NFL announces 96 classic games to go on YouTube

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After surveying fans about which classic games they most wanted to watch again, the NFL has announced 96 games that will be uploaded in full to the league’s official YouTube channel next month.

The league let fans of all 32 teams vote on three full games that they’d like to see featuring their favorite team. The full list of games is here.

The oldest game is Super Bowl III, chosen by Jets fans; the newest game is Super Bowl 50, chosen by Broncos fans.

The list includes 25 Super Bowls, as well as dozens of other postseason games. But the more fun games on the list may turn out to be the ones that have been largely forgotten. A great 1992 Bills-49ers game that featured Jim Kelly and Steve Young both playing almost flawlessly, for instance, will be a fun one to watch, both for those of us old enough to remember it and for those seeing it for the first time.

If there’s any complaint we have, it’s this: Why wait until August? July is the slowest month on the NFL calendar. The NFL ought to upload all 96 games now, and let us binge on classic football from now until the start of training camp.

47 responses to “NFL announces 96 classic games to go on YouTube

  1. So are these going to be the full games as they actually aired in real time (with sideline shots, commentary etc.) or that cut-down digitally sped up garbage they do on NFL Network? if it’s the former, I’m interested but if it’s the latter, no thanks.

  2. Guessing the ‘Phins games will be 20-40 years old same as Dallas. Heck, some may be in black and white. The opposite for Seattle, guarantee there’s not one more than 3 years old.

  3. Good news and bad news Giants fans. Our brethren did select SB XXV (still the best SB defensive game plan of all time), unfortunately they went with the ’07 NFCCG vs GB instead of the ’86 Massacre in The Meadowlands divisional game vs SF. Thirty years later I’ll bet Montana still feels the hit Jim Burt put on him.

  4. Unless it’s the one where Bo Jackson trucks the Boz on the way into the endzone.

  5. Panthers get 5? I guess they couldn’t break the ties…

    2013 MNF win — Panthers vs. Patriots (34%)

    2003 NFC Division Playoff — Panthers vs Rams (30%)

    1995 Week #7 — Panthers vs Jets (12%)

    1996 NFC Division Game — Panthers vs Cowboys (12%)

    2008 Week #13 — Panthers vs Packers (12%)

  6. 2014 NFC Championship Game — Seahawks vs Packers (26%)

    This is the one will watch over and over and over

    Oh wait. I already do

  7. As a Bears fan, I wish they uploaded Payton’s 275 yard game or Gayle Sayers 6 touchdown game.
    I’ve already seen the ones uploaded./

  8. The world is good….they uploaded the greatest NFL game of all time:


    1981 AFC Division Playoff — Chargers vs. Dolphins (28%)

    Chargers 41-38 OT win. “Kellen Winslow Game”

  9. Most of them are from the 2000s. Too bad so few of the classic ’60s/’70s/’80s games made the cut. The current generation seems to have dominated the voting and to them, nothing important happened in the 20th century.

  10. Reading what qualifies as “classic” to most of these teams makes me grateful to be a Patriots fan, especially because of what our “classic” games would have been if you asked me this in 1993.

  11. Two things I really hope the NFL gives us in the future:
    1) Access to every broadcast the NFL has ever had. I should be able to watch seasons of NFL teams like I watch seasons of TV shows on Netflix; and…
    2) Access to the NFL Draft broadcasts of years gone by. I’d have a blast watching and seeing what was said about guys coming out compared to how their careers panned out. I have a feeling they won’t give us that because we’ll see how inaccurate most of these TV “draft gurus” are.

  12. cowboys fans picked 3 lame super bowls that are readily available at any store that sells dvds or on amazon. simply stupid!! how about the ’72 game with roger engineering an amazing comeback against the 49ers? how about roger in another comeback against the redskins in ’79 to win the division? how about the game with emmitt playing with a separated shoulder against the giants in ’93 to win the division? how about the playoff game against the falcons, with danny white connecting with drew pearson for 2 tds in another crazy comeback? i’m so freaking mad, my blood pressure is up. the NFL should never allow 12 yr olds to vote on something of this level.

  13. Buccaneer fans are so pathetic, not a single game pre-2000.

    FYI stexan, TENNESSEE Titans fans really don’t give a moments notice to the HOUSTON Oilers, being a Tennessean that lives in Houston, it’s kinda pathetic to see how many people in Texas still follow the Titans rather than supporting their new hometown team.

    The people or Tennessee don’t care about Earl Campbell, Bum Phillips, or Luv Ya Blue. I was in attendance when they retired Warren Moon’s number and it was the most awkward moment I’ve ever experienced in pro sports. Retiring a players jersey in front of 69,000 people that never saw the man play.

  14. I guess there won’t be a Lions game in there so no need for me to get excited I can almost bet on that if it is it’s going to be the refs cheating us out of tds and picking up flags

  15. I’m a Raiders fan, but I would still watch that classic Raiders-Redskins 1983 regular season game won by the Redskins 37-35. Lots of big game-breaking plays and great comebacks by both teams.

  16. Agree w/stexan.

    Also, how could Raider and Colts fans not select their 1977 double OT playoff game?

    At least Charger fans chose the playoff game against the Dolphins. For those young enough to only remember the “Soldier” Kellen Winslow, there’s Google.

  17. gregbeau says:
    Jul 2, 2016 7:22 PM
    Most of them are from the 2000s. Too bad so few of the classic ’60s/’70s/’80s games made the cut. The current generation seems to have dominated the voting and to them, nothing important happened in the 20th century.


  18. Just read alonestartexan’s comment after I posted. Good point. Considering that the fan’s vote and not even enough people in Houston even felt it was worth a mention why would anyone in TN? Was there a stipulation regarding “current” franchises? Noticed nobody in B-More or Indy cared enough for the Baltimore Colts.

    *Bonus – I just learned that there were Miami Seahawks in 1946 that became the Baltimore Colts.

  19. Looks like nothing before 1981.

    I’m trying to think of who the Bears were playing when Ditka grabbed the QB’s (Flutie?) facemask and gave him a lengthy shout (on Monday Night Football). Gifford was announcing and the whole booth thought it was hilarious.

  20. I’m surprised that Super Bowl IV wasn’t an option for Chiefs fans to vote for. The full telecast of the game by CBS has survived, granted mostly in black and white. Still, I think it should have one of the choices for Chiefs fans. Had it been, I’m sure it would have finished in the top 3 in balloting.

  21. So three games for each team except for the Panthers of all teams who apparently get 5. Not a franchise with a great past of success but the twenty year old Panthers.

    Guess we know which team the NFL is trying to push.

  22. Funny, you can double the appearances of the Vikings when you consider how many Superbowls (4) and NFC Championship game losses (5) they choked in. To success starved franchises like the Raiders or Falcons, a victory over the consistently hapless Vikings counts as a classic game.

  23. Who voted on these choices? 14 year olds? The Browns have a “classic” game in 2014? The franchise has been around 70 years. I watch every game and I really dont even remember that game. Leave it to the NFL to screw something as simple as this up.

  24. Classic games from the 60’s and 70’s on YouTube, I also love the old weekly highlights show…
    “This week in the NFL” with Summerall & Brookshire.
    Unfortunately no one under 45 here will recall it.

  25. What, 80 more Cowboy games because the NFL’s form of creativity is being unoriginal??

    They should just put Lakers-Knicks games for the remaining 16.

  26. I wish the NFL or some company would produce a DVD of every pass Joe Montana ever threw. It could have options to watch them sequentially or perhaps all passed over 15 yards or all against Dallas or all in the last 2 minutes and with an option to toggle between T.V. broadcast or Radio call.

    Substitute the player of your choice for the above compilation. That would be a Father’s Day gift I would remember.

  27. Figures that all the Seahawks games are from the last 4 years, just like their fans.

  28. A lot of teams have chosen games against the Packers, Cowboys, and Steelers. Funny how those teams seem to always be in BIG games and opponents relish a victory against them.

    Some franchises have no big games at all. Some of these regular season games on the list are an embarrassment to the teams that picked them, especially the vikings.

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