Bruce Irvin has high praise for Khalil Mack

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The Raiders spent big back in March and are thinking big as the 2016 season approaches.

Bruce Irvin, one of the team’s new acquisitions, hasn’t been shy in talking about the team’s goals, and Irvin told the team’s official website he’s very much looking forward to playing opposite a “beast” in All-Pro pass rusher Khalil Mack.

“We watched a lot of Oakland film in Seattle, so I would watch Khalil, and the guy is on his way to becoming one of the best rushers in the league – if [he’s] not already,” Irvin said. “I think me being on the other side of him, I’m going to benefit a lot and get one-on-one situations, and I have to win those matchups.

He’s just a freak, man. He can play the run. He can rush. He can do all types of stuff, [he’s] the kind of guy you want to play with.”

Irvin has already dubbed he and Mack as “The Slash Brothers.” Irvin had 5.5 sacks last year for the Seahawks and has 22 in his four-year career. Mack had 15 sacks last season and has 19 in his two-year career.

The Raiders added Irvin, safety Reggie Nelson and cornerback Sean Smith to their defense via free agency, so expectations are high. The praise for Mack isn’t new, either. Raiders linebacker Malcolm Smith recently compared Mack to Hall of Fame pass rusher Derrick Thomas.

21 responses to “Bruce Irvin has high praise for Khalil Mack

  1. The Raiders have some great building blocks. They seriously could win that division next year. I think Oak and KC both make it to the playoffs next year.

  2. Reggie did this right. It has been painful the past 25 years, except for 1999-2003, but this team on the brink of something special. Double digit wins and a wild card would be a success.

  3. I think Oak and KC both make it to the playoffs next year.

    I agree with Oakland but not KC. Oakland could be really good. As a Hawk fan I’ve watched Irvin his whole career. If used strictly as a rush end he could have a great sack year too opposite Mack.

  4. Khalil Mack was touted as the best pass rusher and overall best defensive player in his draft and it looks like everyone was right.

    Bruce Irvin is a situational guy who was probably drafted a little too high (which isn’t his fault), and has been decent, but not great.

    I predict more of the same play from both of them respectively, but if there’s anyone Irvin should look up to as far as a being a complete maniac/game changer on the field, Mack is a great choice.

  5. “I think he’s going to be an All-Pro, Mooch…”

    -Mike Mayock-

    2014 NFL Draft after Raider select Mack #5 overall

  6. honkeyt-

    I’d give that a lot of credit if Mayock didn’t say that about most the players drafted.

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  7. It’s good to see the Raiders players actually looking forward to next season. I was in 3rd grade when the Raiders last went to a Superbowl.

    I havent heard this much hype around them since. Till now.

    Just Win Baby!

  8. Bruce wasn’t very happy in his role with the Hawks dropping back in coverage and not rushing as much as he’d have liked. Never liked the Raiders, always kinda went with the stigma about them since I was younger, but I like Bruce and I wouldn’t mind seeing the team have some success. The team is putting together a solid roster led by Carr.

    Go ‘Hawks!

  9. Funny people have no clue how talented Bruce Irvin is because he played Sam Linebacker and situational rusher behind Avril/Bennett who are legit themselves.

    Since year 2 he could play the run, the switch to linebacker he is solid in coverage – I think he only pass rushed on 40 % of his snaps last year so sure the stat total isnt inpressive. You need to watch games to get the full story – oppositive of Mack and put in more edge rushing role he will have 10 sacks.

  10. DaveKShape says:
    Jul 7, 2016 6:43 PM
    Khalil Mack was touted as the best pass rusher and overall best defensive player in his draft and it looks like everyone was right.
    Haha. How soon we all forgot about Jadaveon Clowney

  11. Irvin is not a great pass rusher because he lacks the strength to get off blocks, but he’s the best SAM LB in the game. Nobody will ever be able to pull off a screen or check down on his side from now on. He stuffs everything.

  12. well we are only 3 weeks away from what hopefully is the start of a new era of Raider football. Seems like the pieces are in place, after several years of rebuilding.

    Go Raiders!!! Go Reggie!!!

  13. Reggie 16-48 Mckenzie would have been looong gone on the other 31 teams by now but with the Raiders, he walks on water. My favorite RM move was paying Schaub $9M to never take the field. Then there was Matt Flynn. Please Mark Davis, give this gift from God a life time contract!

  14. Oh wait, Homer Nation? Is there anything false in the above post?

    Every year the Raiders draft in the top ten, usually the top five and RM can’t build a .500 team? Are you kidding me?? You might want to compare his record to other NFL GMs.

    During his five year tenure as GM, Elway has taken the Bronco’s to five straight Afc West titles and two Super Bowls but of course he sucks and RM rocks, right? The depth of your delusion is hysterical. Keep drinking the AL Davis koolaide and enjoy your cult. The world is laughing.

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