2017 draft will be held in Philly, unless it won’t

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After two years in Chicago, following many in New York, the NFL will take the draft on the move yet again. One Pennsylvania politician claims it’s coming to Philadelphia.

Via Wendy Ruderman of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Congressman Bob Brady said Thursday that Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called to inform Brady that the City has secured the event for 2017.

The City says otherwise.

“I can’t speak for the Congressman, but I can tell you that the City has definitely not been awarded the draft,” Kenney spokeswoman Lauren Hitt told Ruderman.

Still, Brady provided the kind of details that suggest he’s not pulling the notion out of thin air or any specific orifices. He said, for example, that the Cirt will build a temporary stage and 3,000-seat arena on the Ben Franklin Parkway, with the Art Museum as the likely background. Brady also said that the City is committing $5 million to the effort.

The commitment, if accurate, proves yet again the power of Big Shield. Despite $13 billion in annual revenue, the NFL continues to persuade cities from sea to shining sea to cough up cash in order to bring to town the draft, the Super Bowl, and whatever other NFL-related events the league decides to take on the road.

52 responses to “2017 draft will be held in Philly, unless it won’t

  1. Ugh, Philadelphia? That would be like having it in Detroit or Cleveland. Why not just go back to having a conference call instead?

  2. There Should Be a Rule that if your Team Doesn’t Have a Super Bowl You DONT Deserve to host A Draft. Plus those Eagles Fans don’t know how to Act

  3. The NFL might want to pick a city where the home team actually has a first round pick!!!

  4. Personally, I had a wonderful time at this year’s draft in Chicago. I’m a draft buff since I was a kid. I spent a half hour in the airport in Chicago years ago. Such a wonderful city. I’m going to go back.

  5. “The commitment, if accurate, proves yet again the power of Big Shield. Despite $13 billion in annual revenue, the NFL continues to persuade cities from sea to shining sea to cough up cash”

    If the city is putting in 5 million, the city believes it is getting more than 5 million back from the trickle down from everything from parking to hotel taxes to concessions to merchandise. It’s not donating to the NFL, knucklehead.

    If that is not the case, and the city is forking out 5 million just for advertising to what overall is a limited group for an audience, then the city is the knucklehead.

  6. Why would you hold the draft there?
    Big markets like LA, SFO, NY, Miami etc.

    No offense, but philly screams of cheese and boos. Remember Santa?

  7. pope, DNC, draft….

    yo philly what up ? good craft beer too.

    and if you disagree, we’s gone kick yo ass

    thank god for phils in 08 or no rings since 80s

  8. They anchored the draft in NYC, until they had a Super Bowl there. Chicago, Philadelphia, my hunch is that they will stick to cities that never will host a Super Bowl. I have no problem with that.

  9. It would be awesome, if the Cowboys had the number one pick, in the City of Brotherly Love. The TV ratings would go through the roof! !

  10. Since they decided to move the draft, every city has the right to prove themselves. Why not Philly? They have great food, it’s a fun place to visit, and DON’T KNOCK ROCKY!!! If nothing else, it will be quite entertaining, right? So, good luck guys, I hope it happens for you!

  11. Leave it to a bunch of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging football fans to miss the boat on what a world class city Philadelphia is.

    It’s got great restaurants of every kind of food you can imagine at every price range, one of the most important art museums in the whole world, a ton of local breweries making quality craft beers, a superb local music scene and the clubs to go with it, and the most history of any American City, including Boston.

    It’s a great place to host any major event.

  12. The draft will be held in New York, Los Angelos, Las Vegas, Denver, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, YMCA… Unless it’s not.

  13. Yeah. Chicago that’s a real safe town. Murder Capital of the World. Miami? Lol ok. If u can find someone who speaks English or isn’t a dirty retired New Yorker

  14. So cities now have to pimp themselves for the draft. The freaking draft!

    Wake up America! Plutocrates are picking your pockets.

  15. With the first pick in the 2017 draft, in a pick acquired from the host city, Philadelphia, Cleveland selects………

  16. magnumpimustache says:
    Jul 8, 2016 9:54 AM
    So they left Chicago to go to another cesspool.

    Boston has the least crime rate and it’s a much better city.

    Yeah, ’cause Roger is chomping at the bit to find himself face to face with a few thousand Sons of Belichick.

  17. Philly was the HQ of the NFL for years when Bert Bell was commissioner. the draft was always held there also .
    spend some of your idle time getting familiar with your game’s history.

  18. Here’s the only bright side of this.

    NFL Network can have Mike Mayock watch extra film at NFL Films (located 30 minutes away), and, therefore, he won’t rely on “intangibles” to downgrade the likes of Cam Newton but overrated the likes of Blaine Gabbert and Johnny Manziel.

  19. chrisk61 says:
    Jul 7, 2016 11:11 PM

    yo philly what up ? good craft beer too.

    now we’re talking.

    I tend to lean toward the stouts and porters (chocolates, coffees, vanillas pretty much any flavor), and Belgian styles, but am open to trying anything (though I’d rather it not be so hopped up that it tastes like grapefruit)

    Got a recommendation to look for here in NE?

  20. You don’t live in the greatest city in the world. You live in the greatest melting pot cesspool in the world

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