Report: Seahawks made waiver claim on Connor Shaw


Quarterback Connor Shaw’s trip to the Bears’ 90-man roster at the end of last week had a bit more intrigue than your typical late-June waiver claim.

The Saints moved a little too quickly in sending an email to the entire league announcing that they’d claimed Shaw, who was waived by the Browns, and made a corresponding roster move to make room for the quarterback. The Bears, who were ahead of the Saints in the waiver order, were the actual winners of the waiver process, however.

It appears the Saints weren’t the only other team trying to add Shaw to their roster. The New Orleans Advocate reports that the Seahawks also put in a claim for Shaw’s services.

While the Seahawks didn’t get Shaw, their bid for him suggests they’ll be a team to watch when it comes to adding a quarterback in the coming weeks. They currently have the inexperienced Trevone Boykin and Jake Heaps behind Russell Wilson and perennial backup option Tarvaris Jackson is likely out of the running for a return to Seattle after being arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at his wife.

Boykin’s had some legal troubles of his own and the Seahawks may continue to scour the waiver wire for other options before the 2016 season gets underway.

9 responses to “Report: Seahawks made waiver claim on Connor Shaw

  1. I told anyone who would listen last year that Connor Shaw was the best QB prospect on the Browns roster. How often does a waived QB get at least 3 claims? 99% of waived players pass through waivers without a single claim, and he gets at least 3, two from recent Super Bowl champions.

    Just another example, if we needed one, that the Browns are light years behind every other team in the NFL in being able to recognize what talent looks like when they see it.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  2. Over react much luke? We’re talking about Connor Shaw here, he’ll be a good back up at best, browns already have 3 of those now. Rg3 is wild card.

  3. Yeah, Shaw might have potential, but it’s only back up potential. Being the best QB on the Browns roster could hardly be seen as a glowing endorsement

  4. Shaw plays like Russell Wilson so no surprise here. Not as good of an athlete but every bit as much the football player. Not saying he is as good or is Wilson but they play the same way.

  5. Shaw has guts, no doubt about it. Finished his one and only start peeing blood. For all the knocks on Cleveland, talent evaluators realize there are some skilled players on that team.

  6. It’s interesting that of the 5 QBs now on the Bears roster, 3 of them – Fales, Shaw and the guy from Dartmouth – all fall well below NFL standard in height (none are over 6’1) and have average or below arm strength. If Pace and Fox are expecting to replace Jay Cutler down the line with another big framed, big armed physical stud, you sure wouldn’t know it by the guys they’re bringing into the pipeline.

    As for Shaw, he has a couple of interesting ties to the Bears. One being he worked with Bears OC Dowell Loggains in Cle and the other being, he was the QB on the South Carolina team for the majority of Alshon Jeffery’s final year there.

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