Malcolm Smith raves about Khalil Mack

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Raiders linebacker Malcolm Smith recently told SiriusXM NFL radio that the team has increased its football IQ. It doesn’t take a genius, however, to know that the Raiders have one of the best defensive players in the NFL.

“I’ve never seen anybody like Khalil Mack, to be honest with you,” Smith said in the same interview. “He’s kind of a one-of-a-kind, as far as my football knowledge goes and my time of being in the NFL. Even in college, I don’t think I played against a player who’s kind of dominant as Khalil is in a one-on-one setting, even a two-on-one setting.”

Smith compared Mack to Derrick Thomas, the Hall of Fame linebacker who was the best pass rusher of his time.

Some regard Mack as the best defensive player in all of football, better than even Von Miller or J.J. Watt. Speaking of Watt, Mack could have been his teammate if the Texans had taken Mack with the first pick in the 2014 draft instead of Jadeveon Clowney.

In that same draft, Raiders owner Mark Davis was pushing his front office to take Derek Carr with the pick that became Mack. The Raiders ended up with both guys, and they are poised to form the nucleus on each side of the ball for a roster that is on its way to becoming one of the best in the division, the conference, and maybe the league.

20 responses to “Malcolm Smith raves about Khalil Mack

  1. I mean HOW can the raiders NOT arrive THIS season? There are hardly anymore excuses to think off.

  2. Buffalo Bulls player rules the NFL, send more players there and see what happens.

    A Bills Fan.

  3. eaglesnoles05 says:
    Jul 6, 2016 3:32 PM
    I mean HOW can the raiders NOT arrive THIS season? There are hardly anymore excuses to think off

    One GLARING excuse is no farther away than HC.

  4. The Raiders need a healthy Mario Edwards Jr, Jihad Ward to be a surprise much like Edwards was in 2015, and minimal injuries to break through. Plus, little distraction about relocating elsewhere.

  5. that 2014 draft was so strong it will cost a lot of $ for the raiders to resign them all…..

    Mack …. Carr … Gabe Jackson…. it wont be cheap that’s for sure.

  6. Mack is a stud and Carr is on his way to being one (only a fella by the name of Dan Marino had more TD passes in his first 2 seasons). If the Raiders don’t win at least 10 games and a wild card spot, it will be a disappointment (assuming their core stars stay healthy)… And yeah, the 2014 class here is going to be costly to retain but that’s why Reggie has been spending very judiciously!
    Go Raider Nation!

  7. I agree about KMack. Everything is going right for the Raiders, between the cap, the draft, the vibe, etc. Disagree about Carr. He’s has a ceiling, and Bortles has a bigger upside. Carr is ASmith. I just don’t see 10 wins on that horrific schedule, in that tough division. Glad Raider Nation is excited, it’s good for the NFL if the Raiders are good.

  8. I’m a huge fan of Khalil Mack but with all due respect to Malcolm Smith, when he compared Mack to Derrick Thomas, it didn’t do justice to Mack. Thomas was without a doubt a great pass-rushing OLB but Thomas didn’t have the skills that Khalil has exhibited to also turn off another team’s running game. In other words, Mack is dominant in ALL aspects of his defensive game.

    I think the best comparison for Mack to a great OLB of the past who I loved to watch would be to a former Raider – Ted Hendricks,

  9. Yawn. Call me when the Raiders break .500. How long has it been?

    Mack’s just wasted talent on that team. I wonder who he’ll play for when his current contract expires?

  10. Mack is a beast, but yet still so young…..he lets his action on the field do all the talking for him…..something all the other raiders players need to do this year. If they do the haters will really come out.

    Go Raiders!

  11. 28th in the NFL last year in rushing the football. They are a one dimensional offense, and that will get Carr annihilated (again) as teams pin their ears back and rush the QB.
    Raider fans are going to be SO disappointed this year.

  12. Raiders are going to be tough if their key players stay healthy. Wouldn’t surprise me to see them in the divisional or AFC championship. Losing to the pats of course.

  13. I’m looking at the Raiders schedule for 2016, and I think they’ll definitely be in the playoffs this year. The Broncos still have a great defense but I don’t think their offense can match even the paltry numbers put up last year. And I don’t think the Chiefs will be as competitive this year, but that’s just a gut feeling. And I think the Chargers will win one of the two games against the Raiders. But I really think this may be the year for the Raiders to get close to the big show.

  14. “Raiders have a top 5 OLine, maybe top 3”

    And yet, again, they were 28th in the NFL in rushing.
    What happened if they were a top 3?
    Horrible running backs? Horrible schemes? Horrible execution? Which was it?

  15. Articles like this are what will ultimately doom the Raiders. The teams that rise each year are so rarely the teams that the terminally opinionated tell us will.

  16. With all due respect to posters saying the Dthomas comparisions don’t do justice to Mack, Y’all don’t remember DThomas…

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