Davone Bess says he has bipolar disorder, was off meds during incident

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Former NFL wide receiver Davone Bess told an Arizona television station that his bizarre behavior which led to a SWAT team extracting him from his home was because of an undiagnosed mental illness.

Bess told ABC15 that he was not taking his medications the night of the incident, and has since been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

He wouldn’t be interviewed on camera, but he said he was being treated at an area mental health facility at the time of the incident. He said he was released early from the facility and not in a good state of mind, leading to the bizarre standoff with police.

But he also didn’t remember the name of the facility he was supposedly in, when he was admitted or when he left.

The former Dolphins and Browns receiver has pleaded not guilty to unlawful flight from a law enforcement vehicle, after trying to get away from cops without the aid of headlights. They eventually just went to his home and waited for him to come out, after he barricaded himself inside.


21 responses to “Davone Bess says he has bipolar disorder, was off meds during incident

  1. If I ever do drugs and have a bad reaction, or if I get stupid drunk and do something bad, I’ll claim I have an unknown medical condition that was just diagnosed on the spot.
    Sudden Onset Moronity disorder I’ll call it.

  2. RegisHawk says:
    Jul 7, 2016 6:38 AM
    If the bipolar disorder was undiagnosed, what were the meds for?
    The only thing I can think of is he was diagnosed with some other mental issue before and his meds were to treat that particular one….depression? Anxiety? Who knows….the reporter didn’t attempt to clarify.

  3. We have great doctors and medical facilities. And fortunately mental illness is getting the recognition it deserves without the stigma. But, with all of that said, when treatment is simply medication, what keeps the patient from discontinuing the use of the medication? The pills are only affective if they are consumed. So how long until his next “I was off my meds” incident?

    I’m not even trying to be a jerk here. I legit don’t know the answer to the question. When people decide they don’t need their pills anymore, and go on a wild police chase, etc, we can just give them a pass because they weren’t on their meds. But at the same time, its hard to hold someone accountable when they were literally out of their own mind. My point is, the success of the treatment is only as good as the willingness and discipline of the patient to stick to the treatment. Hopefully this will be the last time he has any sort of incidents of this nature

  4. He was taking meds for something that was undiagnosed. Mmmkay. That cat isn’t too sharp. He needs to be in prison.

  5. Why do people still think mental illness is an excuse? The dude was pretending to shoot at cops with his finger and sitting in a car alone for god knows how long with a knife. If this sounds like normal behavior to everyone then this world full of batcrap crazy people then.. LOL

  6. The alarming speed with which some folks decide that matters such as , mental health , has tendentiously become mere fodder for excuses , if unpleasant , is hardly surprising . Having set aside subtleties like cynicism , for outright revolt and disgust , sets the Limbo Bar at the low stretch , letting beginners know they cannot begin to comprehend the polished professionals these world weary savants have become , and the airtight lives they lead .
    For those of us who live in this world knowing abundant circumstances which paint pictures in ways that reveal not so much what fits in a speech but rather the consequential push and shove as sums that leave the rich richer and the poor dead , or about as defenseless , with the hangers on all painting themselves as loudly , and clearly as they may , as being far to sharp to fall for anything like a wooden nickel .
    It is a shame that consideration for matters that have real consequences are publicly given such myopic treatment , leaving the ‘professionals’ to endure the righteous hooting , and hollering , of the Limbo crowd . Where one mans bad day turns into another’s nightmare hardly seems helpful to him and his family , and finally hardly beneficial to the social structure that pays for every 20/20 hate minded 100 per cent accurate hindsight , into the slow motion fateful eyes wide open misstep .

  7. RegisHawk says:
    Jul 7, 2016 6:38 AM
    If the bipolar disorder was undiagnosed, what were the meds for?

    What’s so hard to understand about the guy maybe having more than one cat in the crazy bag?

  8. He needed to practice saying what his lawyer told him to say a few more times before doing it in public.

    -Nobody cared so the victim went undiagnosed.
    -He was forced into self medicating by uncaring health care system which forever needs reform.
    -Calling out the SWAT team was an overreaction to minor episode of mental illness.
    -He is stable and okay now, so prison would be counterproductive to illness.
    -The whole incident was a good thing because he got the help he needed.

    It is all standard lawyer playbook stuff.

  9. Give him a break, he played for the Dolphins and the Browns. That’s enough to make anyone crazy.

  10. Honestly I don’t know why it so hard for some of you to understand that he has been suffering from other issues such as depression and anxiety. He was treated for those ailments with medication. He was not taking the correct meds, or the correct amount to help with his undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder. I have seen people with bipolar disorder and the meds can cause them to become a completely different person, like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.They actually can have little or no control of what is going on around. I think that before people post mean comments typing safely hidden behind their keyboards about people that you don’t even know. Take a minute to think about if it was your family member or best friend, or even your self going through tough times mentally. How would feel? It’s funny how easy it is to trivialize peoples real life problems on the internet. It is shame that people have to be so cruel. I hope he gets the all the help he needs.

  11. Getting people with bipolar to use their meds can sometimes be very difficult. If they are entering a manic phase they likely feel great, so why take any meds that make you feel not great?

  12. Wow, lots of mental health experts on PFT! And check all this humanity, compassion and rational understanding. Great job guys.

    As a child of someone who’s struggled with bipolar disorder their entire life I can tell you it’s horrible. Totally and abjectly horrible. The meds drain all color, energy, excitement and hope from your life, the world is held just beyond your fingertips. Numb, you can not touch or feel anything and nothing can touch you. It’s not sadness. it’s deadness. What you get in return is stability and to make your loved ones’ lives easier. You can hold a job even if you can not possibly care about it let alone love it. You can have relationships however dulled and stilted they become. And the paradox is that meds slowly but surely convince you that you don’t need them, that you can handle it this time and anyway, even if you’re not peachy all the time, at least you’re alive, you can feel something and see color in your world. I’ve known dozens with the condition over the years as I’ve helped my mother and it’s always the same, toggling back and forth and back and forth. It’s a very sad thing. Many finally find a balance, make a compromise and manage. Many others fatigue under the relentless weight of “the condition” and succumb. I’m not a spiritual person but I reserve what useless prayers I have to give for the people of this world with these sorts of crushing mental illnesses. If you ever saw it up close over an extended period, you’d know just how incredibly lucky you are.

  13. For those who don’t remember he didn’t finished with his last team because he was on the “non-football injury” list so obviously he isn’t lying because team doctors have said he wasn’t in a mental state to play football. You’ve got a guy who is probably bi-polar who is also a drug user who also gets his head banged around for a living. That combination alone should probably be enough to say he should be committed for treatment. If he left the treatment center early it’s because he released himself. At least this time around the court “should” force the issue.

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