbed more attention for u pft

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