Le’Veon Bell backs away from his $15 million-per-year rap message

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Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell recently suggested in the lyrics of a rap song that he wants $15 million per year. Using his non-rapping voice, Bell now makes it clear there’s no magic number for his next contract.

“I’m not a real greedy guy. I don’t play football just for money or things like that,” Bell said, via James Walkers of ESPN.com. “I just want to be valued. Wherever it is — whether its $15 million or lower or higher, whatever it is — I think we will get to an agreement eventually.”

It’s clear that Bell wants that agreement to come from the Steelers.

“Obviously, I want to be a Steeler for my whole life,” Bell said. “My family grew up Pittsburgh Steelers fans, and it’s crazy I even got drafted there. So I want to be with them and hopefully we’ll reach an agreement. But that will take place once that time comes.”

The time has come for Bell to declare that he’ll be ready to go after suffering a serious knee injury last November against the Bengals.

“I’m going to be ready,” Bell said. “The biggest thing for me is getting mentally ready for getting hit and things like that, and I don’t think I’ll really get tackled until a preseason game or maybe in the regular season. I don’t think I’ll actually hit the ground or get tackled. But when that does happen, I’ll be ready for it. But cutting, running routes, picking them and putting them on my feet, everything is back to normal.”

It wasn’t normal, for a while.

“I remember it was times when I couldn’t walk up the steps, walk down the steps, really couldn’t sit down by myself, even go to the restroom,” Bell said. “I’m just thinking now I’m right back to form how I was when I left.”

The next question is whether he’ll get the contract he wants — whatever it’s worth — without having to leave Pittsburgh. He’s in the final year of his rookie contract, and the Steelers can use the franchise tag to keep him around for another year, if a long-term contract isn’t negotiated.

49 responses to “Le’Veon Bell backs away from his $15 million-per-year rap message

  1. This guy will be done in a couple years, and somehow I will hear he was one of if not the greatest runningback to ever play……well…..next to Jerome, he is obviously the greatest back on the planet right

  2. Aww man, we need to lose this trash talking punk. Who he think he is asking for 15 mil a year? First, he gets hurt then he’s high on the weed then he gets hurt and he wants 15 million for what?

  3. popesrustynail says:
    Jul 9, 2016 4:12 PM
    No running back in this day and age is getting 15 mil per year. That’s just the way it is….


    15 mil? There’s no running back worth even half that much in today’s NFL.

  4. I seriously doubt that the Steelers brass would $15 dollars for Le’Veon Bell’s mixtape…let alone $15 million for a pot smoking running back coming off a serious knee injury…

  5. What’s crazy is NBA players who aren’t starters make just over 10 million a year. It’s a dirty game, should’ve been a basketball player if you want that type of money.

  6. wonder what he’d be like if he were lobbying for $15/hour – probably not much chance there – one injury away from that – be happy w/ what you have you greedy SOB…

  7. Why doesn’t our current president take to his pulpit and rail on this guy’s greediness?

  8. As long as the Steelers have Ben and Antonio they will be great on offense…Bell can be replaced. The average football life of a running back is 3 years at best. Colleges produce good ones every year for the draft.

  9. I am not sure why players air out their contract demands to the public. I don’t have anything to do with it so why are they always putting it out there for me to know? Strange behavior. Not sure it does anything for them other than make them look greedy. They are not, they just want to be paid but why if you want Mr. Rooney’s (or any other owner’s $$) $$$ would you make a public cry for it? The last time I checked the owners do not take the public opinion into consideration. Just have your paid agent do his job and stop doing your laundry in the street.

  10. I hope he gets it–NFL players should get whatever they can—They put their health at great risk to play this game –What they really should do is get the kind of representation that the MLB has. the only greed is coming from a handful of owners who are raking in billions while demanding taxpayer assistance to further their own gains suppressing critical health data

  11. Not surprised someone’s family who isn’t from Pittsburgh are Steelers fans. Most bandwagon fan base in America. I’m shocked he isn’t Mexican from California like most Steeler fans.

    Get your money Bell. They’re already cash strapped. Under paying AB, and Ben is about done. Can’t wait to watch the Steelers suck for the next 10 years.

  12. Seems like steelers fans don’t like this guy much. I must agree 15 mill is a joke for a running back. The only back that deserved that type of money that is currently playing is the guy who beat his kid with a stick!

  13. it was just a song, taking the lyric seriously would require you to have 0 comprehension of rap music

  14. what a embarassment for the national football league. if u dont really mean it then dont rap it! rap lyrics are meant to be taken at face value and its pretty disrespectful to the art form for leveon to use them to spread lies.

  15. Kid needs to come back to plant Earth

    Walter Payton Emit Smith Barry Sanders could be in their prime aren’t getting 15 Mil a year. Seen all three play in their prime.

    With all that said I know he wants his piece of pie , buy no team giving he that kind of money. Just ask Chris Johnson , to many kids out of college might not be as good as he but have the cost. .


  16. Whatever he ends up signing for, it should be for half of whatever Lacy is signed for.

  17. I’m guessing that whatever he signs for, he won’t need the help of Tony Horton to stay motivated and in shape. I still say they should attach a stick and string to Lacys helmet to dangle a cheeseburger 2ft in front of him. He’d definitely be able to run faster than his center then.

  18. Hey maybe he ment 15 million guaranteed. Even Barry sanders in his prime wouldn’t be worth that with today’s rules

  19. He is the best in the NFL when healthy,but useless when not playing.
    If he stays on the field for the playoffs along with the rest of the injury plagued STEELERS then its the 7th Lombardi for PITTSBURGH this year.
    Then he will get paid his fair share going forward.

  20. crownofthehelmet says:
    Jul 9, 2016 11:29 PM
    I still say they should attach a stick and string to Lacys helmet to dangle a cheeseburger 2ft in front of him.

    I think it’s safe to say dangling a bag of Doritos would have the same effect on Bell. Plus, Lacy can drive himself to the stadium and probably won’t forget where he put his house keys three times per day.

  21. i am a prime time Packer stock holder chiming in! we drafted a cheeseburger eating bafoon! don’t worry Pittsburgh! you get terrible towels we get terrible returns on fake stock!

  22. ariani1985 says:
    Jul 10, 2016 12:02 PM
    i am a prime time Packer stock holder chiming in!

    This familiar tool is nothing more than an angry Viking troll, bitter from the fact his mother ran off with a Packer fan from next door. On Christmas.

  23. When healthy, Bell is one of the best overall backs in the league. He is young and can effectively run, catch and block. But AB is more important to the team and has to be signed. Bell won’t get anywhere near $15M, from any team. But he probably deserves somewhere between $7-9M per, and I hope the Steelers work something out with him assuming he can stay healthy.

  24. kptb12 says:
    Jul 9, 2016 9:37 PM
    Seems like steelers fans don’t like this guy much. I must agree 15 mill is a joke for a running back. The only back that deserved that type of money that is currently playing is the guy who beat his kid with a stick!
    The people posting? You think they are Steelers fans? You got to be kidding right? Most likely Bengals/Ravens/Browns fans. No way on earth do Steelers fans dislike LeVeon Bell.

  25. As a Bengals fan, I really like this guy and am jealous that he is our rivals.

    It’ll be interesting to see what these teams do when they play each other at full strength. I don’t know that we had a chance to see that at all last year.

    Then again, it’d be nicer if Adam and Vontaze and Jeremy Hill don’t lose their minds in the last two minutes of the game. Then again, that might be a shade biased of me.

  26. I think he should hold out till the Steelers give him that 15 M a year….
    He’s worth it!!!

  27. Steeler’s brass way too smart to give this guy $15 million. Spend the money on the O line and you can put anybody back there. Whoever heard of Justin Forsett a couple of years ago. Ask DeMarco Murray about what a good O line can mean to a RB.

  28. If Bell can stay healthy, he’ll be one of the top best 5 running backs for the nexts 10 years. Pay the man, the Steelers will be in contention every year.

  29. I honestly think that Bell is going to be a top 5 running back for a long time to come. There is no way that 15 million a year is coming out of Pittsburgh. They invest in the offensive line too much to be overly selective on 1 running back.

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