Saban, Fisher organizing equipment donations for West Virginia high school football programs

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The devastating flooding that occurred in Southern West Virginia two weeks ago has created a wide range of losses and hardships. Among other things, multiple high schools have had their football gear, band equipment, and other gear and facilities associated with sports teams destroyed by flood water.

A couple of West Virginia’s native sons have done something about it. Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher is organizing donations of football gear from high school programs in his state. Alabama coach Nick Saban is doing the same, in his state.

PFT is finalizing a plan to assist with the flood-relief efforts. To the extent that high school sports can help return a sense of normalcy to the areas affecting by the floods, our effort will focus on helping football teams, marching bands, and other sports teams rebuild their programs with the things they need. We’ll provide more details, including specific ways you can help (if you would like to), on Friday.

6 responses to “Saban, Fisher organizing equipment donations for West Virginia high school football programs

  1. Good job Mike Florio, Saban and Fisher!
    While the flooding is tragic, it’s nice to see that the country has taken notice and folks are willing to help out.
    Good job again!

  2. Another case of coaches helping themselves look good in the eyes of the possible recruits, while the non-athlete student gets nothing. I wonder which was damaged more by flood waters, football equipment or schoolbooks? Once shoulder pads get wet they are ruined, maybe the books will dry out so the money donations can be used for what is important.

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