Broncos coaches seem serious about this Trevor Siemian thing

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Since the moment Peyton Manning walked off the field with a Super Bowl 50 title, the Broncos’ quarterback situation has been nothing if not unsettled.

And the presence of a solid if uninspiring veteran such as Mark Sanchez and a first-round pick in Paxton Lynch has caused many to make assumptions about the future of the position.

But the Broncos continue to make it clear — this time via their own website — that Trevor Siemian is very much part of the mix.

“Those whose opinions truly matter — the coaches — aren’t dismissing Siemian, so that’s the key thing,” Andrew Mason wrote on the team’s official website.

While a team’s house organ can often put out word that the team may not officially sanction, very little gets on one of them without being cleared by the people whose job it is to polish the league’s shiny shield. They’re also effective tools for pushing agendas the team wants to promote.

The Broncos have been careful to include Siemian in any discussion of the position all offseason, which could say as much about Sanchez and Lynch as Siemian himself. But the 2015 seventh-rounder from Northwestern has clearly done something to grab the attention of the coaches, and everyone keeps saying he has a legitimate chance at a job there.

Obviously with what they invested in Lynch, they don’t want that to be the starting job for the long term. But they continue to push the notion that Siemian’s a factor, so it’s worth watching his preseason to see if he’s able to carve out a niche for himself.

24 responses to “Broncos coaches seem serious about this Trevor Siemian thing

  1. Broncos spent money to win the superbowl, and now theyre going to penny pinch to pad the owners pockets, that’s why they let brock walk. Its sad, but they clearly aren’t trying to win another title.

  2. He’s done everything to warrant being looked at. He’s only been given a chance to play verse 3rd string guys in the preseason and he played well. He deserves a legit chance at playing against 1’s and 2’s

  3. Option 1: Paxton isn’t pushing himself hard enough, coaches want him to think there’s a competition

    Option 2: Paxton isn’t good enough, coaches want fan base to be ok with benching him

    Option 3: Broncos want Siemian to have a good couple of pre-season games, and convince someone (Jets?) to overpay for his services by building a market that includes Denver.

  4. It’s not a huge surprise if you watched him play in the preseason last year. I think Denver had planned to put him on the practice squad after drafting him, but they were so impressed with his preseason that they didn’t want to risk some other team claiming him.

    Yes, it was only preseason, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell whether a guy has potential. Siemian has a strong arm, moves well, looks composed in the pocket, and looked the part of a leader on a game-winning TD drive at the end of the Texans preseason game last year. He’s a scrappy competitor in the mold of a John Elway, so it wouldn’t be a shock if Elway sees him as his protege and tries to build him up. His major disadvantage last year was getting thrown into an NFL system after coming out of a school like Northwestern and suffering a torn ACL in his senior year. But with all that out of the way, I don’t think the coaches are just trying to be nice. Siemian looked better in his rookie preseason last year than Osweiler did in any of his first three preseasons.

  5. Hey 2since96,

    So Broncos are penny pinchers since they are not paying max contracts to all their players?

    show me the calculator where you pay Brock $18MM, Malik $18MM and Von $20MM and stay under the salary cap.

  6. 2since96 says:
    Jul 11, 2016 12:15 PM

    Broncos spent money to win the superbowl, and now theyre going to penny pinch to pad the owners pockets, that’s why they let brock walk. Its sad, but they clearly aren’t trying to win another title.
    There is this thing called a salary cap. You can’t keep everyone, especially after winning a SB. We’ve seen time and time again that players get poached after winning a ring.

  7. 2since96 says:
    Jul 11, 2016 12:15 PM
    Broncos spent money to win the superbowl, and now theyre going to penny pinch to pad the owners pockets, that’s why they let brock walk. Its sad, but they clearly aren’t trying to win another title.

    Have you ever heard of the salary cap? “Penny pinchers” don’t usually max it out every year…

  8. Perhaps Brady will have a better luck against this season’s Denver QB. Last season, Brady lost to both Denver QBs.

  9. paxton leaf will ultimately get the start…but wonder how long his leash will be

  10. The longer these Trevor Siemien stories persist, the more I think he’s actually winning by a margin. Sanchez is the presumptive starter and if he were separating himself the competition would be over. Naming Trevor the starter would shock the rest of the nfl world except the Broncos and their fans.

  11. Quarterbacks don’t lose to Quarterbacks, they aren’t even on the field at the same time. Teams lose to teams. Offense plays better than the defense or vice versa. It’s all about game planning and execution, not qb against qb. Geesh.

  12. I thought Trevor was much better and faster thinking and with his throws than Osweinie and I would have played him ahead of him all year long! Plus when he got in trouble he was fast and would bootleg or get out rather than just stand there and take a tackle or bad hit. Trevor’s got my vote for #1 and why they got Sanchez, with his lame inconsistent history is way beyond me!

  13. Siemian is important because they want the back up to come cheap. No way Elways pays two wannabe QBs 45 million a year. Siemian makes 1/10 of what the other two guys make. He’s in.

  14. Starting job long term? I don’t think ANY team would care if a 7th round QB becomes their starter if he leads them to victory. If he become competent. You either trade Siemian or Lynch.

    Having additional of the most valuable commodity in the NFL is NEVER a bad thing.

  15. I watched all 3 qb’s in camp last year and Trevor was far and away the quickest with the stronger arm….that being said ,we will have to wait and see if those abilities translate to the level of starting NFL QB…i hope the kid does great and there really is a tuogh decision for the front office….thats always a good thing !

  16. Say what you want, Trevor Siemian brought the Broncos back twice in preseason games last summer in the 4th qtr, one game they won and one game they lost. He also brought Northwestern back in his Sr year to beat Notre Dame, in South Bend, with 13 unanswered points in the 4th quarter and OT, so he has shown some clutch gene. He has the size at 6’3″-220 and a canon for an arm. Having graduated from Northwestern, he is obviously extremely smart. Siemian was also personally worked out and recommended by Broncos QB coach Greg Knapp after a pre-draft visit where Knapp put him through a series of rigorous white board testing. Sleep on this kid if you want to, but he has shown some legit skills so far…

  17. I thought Siemian was the number one QB in his draft class. Plenty of great college QBs can’t make the leap to the NFL, but I think the opposite is true for Trevor. Those other QBs generally played on a dominant team, Siemian played on an inferior team where his O-Line couldn’t handle the athletes from the other Big Ten schools. Siemian has the tools that an NFL QB needs. He has football intelligence, quick decision making skills, accuracy with throws, and he confuses defenses with his eyes (rather than telegraph his throws). He also has poise in the pocket. So this Siemian talk coming out of Denver isn’t surprising me one bit. I also thought Paxton Lynch was the top QB coming out this year. And Mark Sanchez has proven he can go deep into the playoffs on a team with a solid supporting cast. Osweiler is a good QB too, and he’ll continue to shine in Houston. I guess the fact that John Elway knows QBs better than anyone else, shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

  18. Jeff Legwold of ESPN said that Bill Polian was asked recently about Siemian and said Trevor looks like a starter in the NFL so….it’s not just the Broncos coaches & team website who are high on this guy

  19. ” With what they invested in Lynch they hope it’s not the case ” . What ? If Simien turns out to be an outstanding QB you’re going to worry about Lynch ? If that’s the case you just trade Lynch for more assets . Good organization’s don’t ” root ” for one guy or the other . And with the way the rookie salary structure is you don’t get burned if your no. 1 pick doesn’t work out .

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