Urban Meyer supports underclass combine, “right” information for draft prospects

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Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer said Wednesday that he’s working with coaching colleagues and the American Football Coaches Association on a plan that would eventually allow potential early entries to future NFL drafts to work out for scouts and executives without losing their college eligibility.

Nine Ohio State players gave up their remaining eligibility to enter the 2016 draft. Seven of them were drafted, four in the four first round, so most of those players were making the right decision. But when Meyer was asked at his hometown youth football camp if the current system allowed both the players and NFL teams the chance to get the proper information on such decisions, he answered “no” and said he’s talked with AFCA executive director Todd Berry and Alabama coach Nick Saban “many times” about implementing a plan that would allow potential early entries to perform for and talk with NFL decision makers.

“It’s not a process that’s well done right now,” Meyer said. “There’s a rule that says the NFL can’t look at juniors. Well of course the NFL [scouts] are going to look at a junior. And they should look at a junior.

“We’re going to try to get something where there’s a time those [scouts] can actually come in and they can work out the juniors. Because information is good. [The players] are getting their information somewhere, so why not get it from the experts — the scouts, the general managers, people who have the right information? They’re getting it from agents and they’re getting it from wannabes, and that’s not good information.”

Saban said in May that he’d like to see the NFL and NCAA work together to make the system better and proposed a combine-like event for underclassmen, and Meyer said Wednesday he’s “absolutely” for an underclassman combine.

Meyer held an informational session at Ohio State last March which every NFL team attended during which he and his assistants talked about Ohio State’s underclassmen prospects with NFL scouts.

12 responses to “Urban Meyer supports underclass combine, “right” information for draft prospects

  1. Troy Vincent is in charge of this program…that means every time a college player calls in for his evaluation, he gets a bible verse and a speech about diversity instead of anything football related.

  2. coutre says:
    Jul 6, 2016 1:48 PM
    Troy Vincent is in charge of this program…that means every time a college player calls in for his evaluation, he gets a bible verse and a speech about diversity instead of anything football related.

    A bible verse AND a speech about diversity? For most bible thumpers it’s a bible verse (if they can even read) and a speech about how we need to build walls to fight diversity.

  3. The NCAA is a free farm system for the NFL’s trillion dollar business. Do you think the powers that be want to do anything that would upset that apple cart?

  4. 1) Urban does care
    2) This is an excellent change

    Why can’t a kid figure out his value without sacrificing the rest of his college career?

    The only downside is maybe a few more leaving early… but I bet not many. Most KNOW they are not ready at LEAST until after Senior year.

  5. I’ll never wrap my head around NFL offices needing to see a guy in shorts before drafting him.

    Most guys have an abundance of game film that can be dissected but we place a lot of stock in a performance without an opponent and without pads.

  6. Urban is all for it because it will impact how hard he has to recruit players…especially the few could care-less about getting an education.

  7. We hear all the time about players being told a team is going to draft them but they go undrafted. Whose to say this solution is anything more than someone’s opinion, certainly not a guarantee.

    Should they have a Junior only draft a week before or after the regular draft?

  8. @finfansince68… very true for all coaches… I hate it, but is a fact of life.

    If a young man really is ready sooner, he also eliminates the risk of injury during final season or two. I’d hate it if a guy that good left my team early, but would understand it.

  9. It’s the wrong solution to a real problem. There is plenty of time to evaluate juniors, but NFL teams are wasting too much time running around to workouts and bowl games, etc. The best evaluations are done through film study, and there is plenty of film on juniors. Heck, you can see the good players when they’re freshman. It’s not hard if you know how to scout. The biggest mistakes are from the combine and other workouts, so I don’t think they need more of that. Urban Meyer should just stick to what he does best. Recruit.

  10. tonebones, I agree. The NFL already is running around all over the country with pro days, combines, attending games, and watching film. I agree completely that they have what they need on these players and in my opinion usually are really good at evaluating talent.

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